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The solar horoscope

The solar horoscope

Solar's method allows to identify the potential of events that can occur to a person during his solar year. Similarly, if necessary, you can identify events that can not happen, and exclude them from further consideration. In fact, Solyar is a transit card fixed at the time of the Sun's return to its natal position, taking into account the coordinates of the locality where the person was (!) At that moment.

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6 house of the solarium with 2 house of the natal horoscope

6 house of the horoscope

In financial terms, a person is in a dependent position, but can earn a living wage by hard work, boring work. Often points out that the only income item this year will be the official salary. Or a person has to go to work that does not suit him, to earn a living bread. In general, incomes in this years are meager and irregular. Possible spending on the amendment of health, wellness measures, expensive treatment. Disorder of health, disability significantly affects the level of human well-being this year. The position may indicate retirement, exemption from duties for health reasons. Payments, benefits due to work-related injuries, forced downtime, etc.

6 house of the solarol in the homes of the natal horoscope
6 house of the carpenter in 1 house natal
1 house

Relations in the workforce, the position in the service this year depend on the person's behavior, his activity, the manifestation of initiatives. Also, the entry into service through personal efforts. The events connected with the production sphere occupy an important place. Favorable position for.. go →

6 house of the carpenter with 2 house natal
2 house

In financial terms, a person is in a dependent position, but can earn a living wage by hard work, boring work. Often points out that the only income item this year will be the official salary. Or a person has to go to work that does not suit him, to earn a living bread. In general, incomes in this.. go →

6 house of the carpenter in 3 house natal
3 house

The work of a person this year is connected with travel or the activities of communication services. During movements and in everyday life, in everyday life a person should be attentive because of the possibility of a disease or loss of health in another way. Change of residence, climate change in.. go →

6 house of the carpenter in 4 house natal
4 house

Most often indicates intensified work at home, work at home or at family enterprises. Also, the fact that a person finds a position dependent on parents or other relatives becomes bound by the conventions and traditions of the clan, the social environment, the social stratum. Family members can take.. go →

6 house of the carpenter in 5 house natal
5 house

Indicates the need to work during the holidays, vacations. Work this year can also relate to places of amusement, recreation. There is a situation of dependence on their children, their needs, as well as on the lover, on the presence of a fan. Sometimes the health of children is under close scrutiny,.. go →

6 house of the carpenter in 6 house natal
6 house

Most often means moving to another place of work. And it turns out that in a new place of work a person occupies a less prominent place or a lower salary, or in one way or another falls into a dependent position. It is possible to depend on a person who is himself burdened with debts and obligations... go →

6 house of the carpenter in 7 house natal
7 house

Work in public - in the service sector, advisory activities. Official duties assume a deepening in the problems of another person, human relationships. Sometimes - unpaid, unpaid work for the benefit of society. Often employment on a contract basis, temporary, for hire. Work, strengthened activity.. go →

6 house of the carpenter in 8 house natal
8 house

The feeling of the need to switch to another job, a change in the type of activity. Sometimes - with a significant activation of the house by the planets - a complete transformation of the labor path, reorientation and rethinking. In particular, as a result of incapacity for work, as well as loss of.. go →

6 house of the carpenter in 9 house natal
9 house

If the house is active, it most often means working abroad or in another city. If the house is not expressed, it can mean a comprehension of one's position in the service, the style of work, the appearance in it of world outlook or spiritual motives. Philosophical, theological, literary works. Work in.. go →

6 house of the carpenter in 10 house natal
10 house

Strong work to achieve the goal, at least current. Perhaps getting because of this in a subordinate, dependent position, everyday, boring work. Gives patience, perseverance. Reduces the freedom of action, brings concern about the position, the difficulties in the work. Great importance in this year.. go →

6 house of the carpenter in 11 house natal
11 house

The year is favorable for conducting an advertising campaign for your company, promotes popularity, recognition of human labor. Often gives influential patrons and devoted supporters who render all possible assistance and support. This year, we should develop and strengthen cooperation, seek.. go →

6 house of the carpenter in 12 house natal
12 house

Can indicate the termination of a certain type of activity, leaving work, sometimes under mysterious, strange circumstances. Independent work in solitude, bearing fruit in the future, work for the future. There may be some limitation in the work, the inability to express one's qualities as an.. go →

The position of the houses of the solarol in the natal horoscope Solyar 1 house 2 house 3 house 4 house 5 house 6 house 7 house 8 house 9 house 10 house 11 house 12 house


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