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[If you see pure water in a dream, this is a..]

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If you have pure water in a dream, this is a favorable sign: you are expected to have good prospects, pleasant pleasures, and material prosperity will improve. A dream in which water has a murky color does not bode well: you may be in danger, or your joy will be replaced by sorrow.

If you dream that the water, rising, fills your home, then you have to fight, desperate resistance to something bad, evil beginning. But if the water in your dream decreases, someone will have a bad influence on you, put you in danger, and you succumb.

If you step on the wet ground in your dream and clearly feel your feet getting wet, this is a harbinger of future troubles, diseases, poverty, due to which you will have to solve difficult situations, problems, but you will be able to prevent them due to your vigilance. Also it is necessary to explain the dream in which the turbid water fills the ship.

Falling into muddy water warns you against making many serious mistakes that can cause you a lot of sorrows.

If you drink muddy water in a dream, in reality there is a chance that you will get sick. But to drink pure water, fresh, pleasant to the taste, then you can hope that your aspirations will end successfully. Sports activities in the water are marked by pleasant events: awakening in you incredible love and passion. If in your dream your head is splashed with water, you will once again experience a love awakening, which will bring you many happy minutes. Here is how the next dream is interpreted, and the subsequent events associated with it, which took place in the life of a young girl who told about the plot of her dream:

"I can not explain how, but I was in a boat that was floating on clear blue water, heading for the pier. And this pier in the dream seemed incredibly white. In the evening of the next day I was visited by a wonderful guest - a young man who stayed with us longer than was prescribed by his mother. And for this mother very severely treated me. " It turned out that the blue water and snow-white boat symbolized in the dream the impending disappointment in real life.

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Water is a bright symbol of life.

If in a dream you happened to see transparently clean water, which was recruited into a large ball, then, in reality, due to good weather, you will be able to make the best way to carry out agrarian work. The process of drinking water and finding a cup, a glass, a glass of flies in the dream at the bottom testifies that you are expected to be litigated, possible insults that will affect the public mood, confidence in the future.

Walking on the water and meeting whole flocks of carp in a dream in reality foreshadow a crisis relationship with the country of the rising sun, but in spite of everything these relations will not reach the state of war or violent actions.

If you dream that you are walking underwater and talking with dolphins, this is a harbinger of the fact that in reality you will make the discovery of a previously unknown nation and present it to the world.

Seeing in a dream a lot of boiling water says that you will take part in the development of a new teaching, the formation of a new science. Or you are waiting for a favorable period to make a discovery or realizing a complex experience.

Dreamed of water with blood, then there is the possibility that soon the world will be born Scorpio, which will have a great future. And one day he will declare himself in full force, the glory of him will roar around the world.

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Water symbolizes changes, contributes to the resolution of contradictions, it represents renewal, evolution, purification from sins and even probable oblivion. If you could feel the taste of cold clean water by the plot of the dream, then, in reality, the world will be cleared for you, and you will directly participate in the renewal process and appear in a completely different role along with other people who are in your surroundings. If in your dream water pours you from above, then soon cosmic waves will influence you, and you should not resist it.

In the event that you will be able to find harmony with cosmic forces, you will achieve greatness and deserve worldwide glory. Dreamed the murky water? This is an unfavorable sign: there will be trouble, there will be problematic situations and difficulties in dealing with other people. At such times it is recommended to be patient and kind, otherwise there is a possibility to blacken the soul with impressions that are considered unworthy. If in your dream you suffer from the fact that water floods your dwelling, in reality you will be covered by a stream of news, among which there will be one that will radically rebuild you, you will perceive yourself differently and communicate with other people. If you are drowning in your dream, in real life you will try to resist what is natural. And because of these attempts you can undermine your health and even reduce your life path. Dreamed that the water appeared ripples, then you will not easily perceive the upcoming changes. However, this experience will make you stronger and wiser. And having managed to meet this incredible stream of events with dignity, you will be able to gain power, first of all, over yourself, and then already and over other people.

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To see pure water in a dream - to well-being. But muddy water dreams of sadness. If you are immersed in the water in a dream, then you can not escape the predicament in real life. Washing with water is a favorable sign: you will have reasons for joy.

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Drinking warm water dreams of probable anxiety or illness. And if in a dream you had a chance to wash with cold water, you will rejoice in something or recover from the disease, you will be healthy.

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