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Lunar calendar of picking plants on march 2024

Lunar calendar picking plants at march 2024 year Lunar calendar picking plants at march 2024 year

If you grow seedlings, you know perfectly well what a pick is and what a huge value it has. If you hear this word for the first time, it means only the transplantation of young seedlings from the seed pot into larger vessels. This gives each sprout a large area of ​​growth and nutrition. And chances are great that you have observed such a picture: the dipped plants are pressed against the soil, as if they are laying on it, bending and refusing to go up. Sometimes they remain in this position. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to engage in picking exclusively on the growing Moon (the plants are less vulnerable) and best in the days of roots (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), at this time the root part of the plants is active and therefore the survival rate will be higher. City Reykjavik.

Favorable days for picking plants at march 2024 year, city Reykjavik
13 we from 14:32
Waxing crescent The beginning of the waxing crescent πŸŒ’ phase, Moon in the sign of ♉ Taurus
15 fr 03:15
end stage
In the sign of Gemini ☽ Moon goes into the sign of β™Š Gemini
22 fr from 07:41
In the sign of the Virgin ☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♍ Virgo, waxing gibbous πŸŒ”
24 su 20:37
end stage
In the sign of Libra ☽ Moon goes into the sign of β™Ž Libra

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