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Moon Leo

In the sign of Leo

Overall forecast

In the house of the Sun - the god of love, joy, creativity, awareness. On the throne of Pluto - the god of magic, sexual, transformational energies, influence on others, power. In the element of Fire.

Emotions and behavior. When the moon enters the Leo, emotions get shine and radiance. People want to boast, show their nobility, generosity. Emotions are many, but they are less vulnerable compared to previous days, when the Moon was in Cancer. Men tend to behave in a chivalrous manner, the fiery male principle of Yang prevails. This period also has to heroic emotions, promises. A lot of fun, draws to joy, rest, I want to be awarded recognition. It becomes important for people to feel their weight, strength, influence, to be "King Lion".

Job. This is the most favorable position for sociable people who are not afraid of the audience and attention, eat it. This period is good for politicians, actors, artists. Very successful can be different shows: fashion, advertising. Excellent time for performances, fairs. This is a wonderful time for celebrations and weddings: love, passion, brilliance will accompany them. This period is also favorable to fashion designers who create an image for the presentation, photographers, child psychologists. This period is less favorable for everyday tasks: I want to relax and enjoy more, rather than work.

Love. What can be more surprising than love when the moon is in Leo? This period is especially suitable for weddings: there will be a lot of passion, love, brilliance. The novel, started at this time (if you do not spoil everything on the first day), will last a long time - the feelings will be deep, the partners will attract each other. The easiest way to begin novels begins with an open, even exaggerated compliment. Generously give compliments - it will bring joy and will be well received. The strength of this position of the moon is the radiant openness of the senses. Such a novel will be full of joy, passion, elation, brilliance, generosity. These are the best days for love.

Finances and values. When the Moon is in Leo, people are more inclined to spend money, and not to save. Success will be trade associated with the accessories of beauty, luxury: decorations, clothing, perfume, cosmetics. This period is fertile for theaters, various places of entertainment. Things acquired during this period will be luxurious, valuable and durable, but sometimes impractical, rarely used.

Health. Sensitive parts of the body: heart, back, solar plexus. It is better to not overload these spheres, not operate. This period is successful to treat the eyes, the nervous system, shins, tendons, operations on the vessels, the heart, the removal of dilated capillaries are prohibited. Do not touch moles, warts and ozhrubelosti on the skin. In addition, one can not waste physical forces in vain, since this requires more physical energy than usual. At this time, it is possible to treat all vascular diseases and diseases of the nervous system (convulsions, trembling). It is recommended to treat leg shins, joint diseases, eye diseases. In the diet of all signs, fatty dishes are undesirable, since. these days are important in terms of combating obesity. Include in the complex of morning exercises breathing exercises and increasing the flexibility of the dorsal and cervical spine. It is very important and during the day to observe direct posture - this, to a large extent, will improve the heart and reduce fatigue in Lviv. At dawn and sunset of the day, the Lioness should take care of the heart from the load and too strong emotions. Women of all signs should be protected from bright light.

Children. Children at this time are particularly active, cheerful, initiative. It would be very good to just play with them without any problems. Children should accumulate a positive experience of common joy, love, relaxation. Let them laugh, rejoice, engage in creativity, express their love, affection. Rejoice, relax with them. Allow the children to be lions, tell them: "You are the best, beloved, important for me, I really love you!" (The same in these days is necessary for adults, especially men, sometimes even more than for children).

  • Entering the Moon as a sign Leo in 2023 year, New Delhi:
  • 8 january 08:09
  • 4 february 14:18
  • 3 march 20:45
  • 31 march 04:01
  • 27 april 11:59
  • 24 may 20:04
  • 21 june 03:34
  • 18 july 10:09
  • 14 august 16:06
  • 10 september 22:05
  • 8 october 04:54
  • 4 november 12:50
  • 1 december 21:30
  • 29 december 05:52
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Moon in Leo. A haircut on such days makes the hair beautiful, lush and silky. But you know, this position of the moon in the sky is considered unfavorable for a haircut, if your business is going well, and favorable, if you want to change the image or rhythm of your life.


The person in whose horoscope the Moon is in Leo has a truly fiery temperament. As a rule, he is a choleric; it is difficult to imagine depressed and depressed. Therefore, when the latter happens and the melancholy rolls over the lunar Leo, it represents the complete opposite of the royal sign. Namely behaves defiantly, demonstratively neglects other people, boasts without restraint, considers itself "the navel of the earth" and makes others think the same way, overestimates their own talents and exaggerates the successes. At the same time it shows a marked propensity for pompous luxury and excessive comfort, adores to command, demanding and fastidious, extravagant, arrogant, hypocritical, hypocritical. A shameless manipulator. However, the described case is a variant of development of the "lion's" character with a minus sign. Good upbringing, plus success in life, plus just a good mood give a human society energetic, independent, active, full of real enthusiasm. He is able to go forward without stopping, and lead others.

The Lion's Lion will not rest until his work is finished, the work is perfected, and professionalism is up to genius. He is very responsible. Can shift some of the work to another person, but he will constantly worry and eventually finish everything himself.

If the achievement in achievement does not belong to him, he will not claim laurels, but if he has worked in a distinguished team, he considers himself first among the best. When the lunar lion has coped with a difficult task, he will not be full of praise for a long time, and the flattering word for him is much more expensive than premiums or awards. In the end, he will work, but you can not buy a good word. At the same time, he will not refuse to help his colleague, and, in general, to a comrade who finds himself in a quandary. The lion will give pleasure to render another service. But it is necessary that this "other" should appreciate his efforts, otherwise the Leo will hide the deepest insult.

Work . Whatever work a lion Lion does, it is important for him to lead to the realization of his need for the game. After all, work for him is a game, a scene where he feels himself a director and an actor. It is thanks to this attitude that he is able to convince other people of the fidelity of his information and the indisputability of his information. This helps him to succeed not only in the acting profession, if he chooses one, but also on other arena-related activities: journalism, sales (especially direct ones), and marketing. The minus of this quality of character is the propensity to dramatize and theatrical effects. However, if this person is well-known, he can not be deceived by such a game.

Relationships . In friendship, the lunar Lion shows nobility, generosity, generosity, devotion, kindness. The same applies to romantic relationships. With such a partner you can feel like behind a stone wall. Especially since the lion Lion does not at all renounce responsibility for another and will gladly take the reins of government into his own hands. He will lead the situation with his usual aplomb, self-confidence, enthusiasm and unsurpassed self-esteem.

Communication . With unfamiliar or unfamiliar people the lion lion is traditionally polite and affable, never sinks to sycophancy, knows his own worth. Nobody will allow anyone to doubt their talents, knowledge and skills. Lunar Leo is always vain, and if there is no one nearby who would praise him, he will calmly do it himself. Hates criticism. To criticize Leo is to lose his sympathy once and for all.

Career . He also does not like being subordinate. In the work he prefers executive positions not so much because of money, but because of independence. With the subordinates is fair. In addition, the head office means a more or less solid title. And for the lunar Leo to be called a "sales person" is a real torture. Maybe he'd rather be a "director of the market development department," even if the department consists of three people, including himself? And with all this, the lion Lion neglects the public opinion. How do these two contradictions-two vanities-vanity and disregard for someone else's opinion-get used to him-he knows only him. But the fact remains: if the lunar Leo does something, then it does not matter to him what society thinks about his actions. This is a born nonconformist, moreover, this attitude allows him to once again show independence and self-sufficiency, which the lion's Lion has more than enough.

Aspirations . With intuition, he is also all right. Especially in matters related to the benefits and success. This is not necessarily about money: it can be the successful completion of a case, the beginning of a risky project, the search for reliable partners, the verification of the information delivered. If the lion Lion takes up his business, nothing will stop him. This is a real locomotive. When he sets a goal, only death can prevent her from attaining - such incomprehensible zeal, hard work and perseverance he manifests.

Lunar Leo pays attention to his appearance. Watches the wardrobe, hairstyle, if a woman - and then for makeup. He is interested in fashion, likes to experiment, seeks to create his own style and an impressive, memorable image. If he chooses any known person for the standard, he will easily and successfully copy the image of the star, which will look organically, even without star wealth.

Relations with the opposite sex are formed successfully, he is trusted, and he is sincere. But it's important to find someone who wants to play the part of the second violin. Another quality of an ideal partner is the ability to praise and provide moral support in a difficult situation. The lunar lion is very, very worried if he does not succeed. But it's hard for him to ask for help: he used to rely only on himself.

Gardener - sowing

The lion is the most barren sign. You should not plant and sow, but you can fight with weeds and cultivate the soil. Only trees and shrubs are allowed to be planted.

Collection of herbs

Disturbance of cardiac activity and circulation.

Planning a child's sex

The moon is in the male zodiacal sign.

Weather forecast

The Day of Heat reigns in the world. More often these days is good weather, this time is suitable for walking outside the city. Even if the whole sky is covered with clouds, it seems that it's warm outside. In the sign of the Lion there are days of dryness, so one must drink a lot. In summer there are often sudden thunderstorms.

Nutrition and weight loss

When the Moon passes the signs of Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), the body needs more protein. It is these days that the protein is best absorbed by the body and brings him the most benefit. This means that in the days of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, you need to make sure that your diet consisted mainly of protein food, and the proteins should be half vegetable, and half animal.

Animal proteins are found in lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cottage cheese; vegetable - in legumes (soy, beans, peas), as well as in various cereals.

But the amount of fat and carbohydrates in the "protein" days should be reduced. Therefore, it is recommended to cut off fat before cooking meat, while meat should not be fried, but cook, stew or cook it on a grill or a couple. It is advisable to use milk, cottage cheese, kefir with a low percentage of fat content or, even better, fat-free. From cheese in days of protein it is better to refuse, in spite of the fact that the protein in it is enough, since cheese is a very fatty product.


Well undergo procedures and surgery on the eyes and lower legs.
You can not carry out any procedures and operations on the heart and back. Today, these bodies are particularly vulnerable.


Moon in Leo, one of the best periods for marriage.


Buy gifts, jewelry, ornaments and things you will rarely use. The shoes bought these days are quickly demolished, will become unusable. The moon in Leo is the best time to choose gifts. If you are planning to make someone a present, then choose it on these days - you will not regret it. For home you can buy some decoration. It is very good to buy products from gold, precious metals and stones. However, on the days when the Moon is in Leo, money spending must be seriously controlled, since at this time the Moon inclines to excessive wastefulness. This is the time of uncontrolled emotions, exaltation and bright colors - the moon is on a visit to the regal Sun! Will pull to buy something amazing, unique and super fashionable - shoes or a dress that will shatter your surroundings on the spot. You have the right! But keep in mind that, most likely, these things you will wear only a few times, and not because they will be disappointed in them, but because they quickly lose shape and appearance. This is especially true of shoes: the Moon in Leo - the worst time for its acquisition. Of clothing, an exception can be made for warm sweaters: they really will be great to warm you in the winter. Perfume and decorative cosmetics - also a successful investment of capital at the moment.


Magic to gain power over others, courage, the birth of a child. Suitable types of magic associated with victory in disputes, influence on others. In addition, it gives confidence, courage, physical strength and leadership abilities. Magic is also aimed at changing its appearance, the relationships of other people to itself. The ideal time for haircuts.


Perfectly suitable for chin plasty, rejuvenating procedures in the face, neck and whole body, wrinkle creams these days will give the maximum effect. It is not recommended to do a deep face peeling, steaming is also undesirable. These days are perfect for revising your style, appearance in general. Nutritional creams and masks with the Moon in Leo will be especially effective.

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