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Characteristics of 6th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

The symbol is a crane, a cloud, a sacred prophetic bird, Ivik.

This lunar day contributes to the assimilation of cosmic energy, gaining Grace, verbal and mental work. Associate this day with love and forgiveness. A good sign on this day are a melodious ringing and clouds in the sky, but a clear sky or clouded by clouds. Such a day is very favorable, it allows you to exercise all your abilities. Increased ability to materialize, luck, there are new plans and thoughts that can change for the better life. Even during this period, the gift of foresight is strengthened, intuition is more pronounced, there is an intensification of scientific and social activity. However, in contacts you need to be restrained.

Love and relationships. The happiest marriages are based on mutual love. To this day, the following statement is very appropriate: "Happiness is when your happiness is happy near you." The highest love puts the partner's happiness first. Since on the 6th lunar day the intuition is greatly aggravated, you can discover the true meaning of your relationship. Listen carefully to your inner voice, and you can feel what your partner is about. It's a very good day for dates.

Housework. A day of work around the house. Household chores today do not deliver labor, economic plans can also be built with the certainty that all of them will come true.

Business and money. Since ancient times, the sixth lunar day is considered happy in business. This is one of the best days of the month! Success accompanies your beginnings and the enterprises. It's a very good day for solving financial problems, for work and business, because today you have the opportunity to show your skills and talents. In many areas you can achieve success. Think about an important project, how to achieve the goal, get what you want. A special sign of this day: you can not lend. Do not give someone time and things. Otherwise, the one who got things, along with them, will take away your peace and luck.

Dreams. Can come true, but on condition that you do not tell anyone about them. This is how to say "sleep in the hand." All that you can be considered as a prediction or indication, a revelation of the Higher Forces. They often see what they did not do, or what needs to be done. You can dream of people to whom you owe a debt. But always remember that dreams need to be interpreted correctly, so it is very important to understand any sleep and especially on this day, are your sensations from sleep. On this day you can ask a question to the Higher Forces, when you wake up, be sure to write down the dream, and carefully analyze it, including intuition and inner sensations, with the answer can be hidden. Try not to succumb to aggression on this day.

Health. Those who get sick on this day often recover quickly. You can devote this day to the rejuvenation procedures, both skin and the whole body. It is good to carry out procedures on the upper respiratory tract. Do not perform procedures on the upper back.

  • Start 6-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, New Delhi:
  • 26 january 10:28
  • 25 february 10:03
  • 26 march 09:13
  • 25 april 09:25
  • 24 may 09:05
  • 23 june 09:43
  • 22 july 09:24
  • 21 august 09:58
  • 20 september 10:46
  • 19 october 10:46
  • 18 november 11:36
  • 17 december 11:04
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On the 6th lunar day, the haircut can lead to colds and problems with smell.


Those born on the 6th lunar day can foresee some event, much of what they say is coming true. These people should be listened to. And they themselves can not scatter words, pronounce out loud something that it is better never to come true. All promises must be fulfilled. Creative activities are successful and bring pleasure. Professions related to voice and pronunciation are well given. These people are contact, diplomatic, in ideas are not limited in stereotypes. In relations, independence is of great importance. They do not tolerate pressure, often are dreamers, endowed with creative taste and imagination. There are all chances to live a long and happy life, which will be all the more successful, the more serious they will treat them.
Advice: as often as possible go on fresh air, avoid smoky premises, watch the respiratory system.

Bathing in the bath

Bath especially promotes rejuvenation.


Favorable, just do not tell anyone.

Stones keepers

Citrine, plasma, hyacinth.

Conception of the child

Started on the 6th lunar day, the future idealist and dreamer. But at the same time he is not limited to empty fantasies. He is an active man. He will be able to change a lot in his life and in the life of others. Out of these people, outstanding public figures are obtained: in their work they are looking not for gain, but for achieving the highest ideal. Such an approach will help a person in work: he is able to make a career in the event that he understands that his business carries a certain mission.

Weather forecast

If on the sixth day of the new moon the month appears to be fiery red, there will be a wind.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Eliminates stagnant phenomena, removes energy blocks, strengthens energy and protects the aura. Eliminates nervousness and confusion, regulates the "rupturedness" of thoughts. Increases mental and vital activity. Ennobles thoughts and actions.


On the sixth lunar day it is recommended to marry those who dream of a calm, measured, quiet family life, do not like noisy companies and prefers romance of distant wanderings peace of a cozy nest.

Many astrological schools agree that the family life started on this day can help the couple gain wisdom and keep love for long decades.

Marriages, concluded on the sixth lunar day, usually have stability, peace, spouses in such families are usually compliant and tolerant of each other's shortcomings. Marriages last long and rarely end in divorce.

The life of families created during this period is like a river - it is smooth, calm and measured, passes without any stresses, but without adventures and unexpected surprises.


In the sixth lunar day should only buy goods that are related to creativity and intellectual activity. It can be books, notebooks, notebooks, pens, drawing supplies, music CDs, theater tickets, museums and so on. With the acquisition of the rest, problems may arise. Due to the fact that the day leads people to think, you have every chance to face two problems. First, excessive suspiciousness and doubts, leading to a not quite conscious decision to buy this or that product. And everything that is bought in this state, rarely then brings joy. Secondly, you simply will not be attentive and will not notice some important points, for example, the poor quality of the purchased item or its incomplete configuration.


symbol: crane
stones: citrine
part of body: trachea, bronchi

Rituals for rejuvenation, verbal spells, making love potions, love spirits, rituals for finding material well-being. If on this day the moon is in Libra, the rituals for weight loss are very effective.

When guessing, you can ask on any topic. In general, these lunar days were especially revered by the Druids. On this day they must have performed magical rituals.

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