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Characteristics of 27th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

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Symbol - Neptune, trident, wand, magic wand. The day of Neptune is connected with water and sea voyages. The symbols of this day are also an island, an oasis (a symbol of gaining an ideal), a ship, a lighthouse with three lights (a symbol of hope), an anchor (a symbol of loyalty, reliability, gaining strength and stability). The trident is the symbol of Neptune, the element of Water is most active. Neptune is connected with a trident. The number 27 in total gives 9 - Neptune.

These lunar days contribute to the acquisition of secret knowledge. This day is connected with meditation, healing, insight, prayers and verbal magic. It is allowed to travel and learn the world on this day. It is forbidden to drink alcohol, look in the mirror and indulge in illusions. This is a very good day for everything. Excellent for planting, sowing and for communicating with older people. A person who was born on such a day can become happy and lucky or weak and charcoal. Diseases are short and not dangerous.

Love and relationships. Very good for dating. Most people will be in a romantic state of mind. Today you can learn more about your half and better understand it, and much of the information will come intuitively. Allow your soul on this day to rest, do not make scandals and do not "find out the relationship." The twenty-seventh lunar day is the ideal time for reconciliation after quarrels and conflicts. For the marriage, this day is not suitable. Over time, feelings can cool down, but for those who make a marriage of convenience, the day is right. In case the calculation turns out to be correct, the spouses even fall in love with each other. Do not forget to visit your parents, grandparents and other relatives today, and even your first teacher. Communication with the older generation on the 27th lunar day will bring especially pleasant moments.

Housework. Today, the Moon recommends a distraction from everyday life, domestic affairs and all sorts of worries. Refuse the daily fuss and devote this time to meditation, meditation, reading or communication with interesting people, especially the older generation.

Business and money. The twenty-seventh lunar day is very good for teamwork. Together, by doing one thing in unison, you will be able to accomplish much more than you could even imagine. In general, this day is considered very favorable for business, especially its first half. In the second half of the lunar day, the emotional background will begin to fluctuate and perhaps disagreements will follow. Therefore, it is not necessary to sign new contracts and conclude deals. It will be better if you try to get the most out of current affairs without starting new ones. Today, one of the good days for business enterprises and financial transactions. Perhaps, profit and new opportunities from previously concluded contracts and transactions. If you have debts, then try to give them back today and then, you will have a chance not to take out debt obligations afterwards.

Dreams. The day when not only dreams come true, but also signs. Dreams carry intuitive knowledge, understanding of surrounding people, events. They can reveal to us the true essence of things. If, for example, you suspect someone of treachery and treachery, and you dream that he takes you in his arms from the fire - your suspicions are groundless, this person is a true friend, he can be trusted. But with the interpretation of dreams on this day, be more careful, you can easily make a mistake, so it's better to refer to a person who is well versed in the psychology of dreams.

Health. A good day for water treatments. But it is not necessary to load the lower leg today, any procedure for this area today should be excluded. Thrombophlebitis may become worse or blood circulation disorders may occur, especially in the legs. In today's diet, you need to limit potatoes and citrus fruits.

  • Start 27-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, New Delhi:
  • 19 january 04:37
  • 17 february 04:31
  • 19 march 04:59
  • 17 april 04:14
  • 17 may 03:52
  • 15 june 03:00
  • 15 july 03:04
  • 13 august 02:43
  • 12 september 03:26
  • 12 october 04:01
  • 10 november 03:39
  • 10 december 04:14
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Very favorable day for changing hair length. Any action aimed at modifying an ordinary hairstyle will have a positive effect on relationships with loved ones.


People born on the 27th lunar day, carry in themselves the secret knowledge, but they live in a state of anxiety, doubt and hesitation. In their lives, something is always happening. They lack stability, stability, so as not to become weak-willed, suggestible, sluggish. It is very important to develop the spirit.
Advice: meditate, master yoga.

Bathing in the bath

More water procedures, less steam. Concentrate on intuition.


Dreams of 27 lunar days come true. They carry a lot of necessary information, and sometimes they reveal the true essence of things, people around us and current events.

Stones keepers

Malachite, pink quartz, rauchtopaz.

Conception of the child

On the 27th lunar day, a kind-hearted person, good-natured, is born. The softer will be his nature, the more delicate the character of his parents. He will please others with his kind and flexible manner, but also frighten them with his illnesses. The child conceived on this day is prone to infectious diseases. But in any circumstances - and in illnesses, and in spiritual sorrows, and in everyday troubles - he will be under the protection of higher forces. He will love, and others will love him. He will be attractive to the opposite sex, but, fortunately, will not become a fatal hero, breaking hearts and destinies of those who love him. This person will do a lot of good to others. There will be a lot of travel, in his travels, he will also try to help his neighbors. He is patient and knows how to forgive, but not out of naivete. He perfectly sees the intrigues that are woven against him, and the deceit that surrounds him. Innate gentleness does not allow him to break the vicious circle in one movement, but if he does, he will do it, and many will wonder where he got so much vengefulness from. In other words, the kindness and simplicity of this person extend to a certain limit.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Refreshes, provides an inflow of strength and positive motivation. It enhances creative energy and increases efficiency. Allows you to quickly and painlessly adapt to new conditions of life, to new people. Lemon's aroma removes nervousness, improves the work of the brain and cardiovascular system, increases immunity.


The beginning of a new and auspicious lunar day.

Dental treatment

The beginning of a new and auspicious lunar day.


A good time to marry, but the wedding on the twenty-seventh lunar day should be quiet and calm. Noisy companies at the table are best avoided. The calmer the celebration, the stronger will be the family. To a greater extent, to create a family, this time ideally suits mature, sophisticated couples.


You can buy almost anything, most importantly, that the thing was not too expensive for you. The more it costs, the greater the amount will require to "follow". For example, to purchase suitable accessories, additional wires, batteries, adapters, care products.


symbol: trident
stones: amethyst, red coral
body part: elbows

On this day, the destructive aspect of the element of water is very strong. Colds with water, rasborki, lapels, which use water, spoilage on dead water.

When guessing, it is desirable to ask questions relating to finance and "knitted with sea voyages, as well as meteorological issues. A wonderful period for the consecration of fortune-telling instruments.

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Excellent site. Can you write , how to do the three candle ritual exactly? Thank you.
I'm just posting this on this lunar day because I was doing research. But this is a fantastic site. I've been studying astrology for 8+ years, and the information here is very useful. I am a day trader and have been implementing lunar days in my strategies and it is very beneficial! Thank you for this.
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Great page and website overall. Thanks for creating this. Please keep it up. The moon
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bless you all on this wonderful 3rd lunar day
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