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Moon Cancer

In the sign of Cancer

Overall forecast

The moon is in his house. On the throne of Jupiter. In the element of Water.

Emotions and behavior. When the moon enters the sign of Cancer, it appears in its own home, making the subconscious work more active. It protects tradition, home, family. During this period, emotional sensitivity and intuition are exacerbated. People are experiencing an increasing need for security, tenderness. Actions are less logical, rather they are dictated by the subconscious, feelings. This period is suitable to take care of the family, home, family affairs, traditions, life. It is necessary to honor mothers and women, pay attention to them. Emotions are full of whims, irritability, the inclination to take offense increases. The complex "I am a victim" becomes especially strong. Many are tempted to dive into their burrows, hide from others and feel safe. Because this time is suitable for family life. I really want to take care of someone, educate or feel like a child. Increased need for closeness, emotional openness - give each other such an opportunity. Honor your parents. In these periods it is useful to deepen the history of its kind, the country; there is an interest in its origins, a desire to visit the burial place of ancestors, to feel the connection and continuity of generations.

Job. This period is successful for psychologists, teachers, family doctors. These days are also favorable for everyone, whose work is connected with intuition, emotional expression, women, babies, food, house, liquids, especially milk. For men's professions, this position of the Moon is too emotional, feminine, irrational and sentimental.

Finances and values. Successful transactions with real estate are possible, but agreements are often too emotional, a lot of fears and suspicions. This period is favorable for purchases related to motherhood and infants. You can also buy comfortable things for everyday life, at home. Successful trade in women's utensils, food, beverages, liquids. This sign lacks financial strength. Money is easier to accumulate, save, than decrease.

Love. These days in love is manifested not so much passion and words as tenderness. Strive to show compassion, care, show your relatives tenderness. Show your trust, emotional unity - this is very important for your loved ones: feelings these days are gentle, but modest. In relations, care is needed - haste, vulgarity, even the slightest manifestation of rudeness, can destroy everything. The future development of relations that began on such a day is too capricious, sensitive and mysterious.

Health. Your health is especially affected by the mood and reactions of others to you. Sensitive parts of the body: stomach, lymphatic system, women - chest. It is advisable to drink plenty of liquids, because dry food will harm the stomach. Ulcers become worse. This period is successful to treat the spine, bones, joints, teeth, skin. It is possible to successfully apply procedures that help to eliminate salts from the body. The gastrointestinal tract is very vulnerable. It is necessary to avoid surgical intervention on the organs of the digestive system, and also in the area of ​​the breast (especially operations in the area of ​​mammary glands and nipples). These days, procedures are recommended for the removal of stones and wastes (in particular, purification from the deposition of salts, treatment of arthritis). It is recommended to treat and remove teeth, to perform prosthetics. The operations on the legs, knees, tendons are shown. It is good to treat metabolic diseases, to carry out preventive procedures. Organism during the passage of the moon this sign requires carbohydrates, so pamper yourself delicious or eat an extra piece of bread - not a sin. But for the Capricorn, the day is tense. Do not seek consolation in food. The consequences of culinary excesses can be expressed both in the digestive disorder, and in exacerbation of chronic diseases, incl. liver and pancreas.

Children. Children these days are especially expecting sensitivity, tenderness, want to feel safe. They will be extremely sensitive, painful to react to any reprimand, a critical remark. They should feel that their family, parents live in harmony - so try to be together. The child should accumulate a positive experience of family life. If children do not get enough attention - hysterics and moods are possible. Ask comfortably to clean rooms, kitchen, teach them to cook, needlework, sewing, boys - to make houses at home. Let them take care of you, pets, flowers. Ask them to clean your shoes, go to the store, take the dog out, take care of your grandparents. It is important that the child feels a sense of care.

  • Entering the Moon as a sign Cancer in 2023 year, Budapest:
  • 5 january 15:14
  • 1 february 21:11
  • 1 march 03:40
  • 28 march 12:21
  • 24 april 20:58
  • 22 may 05:28
  • 18 june 12:57
  • 15 july 19:13
  • 12 august 00:51
  • 8 september 06:59
  • 5 october 14:31
  • 1 november 22:30
  • 29 november 07:53
  • 26 december 16:15
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Moon in Cancer. After a haircut on such days, the hairstyle does not hold a shape at all, the hair becomes unruly, does not lend itself to laying. During this period, it is not recommended to wash your hair.


This aspect of the moon gives a person sensuality and emotional susceptibility. He is romantic, impressionable, soft, loyal to friends, in a romantic relationship is permanent. He is able to be very attentive and caring, sincere, cordial, sincere, sentimental, sensitive, generous. For the sake of friends and loved ones is capable of much, including serious sacrifices. Strongly attached to the family.

A man whose horoscope the Moon is in Cancer is distinguished by his homeowness, the ability to conduct housekeeping and love of life. In his house, everything is always cleaned, washed, ironed, prepared. Even if he just left the hospital, he immediately rushes to clean up, because he can not live in the mud. Ability to maintain cleanliness and appreciate in the partner.

Such a person is frugal, not inclined to waste large sums of money. If you meet a lunar Cancer during a depression, during a difficult life period or just a person with unfulfilled upbringing, then you will face a mood of capricious and nervous, inclined to mood swings, emotionally unstable, experiencing difficulties with communication, timid, dependent and buying up.

Communication . This is a man whose habit is not to change friends and partners. He is attached strongly and for a long time. The same applies to principles, opinions and tastes. Lunar Cancer can not stand, when they try to press him, to climb into his soul. Therefore, in every possible way, he tries to protect himself from such attacks. He does not like being pushed around and manipulated. It is not a soul unraveled, it does not open before the first counter. However, sometimes it is so naive that he trusts everyone who has shown the slightest interest in him. He was not going to become a waistcoat or a psychotherapist - and the lunar Cancer had already laid out everything that was on his mind, and was offended that his problems showed insufficient interest. Such situations he perceives extremely painful, especially since he likes to take care of others, is always ready to listen, to help if not by deed, then at least with a word. Such a person needs a patron who, in turn, will instruct and protect him.

Aspirations . It is easy to affect lunar cancer, it's easy for him to spoil the mood. He is quite observant and has good intuition, but he is completely alien to suspicion, because often he does not notice treachery in people. Inclined, on the contrary, to exaggerate dignity. The wise man builds dreams and fantasies, in which he sees his future as unreal beautiful, and gives acquaintances simply with angelic qualities, often thinking out the character of completely alien people. In the period of apathy he is engaged in all the same fantasies, but already with a minus sign: the future sees in black, and people - all the same traitors and deceivers. In such situations, he tends to shift the blame for his failures on others. For all naivete, the master of behind-the-scenes intrigue, on occasion, knows how to lie and deceive even the lie detector: it will lie, even then, with a pure heart. But in others, insincerity can not stand, loves, when they behave honestly and truthfully. He is offensive, but does not like to offend and wound others.

Emotionality of the lunar Cancer does not harm his intellect. As a rule, he is well educated, even if he was engaged exclusively in self-education. She reads a lot, watches scientific and educational programs, easily learns everything from mathematics to playing the piano. Especially since to music, as well as to writing (especially poetry), he has pronounced abilities.

Lunar Cancer has a dislike for conflict and struggle. Peaceful, can not stand to cut through walls and move mountains. Likes when everything turns out easily and quickly, otherwise it becomes irritated and falls into apathy. At the same time it is by no means passive. In his work, he must see a certain meaning, for example, improving the lives of others. The work is zealous.

Life plan . Despite the increased emotionality, in life's adversity the lunar Cancer exhibits striking psychological stamina and flexibility. Whatever happens, Cancer will endure the trial and overcome the melancholy. The presence of ill-wishers can upset him much more than everyday troubles or a problem at work. His numerous knowledge and considerations on various issues do not consider it necessary to express anyway. Not chatterbox, though not a pathological silence, simply does not like to shake the air in vain. But if he says - then how will he cut off what is called, rarely, but aptly. Lunar Cancer is not a fan of long-term trips, and traveling to distant countries is not particularly tempting. Homebody. He will prefer to spend vacations at home or in the country, because he loves nature very much.

Gardener - watering plants

On this day the best qualities of water appear, it feeds the plant to the best of measure, but does not lead to its decay or death from waterlogging. In addition, the days of Water are the days when the Moon acts on a leaf. Hence, the moisture will go to the leaves, and only from there to the fruits and flowers. If the plant is leafy, the leaves will be juicy, strong, if it's flowers or a fruit plant - fruits and flowers will be moistened to the best of measure, not watery or drooping from excessive moisture.

Collection of herbs

Bronchitis, lung disease, disruption of the stomach, liver, gallbladder.

Planning a child's sex

The moon is in the female zodiacal sign.

Weather forecast

The Day of Water reigns in the world. On such days the land is rarely dry. Increases the likelihood of precipitation. If you are going to sit on the ground during a picnic, do not leave the house without a rug and do not forget to bring a raincoat or an umbrella. Pay attention to how much the windows are fogging up at this time.

Nutrition and weight loss

When the Moon passes the signs of the elements of Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), the body especially needs carbohydrates. Many carbohydrates are found in bakery products, in sweet and flour dishes. Naturally, here, too, you need to know the measure, especially if you are overweight. But to eat bread and sweets in excess of the norm these days is not a sin - the harm will be less than usual, and the benefits are greater. But give up foods containing large amounts of fat, protein and salt.


The procedures and operations on the joints, spine, procedures for removing slags and stones will be well conducted.
Do not perform any procedures and surgery on the stomach. Today the stomach is especially vulnerable.

Dental treatment

Favorable time for any procedures with teeth while passing the moon on the signs of Cancer, Libra and Scorpio. Wounds will heal better, and accordingly, it will be easier to undergo treatment and denture.


A good time for marriage, if the moon is in the sign of Cancer. This sign is prone to family life and partnership. In addition, the invited guests will be cozy and comfortable at the holiday.


It is good to buy beverages and food for future use; residential building or land plot; is favorable for buying antiques and used things. With the Moon in Cancer, more than usual you want to drink, so a good gift and purchase will be packing expensive tea, coffee or a bottle of good alcohol. When the Moon in Cancer they buy necessary things for their home, such as slippers or dishes, as well as jewelry made of silver, lunch and tea sets, live plants. In this sign, the moon is at home. We have a desire for comfort, sensitivity and emotionality. With this position, the moon is good to choose furniture for the house, wallpaper and other decoration materials. The fact that during this period will cause a feeling of comfort and tranquility, in the future will really create a cozy home. But household (and any other) equipment is not worth buying: it can be unreliable.


Magic and rituals associated with everyday life, children and in honor of the deities of the moon. Do magic related to home, friendship, devotion. Time is ideal for improving family relationships. The connection of Cancer with past traditions will help you to understand and in past lives.


The days when the Moon is in Cancer and decreases - are most suitable for cosmetic operations on the face. Plastic operations on the chest are contraindicated, and cosmetic procedures in the chest area do not bring the desired result. These days are favorable for visiting the manual therapist and dentist. It is undesirable to do a haircut. If you decide to do a body cleaning, these days will do just fine. Rejuvenating procedures on the face and body will give an excellent result.

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