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Characteristics of 18th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

The symbol is a monkey, a mirror, an ice, and also a crystal reflecting the purity and scattering of the astral mud. Aspid is one of the vampires.

This is a completely passive day. There may be a fall from the reluctance to fight instincts and seductions. You need to work with stupid thoughts, try to stop being an egoist. It's good to go to the bathhouse that day, get hungry, clean the intestines, skin and massage. It is not recommended to sleep much, drink wine, smoke, eat meat. It is better to eat vegetable oil and nuts. Sign violations of space laws can be skin diseases and the opening of old wounds.

The first half of the day will be different disharmony. There may be aggression and unexpected problems. Difficult business connections, contacts, partners, colleagues and bosses may turn away from you because of your selfishness and vanity. The second half of this day will help to solve the problems with the help of negotiations. Very effective will be diplomatic relations, which will help solve many unsolvable tasks.

Love and relationships. The eighteenth lunar day is not very suitable for dates. They leave a feeling of emptiness and loneliness in the soul. Take this into account, especially if your relationship is in its infancy. Today, you can hear about yourself a lot of new things that you might not like. On this day you with equal probability can experience on yourself as meanness and selfishness, and love and care. If your relationship is already strong, then listen carefully to what a loved one is saying about you. This will help you learn your weaknesses and work on them. Pay attention to casual acquaintances that happened on this day, they can be very promising. On the eighteenth lunar day, we can meet the love we deserve, because the partner will be our mirror image. If you are tight-fisted, then he will be an outspoken miser. If you are extravagant, then it will be a moto and a player. If you are generous and compassionate, then the partner will get you the same. So, if you found a defect in your "half" that day, look for a similar one in yourself and try to get rid of it. Then your partner unexpectedly for you will change for the better.

Housework. You can deal with a variety of household chores and household chores, including those that require considerable workload. Favorable day for collecting seeds.

Business and money. You can solve simple financial issues and better not take any serious steps. Any of your activities will be useless, so postpone all important business until a more appropriate time. Too many unknown parameters, including sudden, unexpected changes. In short, complete unpredictability. The first half of the day is the time of conflicts, mental dissension, sudden situations, unexpected troubles. All the bad things that happen during these hours appear as if by itself, without any particular visible reasons. It is a very difficult time for negotiations - it is difficult to defend your point of view and at the same time it is easy to get under someone else's influence. Plans and projects of the eighteenth lunar day resemble a "flip-flop". On this day, everything can change so quickly that you do not have time to learn about the changes and make erroneous conclusions.

Dreams. Carry our reflection in ourselves. If we compare our image in a dream with the image in life, we can understand how far we are from the realization of what we want. If we dream that we are active, energetic, energetic, etc., and in life, on the contrary, are strongly depressed and passive, so we must seek a balance. Try to be active, energetic in some situations, patience and tranquility in others. If in a dream you are the same as in life, and you do not have the feeling or the desire to change yourself, then in the subconscious there is no contradiction with your ideas about yourself. If the dream indicated an imbalance, a contradiction in the subconscious, then write a dream and during these lunar days, observe what problems the environment will show you, write them down, compare them and start to work. If you prepare in advance, tune into a dream so that he helps you see the contradictions with the subconscious, put your notebook and pen next to bedtime, so that if you wake up, you can write down your dreams. Dreams can also indicate what prevents you from living, there may be clues about how to overcome problems including health. A good dream portends profits and successful acquisitions. Dreams can come true.

Health. Insomnia shows that the body has accumulated a lot of unspent energy, this in turn causes bouts of irritation and even aggression, which in turn leads to insomnia. Sleepwalkers can activate their walking in a dream. It is good practice to cleanse the body and mind on this day, to be able to overcome such seductions as the desire for fame and the manifestation of selfishness. It is also necessary to pay attention to the kidneys, they are weakened on this day, keep to a diet, do not drink a lot of liquid and limit yourself in salty foods. Skin diseases may manifest, it may be a reflection of hidden ulcers in the soul that did not come out.

  • Start 18-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, Reykjavik:
  • 9 january 18:37
  • 7 february 19:40
  • 8 march 20:32
  • 7 april 23:15
  • 7 may 01:06
  • 5 june 14:55
  • 6 july 01:30
  • 3 august 23:16
  • 2 september 20:58
  • 1 october 18:51
  • 31 october 15:39
  • 29 november 15:17
  • 29 december 17:46
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Haircutting will lead to loss of property, theft, your pets may get sick (they feel the dangers threatening you and worry about you). Also, according to Tibetan traditions, this burning day and hair cutting will bring you a serious deterioration in your health.


People born on this day are hardworking and hardworking, stubborn and persistent, patient. They are able to achieve their goals, often achieve an enviable position in society and material well-being. Are able to teach and lead other people. Their advice can be heeded, they are often perceptive. If these people work on themselves, develop, they are given the ability to objectively see the world. They get rid of delusions, realize their own and others' mistakes. If they follow the poor path of development, they distort the notion of the world and people, they become entangled in their illusions, the situation of a crooked mirror arises. The greatest harm is brought by selfishness, as soon as they begin to think only of themselves, they fall into a period of failure. It is important for the companions of these people not to infringe on their sense of freedom. They do not tolerate obligations, but if you give freedom, then you can make him take on those same obligations.
Advice: often go to sea, especially if the moon or the sun is in your watermark (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio).

Bathing in the bath

Good day for a bath. The skin is cleansed well.


A dream on the 18th lunar day can reveal a problem that prevents you from living. If this is related to health, then in a dream will manifest the way to healing, liberation from the disease. The dream will come true, but not immediately. If you own the technique of active actions in dreams, you can solve the problem, find a way out of a difficult situation right in your sleep.

Stones keepers

White agate, kohalong, opal.

Conception of the child

A child, conceived in the 18th lunar day, does not have good health, but in his life wealth and success await him. He is a universal favorite, intelligent and hardworking. The task of parents is to teach them how to spend energy competently and not overestimate their strength, otherwise it can chase the whole life for the impossible, yielding to its illusions.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Ylang Ylang
Aligns the energy shell. Helps in eliminating stasis, feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, astheno-depressive conditions. Displaces from life nervousness, anger and irritability. Provides assistance in dealing with close people. Helps to attract positive energy and love.


Now it is desirable to refrain from marriage and celebrating weddings. This is a period of contemplation and observation, and not active actions, all the more so responsible as creating a family.


In the eighteenth lunar day, you can only buy mirrors and nothing else.


symbol: mirror, monkey
stones: opal, white agate
part of body: right lobe of liver

From this day the works of the waning moon begin. Any damage of destructive nature, rites for the destruction of business, zombies, omorochki, lapels. Excellent damage lies with the use of mirrors and ice cold, because the symbols of this day are a mirror, ice.

When guessing, you can ask questions that concern you only personally. Also now it is good to make protective talismans and amulets used in magic.

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