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Lunar calendar of grafting trees on september 2024

Lunar calendar of inoculating trees on september 2024 year Lunar calendar of inoculating trees on september 2024 year

Vaccinations are best done with the growing Moon. To improve the variety, increase the endurance of the plant and do not ruin your work, pick the right day. The vaccination is best done closer to the full moon in the days of the fruit (Aries, Leo and Taurus). The growing Moon will direct the juice and strength of the tree into a new process that will allow it to easily take root. If you can not guess the growing moon, then at least in the sign of Aries. The best period for vaccinations is the time when the sap flow has just begun, but the kidneys have not yet blossomed. Time spent on a cool cloudy day.

Until the time of grafting, the graft (stalk for vaccination) should be stored in the cold. They are best preserved in a snowdrift. If the stalk went to growth or blackened, moldy - for the scion it is not good. It is undesirable to use an adult tree as a stock if its age exceeds 10 years, since the risk of unsuccessful vaccinations is too great, because the sap flow in such trees is weakened. The most popular methods of inoculation are budding (grafting with the kidney) and grafting with a handle. More details about all the methods and recommendations for the vaccination of trees, and below we give the lunar calendar with favorable days for the inoculation of trees. City New Delhi.

Lunar calendar of tree grafting on september 2024 year
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9 mo from 22:55
  ☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♐ Sagittarius, waxing crescent 🌒
In the sign of Sagittarius

Better course in the second quarter, closer to the full moon, but this is also a good time. Just at this time, the survival rate will be slightly worse than in the second quarter.

11 we from 11:35
  The beginning of the first quarter 🌓 phase, Moon in the sign of ♐ Sagittarius
First quarter

The best time for grafting trees.

12 th 08:07
end search
  ☽ Moon goes into the sign of ♑ Capricorn
In the sign of Capricorn

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