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Characteristics of 15th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

The symbol is a snake, a winged jackal (a winged communicationsman between Isis and Osiris), in the Indian tradition - cobra. The names of this day are "Fire Serpent" and "Jackal with Wings". A free soul is experienced in astral battles and carnal temptations.

This day is considered satanic, during which there are astral battles, the temptations of the flesh. It is necessary to protect justice. The dream that day will be prophetic for a whole month. You can not succumb to temptations on this day, there are apples and quarrels. A good sign is a dog.

In the first half of the day there may be difficulties in professional and family relations. The main problems will be created because of ambition and the desire to shift all responsibility and part of their work to someone. It is possible to realize everything conceived, but through other people and by other methods. New ideas and thoughts may arise.

Love and relationships. All the romance meetings and appointments scheduled for the fifteenth lunar day are the best postponed until a more appropriate time. This is one of the most difficult days of the month, and there is no place for romance in it. People do not get themselves in the hands, give in to provocations, commit rash acts. In addition, there is a strong desire for carnal pleasures, short-term bliss, which then, perhaps, will be ashamed to remember and for which you will have to pay a cruel and long disappointment. general. People are often prone to deception: they deceive themselves and deceive others without any reason. Even if you are married, refuse today from intimate contacts. Also on this day there may be a sudden desire to tell a person harsh and offensive words. If a person is dear to you, this is not the most correct line of behavior.

Housework. Due to the fact that the fifteenth lunar day is this difficult day of the month, today you can only deal with those household chores that do not require you either stress or special strain. You can clean the room.

Business and money. It is undesirable to start important business. The only exception is the legal sphere: it is possible (and necessary) to sue, but only if you are 100% sure of your rightness and the legitimacy of your case. If injustice is committed against you, you need to accept the challenge and fight for justice. It is impossible to avoid fighting this day. If you are not sure of the method, do not do anything, insure yourself. At the same time, there is a chance to find new acquaintances. Curious ideas. Pay attention to them, they are worth it. Today, luck is on the side of those who work related to trade. The first half of this lunar day is unfavorable. During these hours, various difficulties in work and personal life can arise. The second half of the fifteenth lunar day is less unpleasant. During this period, it is even possible to implement a plan, though, most likely, in a completely different way. Do not make any financial transactions, do not listen to advisers. Do not conduct important negotiations.

Dreams. These days may be of different nature, everything will depend on your internal state. If you dream a bright good dream, then it can come true. If something is heavy, then your internal state is in imbalance, take care of yourself. In addition, according to what was a good dream, bright, colorful or gloomy, dull, not pleasant, you can determine what energy in your subconscious mind is now predominantly light or dark. Often there are prophetic dreams that give information for the next month.

Health. On this day it is better not to get sick, in general, on the other, on the other, on the 15th day, on hormonal and regulatory functions, may be overloaded, hysteria, phobias can intensify. The fifteenth lunar day is also considered traumatic. It is recommended to pay attention to the diaphragm and the operation of the pancreas (correction of its function takes place).

  • Start 15-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, Reykjavik:
  • 6 january 13:18
  • 4 february 14:10
  • 5 march 15:38
  • 4 april 18:09
  • 3 may 18:56
  • 2 june 22:07
  • 2 july 12:36
  • 31 july 12:25
  • 30 august 21:34
  • 28 september 19:27
  • 28 october 17:10
  • 26 november 14:56
  • 26 december 13:06
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Haircut in the 15th lunar day will negatively affect the mental state of a person, probably an increase in pressure, the appearance of headaches and incomprehensible fears.


People of this day are able to achieve success in trade. They are helped by remarkable working capacity and highly developed intellect. In study and work, they highlight the main thing and are only interested in it, not exchanging for trifles. In any situation, born in the 15th ld, feel themselves internally free. Feel their independence, strive for spiritual harmony, do not tolerate pressure and coercion. Are great lovers and lovers of the opposite sex. On their way of life they meet a lot of temptations and often can not resist them. It is useful for such people to restrain their passions, they act destructively, undermining their health. The main problem of these people is negative emotions. They must be kept under strict control.
Tip: Avoid heavy physical activity, limit communication with unpleasant people.

Bathing in the bath

Refrain from the bath. The full moon is not the time for water.


Do not tell anyone about it, then it will come true. 15 is the day of prophetic dreams. They show the most pressing problems, but symbolically, so you have to work hard at deciphering the symbols. The result will be within 30 days. You can even "order" a dream, and spy on the future of any person.

Stones keepers

Agate, emerald, selenite.

Conception of the child

Critical day for conception. Parents should not lie on this day, should be extremely honest. The child, conceived on the 15th lunar day, will fight against evil, love and hatred will own it. Feelings and suffering will overwhelm him, and the support of the earthly and heavenly powers is assured. Do not wait for a child, conceived on this day, an easy fate. It will either be a great scoundrel, or a great teacher. He can reach both transcendental heights, and fall into the deepest abyss.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Warms, increases and thickens the aura. Helps to get rid of feelings of anger and envy, self-pity and fixation on past problems and mistakes. Eliminates astheno-depressive conditions and emotional cold. Fragrance of Cinnamon improves the well-being of a person, tuning to an optimistic mood. Develops optimism, personal integrity, faith in oneself and self-esteem. The fragrance creates a cozy atmosphere of trust and goodwill. It improves memory and increases efficiency.


The extremely unfavorable lunar day is one of those that is called satanic.

Dental treatment

The extremely unfavorable lunar day is one of those that is called satanic.


To conclude a marriage in this lunar period is possible only for mature people, who know exactly what they are on. The fifteenth lunar day is favorable for those who are not the first time to marry or get married, as well as for those "to whom for thirty."

But young couples on the fifteenth lunar day are categorically contraindicated to create a family. For them, such an alliance, as a rule, will end in divorce. Such families can not withstand the rapid and powerful energy of the Moon. Paradoxically, but in order to withstand the power of the moon, you need to be strong yourself.


Favorable day for all types of shopping. But if you feel a little bit that you are trying to cheat, ask for an inflated price or sell a poor-quality product, even if you are impolite talking - immediately refuse to buy. This is a sure sign that the thing you want to buy now will not bring you joy. Wait a couple of days and try again. The fifteenth lunar day is the time to buy unambiguous goods - those that do not cause you a shadow of a doubt either in the product itself, in its price, in quality, or in warranty service.


symbol: jackal
stones: emerald, agate
body part: diaphragm, pancreas

Satan's Day. Day of influence of the Spirit of the flesh of Ahriman.

Rough sexual love spells. Envoltovaniya to love with the suppression of the will.

When guessing, you can ask any questions. From ancient times in all cultures, the fifteenth lunar day - the full moon, was considered the best day for any magical action, any ritual and ceremony. This period was actively used by all sorcerers, witches, healers, black and white magicians. The full moon is the peak of the lunar and, consequently, of the astral energy. For this reason, the connection between the human world and other dimensions is particularly subtle, so that all predictions will be extremely accurate, and you will have additional forces to penetrate the essence of things. The main thing - do not be tempted.

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