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Characteristics of 14th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

The symbol is a pipe, a hunting horn. This is the day of the call. This is a calling pipe.

These lunar days are well suited to start a lot of new important things, to use information and various appeals for anything. All the liquid on this day is polluted. Therefore, dry fasting is recommended and not very diligent prayers. Will go in favor of physical work and study with the scriptures. Also on this day, melancholy, sadness, grief are possible. It is counter-indicative to be engaged in magic, too to strain vision, to use spirits and to be seen in a mirror.

This lunar day, or rather its first half, will be favorable for the promotion of your ideas to a whole new level. The bosses may note that your endeavors and aspirations to improve the business, new partners, new connections may appear. Strengthening on this day and family relations, relations with relatives. The second half of the day can be dragged into unnecessary business and worries, and this will lead to loss of energy and time, and perhaps to overeating. On this day, you can also spend a lot of sexual energy.

Love and relationships. On the fourteenth lunar day, people often come, are apathetic, depressed, due to the fact that the lunar energy is strong, and man is not able to use it. Remember this, and do not give in to the sad mood. Many people say hints on this day, they make some tips. So listen carefully to everything that you are told. Do not miss the details, the person really wants to tell you something.

Housework. On the fourteenth lunar day, you can successfully engage in large-scale household activities, large washing and cleaning. Also a very good day for repairs. 14 lunar day is ideal for cleaning your home. Spend a general cleaning in the house, and you will free up space for new living energy. Think of purity in all its manifestations. It is very good to clean up your space with energy.

Business and money. An excellent day for careerists and businessmen. As already mentioned, the fourteenth lunar day is the strongest and most powerful day of the month, and in the business of the happiest. Time for decisive action. Particularly favorable is the first half of the fourteenth lunar day. At this time, you can make some idea, idea or proposal to the public. Panami can be shared. This will lead to a transition to a qualitatively new level. For example, it is possible to increase in service, receive an increase in salary, a reward in short, and well-deserved recognition. And also new profitable acquaintances, new interesting connections, etc. Direct energy to important matters. One of the best days for solving financial issues. The fourteenth lunar day is a good time for signing contracts, opening accounts, interviewing about work, etc. Spray on the little things are not worth it, dedicate this day to the main goal. The business started. The best day for attending a refresher course. A great day to do your favorite hobby, develop your talents and abilities. An interesting day for business, as there is an opportunity for the success of the most seemingly hopeless enterprises. Come to the end of the day, you will not be able to do anything. On the 14th lunar day, one must act according to the principle: "The eyes are afraid - they make their hands." A good day for business meetings and trips, subject to careful and thorough analysis of the situation.

Dreams. They do not really matter, but they can show your hidden ability, which should be developed, and therefore only in this sense. As a rule, they do not come true. Therefore, if you wake up with a memory of sleep in which there was something sad and unpleasant, do not attach importance.

Health. Today it is good to cleanse the body with liquids, eat almonds and salty foods. Discard bitter and sweet foods. Diseases that began on this lunar day, as a rule, quickly pass. But the psyche can be overloaded and the mood swings can affect the affairs. It is good to use fluids to cleanse toxins, poisons and waste.

  • Start 14-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, New Delhi:
  • 5 january 16:11
  • 3 february 15:51
  • 5 march 16:31
  • 3 april 16:13
  • 3 may 16:47
  • 1 june 16:30
  • 1 july 17:27
  • 30 july 17:21
  • 29 august 17:53
  • 28 september 17:44
  • 27 october 16:47
  • 26 november 16:32
  • 25 december 15:56
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In the 14th lunar day, any manipulation of hair is good. All of them will lead to an increase in the material condition, strengthening of the social situation, perhaps the chance of a profitable acquisition of real estate.


People born on the 14th lunar day are considered "elected." They still in childhood realize their vocation in life, find the only correct way and start to follow it early. They are peculiar: intuition, insights, providence. They are purposeful and volitional natures, internally ready for accomplishment. People of the 14th day are important to listen to advice, to "signs of fate." You can often dream prophetic dreams.
Despite the directness and categoricalness, they are flexible enough people, easily adaptable in any situation. Achievements are expected in medicine, management, pedagogy. The main danger of people of the 14th day is mood swings. It is necessary to behave in the hands. And you are too lazy.
Advice: be sure to give yourself daily physical activity.

Bathing in the bath

It is better to refrain from the bath.


Dreams on the 14th lunar day can become prophetic. But if they are sad or sad, they most likely do not carry important information, but only reflect the state of energy of this day. However, dreams of these lunar days can be used to achieve the desired.

Stones keepers

Hyacinth, sapphire, lapis lazuli.

Conception of the child

Conceived on the 14th lunar day will have a powerful support from its ancestors. Such a person has the opportunity to maintain contact with another world. From it can turn magician, spirit. He is a man with a strong intuition. But whatever heavy forebodings he is tormented, in any, even the most difficult circumstances, he will not lose protection from above. He will not lose it in the difficult life situations that will occur with him, as with any other person. In addition, it sounds the voice of conscience, he will always act according to her command. The help of ancestors will allow him to cope with everyday worries, and with moral feelings. There is a sign: that the child's life has developed successfully, on the day of conception parents should not guess in any ways.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Provides full energy relaxation. Protects against negative energies. A wonderful remedy for overwork, overexcitement, irritability and aggression. Eliminates tearfulness and hysterical reactions. Restores sleep.


A characteristic feature of this day from the point of view of marriage is that, figuratively speaking, it is a day of free flight, that is, the Moon gives a new family a huge energy reserve, it seems to lift it high into the sky and release it to freedom. And now everything will depend only on the spouses - whether they will be able to continue their "heavenly flight" or again return to earth. Therefore, it is considered not very successful.


This period is the best time to buy what you have long dreamed of. If you saved money for a long time, worked hard to acquire a coveted thing, now is the time to do it. And it does not matter if it's big or small, it's a car, a house or just some bauble. The main thing is that it personifies the fulfillment of your dreams. If there is no such purchase, then it is advisable to refrain from buying, as in the end you may be waited by very unpleasant surprises.


symbol: crown, crown
stones: graphite
body part: underbelly

Rites full moon, love fortune, rites for money and luck. The most favorable day for starting a new business. Accepting the vow.

When guessing, ask only questions related to your inner state or the state of mind of someone who addresses you. It is also a wonderful period for the transition to a new stage in the development of extrasensory abilities.

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