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Characteristics of 2th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

Symbol - the cornucopia, mouth, open mouth, mouth, "grasping mouth."

It is recommended on that day to start washing the stomach, start a diet. And in any case you can not show your anger. It is necessary to develop in oneself generosity. In such a period it would be good to start a set of physical exercises or knowledge of some information cycle. As for medicine, on this lunar day it is worth paying close attention to the oral cavity, the upper part of the sky, teeth.

Favorable is the first half of the lunar day. In this case, do not devote others to your personal plans, which you have planned, otherwise the second half of the lunar day can negatively affect the implementation of all your plans. It is very good to ask the authorities in the first half of the lunar day to make new contacts.

Love and relationships. In his personal life can be very good, and very bad. The fact is that today each of us is inclined to receive gifts, compliments and increased attention. If this is the case, then everything is fine, if not - then problems and grievances can arise from scratch. Generally, the second lunar day is a very good time for visits, but to show generosity and care to your partner, do a pleasant one, and you will be rewarded with a good mood, joy, love. After all, in the end, giving gifts is much more pleasant than getting them. 2 lunar day is ideal for marriages.

Housework. The second lunar day is very good at any household chores. In addition, since ancient times this day was considered favorable for the beginning of construction.

Business and money. Favorable for work, both individual and collective. You can start any business, start any questions, anything that is important to you. It is noticed that educational projects are particularly successful on this day. In addition, on the whole, this is a rather positive day for solving material problems. The trips are scheduled for the second lunar day. You can also go on trip or trek. Registered on the second lunar day, the company can quickly bring profit and quarrel to the co-owners in the process of its sharing. The contracts concluded on this day can be profitable, but in practice they are very difficult to sign, as both sides will try to "pull the blanket over themselves" and the contract of the contract.

Dreams. They can be the dreams of life. Therefore, to sleep at this time. These dreams bear a bookmark for work for the whole month, in the future the images that will come to you in the future. Therefore, it is desirable to interpret the dream correctly, and not to be afraid of the truth. Dreams reveal to us what is written in our subconscious, and what we manage in everyday life. There may be empty dreams, which should not be given value, so your tasks have not yet been indicated. They may not be very pleasant, but it does not matter. Before you go to bed, you can designate a task. If this day had a dream, where you can not overcome some obstacle, then in life it is easy to overcome it.

Health. Follow the diet. If today is some kind of food is sickening, then in the near future it is necessary to exclude this kind of product from the diet. Those sick on these lunar days. Diseases of the teeth may be aggravated, as well as a disease of the gastrointestinal tract. Psychosomatic diseases can worsen. It is good to take infusions and decoctions in the form of treatment and to take procedures for cleansing the body. Diet today is of no use, but of course, you should not overeat. Food should be one that brings pleasure. Cosmetic procedures that will nourish the skin are very effective today, since the skin today is the most receptive and absorbs well.

  • Start 2-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, New Delhi:
  • 22 january 07:49
  • 21 february 07:48
  • 22 march 06:50
  • 21 april 06:28
  • 20 may 05:41
  • 19 june 06:00
  • 18 july 05:45
  • 17 august 06:26
  • 16 september 07:00
  • 15 october 06:43
  • 14 november 07:32
  • 13 december 07:27
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Haircut on the 2nd lunar day is not recommended, as it will bring quarrels and misunderstandings.


Those born on the 2nd lunar day are able to succeed in business, including in their own. These people are easily arranged at work, but do not like to work under the command of someone. All problems they solve easily, often use the help of friends. For people 2nd ld It is dangerous melancholy and apathy. Of them, it's hard to get out. These people have early growth, rapid physical and intellectual growth. They like to learn, read, receive new information and at the same time are ready to provide moral support to others, share their knowledge. People 2nd ld are strongly attached to relatives and friends. They love comfort, they strive for well-being, they tend to receive everything at once. Such people - economic households, are able to dispose of material goods, and therefore succeed. The only weakness is the love of food, can not endure hunger, can not sit on a diet, and this does not affect the figure.
Tip: The physical load should not be large. For good health you need simple food and no alcohol.

Bathing in the bath

Baths are recommended for sports. In the bathhouse company, show generosity.


Dreams of the 2nd lunar day are usually pleasant, but are rarely significant. Even if the dream is not very pleasant, it is probably not worthwhile to believe him.

Stones keepers

Jadeite, chalcedony, agate.

Conception of the child

If you decided to conceive a child on the 2nd lunar day, then you know - this day is perfect for conception, especially for girls. Children, conceived on this lunar day, expect life - a full cup, the fulfillment of desires, they are protected by Mrs. Luck.

Weather forecast

With the new Moon and its outcome, the weather changes: raw on dry, warm - on frosty, overcast - on clear.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Protects a person from negative alien energy. It strengthens self-confidence and one's own strengths, evades self-esteem and instills respect for oneself. Restores the thickness of the aura. Eliminates depressive states, anxiety and despair. This fragrance fills the person with energy of joy and well-being, and also optimism. Jasmine opens a pragmatic view of such negative events as treason, betrayal and irreparable losses, muffling useless emotions.


The second lunar day is a good period for marriage. Created on this lunar day the family will be strong, friendly and united, the spouses will never be afraid to take a step towards their partner.

To a greater extent, this lunar day is suitable for young couples who are going to lead an active lifestyle with kayak tours and travels to all points of the globe, those who aspire to make their marital life full of adventures and pleasant events.


Now it is worth buying only what is really needed, which will help you realize your plans for the current month. It can be a computer, a laptop, any tools, clothes. In a word, something that will allow you to more effectively exist in society or facilitate your life. But buying trinkets is highly undesirable. If you get something on the second lunar day only at the behest of your fleeting caprice, then doom yourself to a senseless waste of money.


symbols: mouth, cornucopia
stones: agate, chalcedony
part of body: temporal part of head

Accepting a vow, consecrating a temple or personal ritual space, sanctifying the idols of the gods. Other rituals on this lunar day are undesirable.

It is best to guess about upcoming events, the time frame of which does not exceed one month. A good time to start a program to develop abilities for clairvoyance and any other mystical practices aimed at personal improvement.

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Excellent site. Can you write , how to do the three candle ritual exactly? Thank you.
I'm just posting this on this lunar day because I was doing research. But this is a fantastic site. I've been studying astrology for 8+ years, and the information here is very useful. I am a day trader and have been implementing lunar days in my strategies and it is very beneficial! Thank you for this.
Thank you! I'm very glad that the site is useful.
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Great page and website overall. Thanks for creating this. Please keep it up. The moon
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bless you all on this wonderful 3rd lunar day
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