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Characteristics of 12th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

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The symbol is the heart and the cup (the Grail). The cup, which is the symbol of this day, is the cup of the sacrament, the mystery of which is associated with this day. Purification, the discovery of the Cosmic mystery, contact with Divine wisdom, comprehension of the sacrament. Tasting the drink of the sacrament, a person seemed to plunge into the very depths of the fall, pass through suffering, purify himself, and if he did not break Divine Law. It is a learned wisdom, having received that, a person must carry it to others, serve as a source of Light for them, supporting them and lighting their path.

In the Zoroastrian tradition, the 12th day of the Moon is associated with the Haurwat, symbolizing the integrity, health, carrying the full cup, from which the more you give, the sooner it again re-encompasses itself. Medieval astrologers connected this day with the Cup of the Holy Grail, to which the blood of Christ fell, - the mystery of the Holy Grail is played on this day. The most active element of Water, the Moon is the most closely associated with the planets from this day.

During this period it is necessary to give alms, give gifts, respond and try to fulfill requests. In this case, you can not cry, get angry, and eat rough food. If this day, broken dishes or spilled liquid, this will be a sign of suffering and loneliness.

This is an unfavorable day, as the truth of plans and intentions is manifested. On this lunar day, a person is checked for honesty, endurance and strength of mind. During this period, emotionality and sensuality increase. But love relationships and relationships can turn into quarrels, resentments and unrealized desires.

Love and relationships. The ideal day for marriage (but only if this marriage is based on love). The family who established their relationship on the same day, they will have a happy future. On the twelfth lunar day you can meet your ideal love, a meeting with which is equal to finding the meaning of life. Those who met with this feeling include the words of the Egyptian oracle: "It's worth mentioning that this love, perhaps, as to ascend to the seventh heaven, and to lower it into the bottomless depths of hell. But, as they say, there would be no black bars in life, we would not appreciate white. In 12 lunar days it is necessary to show the maximum of attention to each other. It's a day of feelings and emotions. If you do not show another person how much he cares you, then he will not show his attitude towards you. No wonder one of the symbols of the day is the heart. The insults suffered on this day. The quarrel, tied up on this day, will be remembered for a long time.

Housework. Not suitable for household affairs, both small and large. So do not only the really most necessary necessary work. This is a day of prayer, inner work on oneself.

Business and money. Not suitable for any endeavor. All the more important and meaningful events for you should be postponed. Serious and thoughtful work today will not work well. Although of any rule there are exceptions: the day is very favorable for the registration of charitable organizations, charitable concerts and fees. On the 12th lunar day, most people show nervousness, impermanence, excessive painful emotionality, resentment, unwillingness to compromise. Therefore, on this day, you will need the ability to resolve controversial conflicts, to remove acute angles. In the work, very much will, willpower, power, honesty.

Dreams. These days can show what values ​​you attach greater importance to in your daily life. If you see material values ​​in a dream, then your spiritual life is somewhat compromised and the material aspect prevails. If you see more spiritual things, then your material world is infringed, you fly a lot in the clouds and in life you do not have a balance between material and spiritual values. So, you need to make an effort to balance the spiritual and material components. If you belong to those people who follow the spiritual path, then in these lunar days in a dream there can be revelations. On this day there is no matter what. Pay attention to bright dreams, they can be prophetic. If the dream was good, then it could be fulfilled in seven days.

Health. Diseases that begin today are often severe and cause them to violate the water-salt balance in the body. It is good to drink juices (but not apple) and water, herbal tea, do not eat rough food. For those who have problems with the upper respiratory tract today, you can start cleaning them, for example by taking a cough (if it is possible by a doctor). Vulnerable to the heart, it is very necessary to follow today the stresses on the cardiovascular system. You can not perform surgery on the thoracic spine and the heart area.

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  • 3 january 14:43
  • 1 february 14:08
  • 3 march 14:39
  • 1 april 14:22
  • 1 may 14:57
  • 30 may 14:34
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  • 23 december 14:29
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One of the most unfavorable lunar days, since the haircut will bring troubles, injuries, situations that are life-threatening.


They are good, bright people, called to help every word and deed, to bring good into the world. They are trusting, modest, merciful, charming. People of the 12th lunar day have well developed cardiac, emotional chakras. They are very sincere, they can openly express their feelings. But not infrequently suffer from the fact that others use them, their kindness and gentleness. These people need someone to love - this is the meaning of their lives, for the sake of love they are ready for self-sacrifice. To go through life confidently, realizing their talents, one must beware of self-deception.
Advice: accumulate peaceful emotions, do not overload the psyche, avoid conflicts.

Bathing in the bath

Refrain from the bath.


The dream will come true, if you do not forget about it. Dreams of the 12th lunar day are prophetic, they carry the key to solving problems and offer help. Dreams can also serve as a test of a person for true and false wisdom.

Stones keepers

Coral, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl.

Conception of the child

Started on the 12th lunar day the child will receive a strong and unmistakable intuition, will possess the gift of healing. This is his main tool in everything: in his personal life, both in business and in the spiritual. From it can turn out a doctor of both traditional and traditional medicine. He will fall a lot of tests, often he will have to feel unhappy. And yet, if he correctly disposes of his moral qualities and spiritual gifts, he will honorably come out of all difficult situations. And as a result, it will approach the high spiritual purity. There is one sign: that the child was happy, on the day of conception, parents should not shed tears.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Strengthens and thickens the aura. Helps to protect yourself energetically from someone else's anger and envy. Restores strength after physical or nervous overstrain. Removes nervous reactions, warming. Improves memory.


The twelfth lunar day is one of the best days for marrying, built on high spiritual relations, the best period of the whole lunar month for performing the sacrament of the wedding.

At this time it is recommended to create a family of deeply believing people whose ideals are charity, compassion, love a deep faith in the divine origin of man, those who have the material in second place, and the supremacy always remains for spirituality. Families created on the twelfth lunar day, as a rule, are happy, such unions rarely end in divorce. Therefore, if you dream that there is always peace in your family and love this day for you!

Remember, if suddenly in this period between the lovers there will be a quarrel or a scandal, then this is an alarming sign - some of you are insincere in your feelings. You should once again test your attitude to each other.


Now it is recommended to buy only what has to do with spiritual growth, and in the first place, sacred texts - the Bible, the Koran and so on. Books on mystical practices, works devoted to religion, inner growth, even psychology, if it helps you to acquire yourself. This includes artistic works that help in the search for truth.


symbol: sword
stones: chrysoberyl, corundum
body part: kidney

Any appeal to patronizing forces, verbal magic, soft privoroty, rituals for money, luck, any creative work is not compulsory.

When guessing it is necessary to ask only clearly formulated questions and only those that have a high degree of importance. To address to any oracle at the moment for trifles is a dangerous undertaking, you can anger the spirits of predictions. As in the previous lunar day, now it is good to conduct serious rituals and ceremonies in the framework of magic, since the boundary between the worlds is especially thin. True, there is also a danger in this: if you make a little mistake in the correctness of the ritual, you may be in for a lot of trouble.

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