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Characteristics of 13th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

A symbol is a wheel, a spinning wheel, a circle, a snake biting its tail. A wheel with a swastika inside. Swastika symbolizes movement, primarily - blood, intestinal peristalsis, circulation of qi (prana) energy through the channels of our body. The swastika, going clockwise, symbolizes the eternal movement, for example, the movement of the sun, blood circulation, intestinal peristalsis, movement of energy through the channels of our body.

Energy magic on this day prevails, the day is good for working with karma, there is a correction of the past, the accumulation of information and contacts. Contacts can be made with other worlds. This day it is good to make round talismans, spinning threads, baking bread. It is also recommended that you practice cosmetic procedures and load your stomach.

The first part of the day will be very unfavorable. It will preserve the negative trends of the past day. But if a person can overcome the test of pride, then he will have new opportunities, which are associated with the strengthening of his aura. For this reason, in the second half of the lunar day, new perspectives for the manifestation of creativity will open. The possibility of achieving new goals is increasing.

Love and relationships. It is advisable to refrain from new acquaintances and contacts. It is very likely that you will meet people with whom you break up, and not in the most joyful way. This is a day of reviewing relations. Do not be surprised if, today, suddenly, for no apparent reason, your ex-husband or lover will appear on the horizon. And, having reconsidered your old mistakes, you can understand that it was not so bad, and the reasons for which you broke up may seem to you both trifles and trivial things. If you still have feelings for this person, then do not miss the opportunity that the moon gives, try to start everything from the beginning, "from scratch". On the thirteenth lunar day, rarely do proposals, and even less often, marriages occur, since it is a day of revising old relationships, a time when it's time to look back, and not make plans for the future. This is the time when you can talk about painful. The most suitable day to finally figure out what's what. Very often it turns out. Everything is secret, it becomes obvious. Sometimes a person did not intend to tell something, but it opened itself. And even today, old problems can appear. Not only what you suspected, but what you already forgot. It's unpleasant.

Housework. On this magical and mystical day it is very favorable to bake round bread. Pleasure yourself and your loved ones with a delicious, crispy crust of homemade loaf. The thirteenth lunar day is a wonderful time for repairs and major household affairs, fruitful and extensive work on the improvement of the house and the backyard.

Business and money. All initiatives are unfavorable. The function of this day is revision, revision and completion of old cases. The most successful day for a thorough review and analysis of contracts and projects and their correction. Go back to the very beginning, and follow the whole chain until today. This practice will help to see all the shortcomings and shortcomings, to find the "weak link" and strengthen it. It is good to close the enterprises that are to be carried out on this day. In the 13th lunar day, try to act together. In addition, today you can deal with money matters, material issues. The day is especially fortunate for scientific and creative work, social events, group contacts. An excellent day for getting new information, improved education, replenishing the knowledge of a subject of interest to you.

Dreams. The energy of the day shows us whether we are moving in the same direction and stepping on the same rake, or else we were able to change something and climb up the spiral stairs. Sleep is the main clue on the way of this understanding. He carries the keys, and can not reveal to us, where we do not want to change. On this day in dreams, life itself is knocking at your door, and shows you the way to go in the direction of change. It is important not to ignore these directions, and in life to begin to follow them, then you will free up some of your energy for further action. To sleep can not be well analyzed. , Can soon come true. Sometimes they say that dreams of this day are fulfilled in eight days.

Health. The diseases that can be started today. Medicines, various cosmetics today are very susceptible to the body. Therefore, today it is good to take medicine, decoctions and infusions. It is good to carry out procedures for rejuvenating the body. Today you can eat and the stomach should work.

  • Start 13-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, New Delhi:
  • 4 january 15:25
  • 2 february 14:58
  • 4 march 15:35
  • 2 april 15:18
  • 2 may 15:51
  • 31 may 15:30
  • 30 june 16:19
  • 29 july 16:14
  • 28 august 17:03
  • 27 september 17:08
  • 26 october 16:14
  • 25 november 15:54
  • 24 december 15:10
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Despite the number 13, this is a very good lunar day, the haircut in which will be successful, it will refresh the appearance, give beauty and happiness.


On the 13th lunar day, restless, very sensitive people are born. They are easy to rise, sociable, receptive to information. They have a wonderful memory, so they learn everything "playfully". They can do several things at once, have versatile abilities. But they are inclined to "walk in a circle" throughout their lives, making the same mistakes. In the energy plan, these people work well with time. If you want to program your future, you will succeed.
The people of this day are well aware of the relationship between cause and effect, between long-standing events and what is happening now. The main thing is to draw conclusions.
Those born on the 13th lunar day can easily make a career in any chosen area. Long-Lived.
Advice: use your potential abilities, because you are given a lot.

Bathing in the bath

The best day for cosmetic and rejuvenating procedures in the bath. A good day for a good company.


On the 13th lunar day, dreams can carry new information about old problems, but not directly, but in the form of symbols, and one should try to understand and decipher them in order to begin solving the problem as soon as possible. Decipher the message of your subconscious, it can serve as a guide and give you a clue.

Stones keepers

Ruby, opal.

Conception of the child

The main role in the life of a man conceived in the 13th lunar day will be played by the case. It will be a happy or unhappy event, depends on both fortune and karma. Happiness or unhappiness? Complete freedom or total dependence on circumstances? What is the karmic load that an incipient soul will bring with it to this world, so is the answer.

Weather forecast

Three days before the full moon - a change in the weather.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Eliminates neurotic, asthenic-depressive and hysterical reactions. Objectivizes the psycho-emotional state. Helps with insomnia. The aroma of Neroli harmonizes the emotional and energy plans of man. Promotes the manifestation of noble features of man. Prevents the appearance of envy and protects against bad deeds and thoughts. It encourages high and bright aspirations.


The thirteenth lunar day is good for marriage to people connected with science - scientists, researchers, academics, students and so on, as well as those whose profession consists in discovering a new one - to travelers, seafarers, geologists, etc.

Due to the fact that these lunar days are the time of transition, they are also favorable for marriage to those who by age enter a new period of their lives into a new social status. The coincidence of these two events will bring a positive result - the family created in this period will coincide with the natural rhythms of nature, which will enable it to develop in the right direction, bypassing many cataclysms. Such marriage, as a rule, is characterized by stability and harmony between spouses.

Some astrological schools believe that the thirteenth lunar day is also suitable for creating a family after thirty people - at this time they become mature, and the Moon in a sense also becomes "mature", that is, as close as possible to the peak of the full moon.


Now the main thing is not what you buy, but how you buy, or rather, what quality you choose. It is very important in the thirteenth lunar day not to rush, but to approach with all responsibility to the thing that you are going to acquire. Carefully study it, inspect the entire range and choose the best. In this period, you need only get the very best, and only in this case it will bring you benefit and pleasure. If you yourself can not assess the quality of what you get, then invite an expert to help you. Certainly, it is better to give preference to expensive purchases in such a careful approach, so that the time spent for the choice itself justifies itself. Priorities in purchases on the thirteenth lunar day are distributed as follows: quality, style, originality.


symbol: labyrinth
stones: hematite, selenite, opal
part of body: vertebral column

A magical day. Any spellbinding rituals, soft and hard, are especially strong spells on female blood, love involutovaniya. Rites for money and good luck.

These lunar days suggest the direction of the divination practices in the direction of clarifying questions concerning the future. It is not recommended to seek clarification of the present state of affairs or the past.

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Excellent site. Can you write , how to do the three candle ritual exactly? Thank you.
I'm just posting this on this lunar day because I was doing research. But this is a fantastic site. I've been studying astrology for 8+ years, and the information here is very useful. I am a day trader and have been implementing lunar days in my strategies and it is very beneficial! Thank you for this.
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