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Characteristics of 3th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

A symbol is a wild cat, leopard or leopard, preparing to jump. In Zoroastrian tradition, this day is connected with Vertragnaya (or Bahram, as the Persians is called), the angel of righteous battle and victory (in the Orthodox tradition, he corresponds to George the Victorious).

This lunar day is marked by pressure, aggression and active struggle. Passive people on the 3rd lunar day become very vulnerable, as various astral attacks take place on them. People of this kind on this day become suspicious, suspicious, insidious. It is necessary to direct all your astral energy to self-defense. This day is considered the most suitable for martial arts. It's also good to sharpen knives, work with metal, and in antiquity. It is recommended to spend time in the sauna and steam. People, on this lunar day, should also pay special attention to the part of the back of the neck and ears. If oil is spilled on this day, it means leaving your path. The most suitable stones for wearing this lunar day are ruby, jaspilite, aventurine, pyrite.

The first half of this lunar day can bring trouble. The sense of aggression, ambition is aggravated, quarrels between parents and children, spouses, partners are possible. The manifestation of negativity and anger. The second half of the day will be more favorable. Increased efficiency, possible favorable contacts, practical and scientific activity is activated. It is worth paying attention to any suggestions, since they, at this time, will be able to give a positive effect.

Love and relationships. It is worthwhile to show good feelings and not to cling to words. On this day, often pulls to clarify the relationship. Try not to get irritated with your loved ones, and your loved ones, even if they, in your opinion, deserve it a thousand times. Do not start arguments and quarrels, do not say any bad words (and if possible, do not even think badly). Especially it concerns women. Your man can come from work some aggravate the situation. Remember: complaints, swearing, discontent, a man can hear from anyone, and from a woman he loves, he wants affection, tenderness and care. Otherwise, it can not cease to be, or simply not become.

Housework. You can start building a house, it's also good to start building a well and other round structures. As for the cases inside the house, on the third lunar day everything is possible that is connected with a heavy load. Today it is possible to do everything that the first lunar day should have abandoned.

Business and money. It is worth implementing risky projects. "Who does not risk - he does not drink champagne". But, do not make decisions under the influence of fear. "If you do not have a business," he said, "take the time, think it over." You are more likely to win if you say that you are ready to consider the proposal. In the work you need to show determination and persistence, otherwise you risk getting a problem on your head. The third lunar day is literally oversaturated with energy, and in deeds you are really capable of showing the most combat qualities. The only problem is that other people are just as militant. No one is going to give up positions or make concessions. On this day the boss, clients, partners will not be and are in a good mood. It is better to postpone financial matters on the third lunar day. Today, there may be monetary losses, so be careful.

Dreams. The dreams are seen this day. You can understand how your energy flows, or vice versa, is harmoniously redistributed. Dreams on these lunar days rarely come true, they matter in themselves, and your behavior in it is is important. As a rule, these are dreams that check out the inner forces of a person. In life they do not matter, but in your inner world they carry out a certain hardening. Therefore, if there were elements of struggle or overcoming obstacles in the dream, resistance, and you did not fail, then everything is in order with your internal forces. If you woke up feeling depressed, losing, then, mentally, the dream, how do you overcome the obstacle, the resistance, win! The dreams of this day can show what needs to be overcome on the way when it is solved problems where it is necessary to direct energy properly, so that it flows freely, and not flies to the black hole of the subconscious.

Health. Day of injuries, diseases that begin today are usually acute and require immediate action. If in these lunar day soreness is felt in the back of the neck or in the ears - that means the body needs to clean the bones (one of the recipes is this: 1 packet of bay leaf per 1 liter of boiling water boil to a volume of 0.5 cups and take it inside twice a day.

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  • 21 april 05:42
  • 21 may 02:38
  • 20 june 03:10
  • 19 july 05:00
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  • 14 november 01:45
  • 14 december 15:01
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A haircut on the 3rd lunar day will entail considerable material waste and will bring harm to the body.


The great activity of those born this day is their trump card, as in many life situations these people are saved by determination, ability to act actively, the ability to make decisions. Endowed with great willpower, never stop, strive forward, hate passivity. They succeed in occupations that require full energy output, good successes in sports. Inactivity is dangerous for these people, as it leads to stagnation of psychic energy, to anxiety, to depression. To save energy without giving it a way out is the way to sadness, irritability, strained relations with other people, deterioration of health. Expend your forces to the right goals.
Advice: it is worth bearing in mind that people of the 3rd day are dangerous to be angry, the same as to cause their anger. Alcoholic beverages can be consumed only in small quantities. You can not overeat.

Bathing in the bath

The best day for a hot bath (sauna). Do not use ethereal and cosmetic oils.


Dreams of this day do not come true, they are empty and do not mean anything. But, if this night you were to fight with someone in your dream, you'd better be able to defeat him. If you did not do this in a dream, do not worry, waking up, "lose" the desired scenario of your dream.

Stones keepers

Ruby, aventurine, cornelian.

Conception of the child

Conceived on the 3rd lunar day will be characterized by a strong-willed character. Pride, passion, integrity, activity are the main qualities of his nature. Such a person can change a lot around himself. As a child, he can be a tomboy and even a bully, so it's important to channel his energy spilling into a peaceful channel. It is important for him to be disciplined to be able to manage his energy and at the right time to keep his passions under control. In this case, the child will grow up to be a real strategist. He will show true talent when he comes to the use of savvy, but will also be inclined to forceful methods. This is the nature of an outstanding military leader, and if the days of the conception of the great generals were known, then there is no doubt: it would be revealed that each of them was conceived on the 3rd lunar day.

Weather forecast

1. With the new moon and at its end, the weather changes: damp to dry, warm - to frosty, overcast - to clear.
2. If the juvenile (young month) is wind-blown - the whole month will be windy.
3. If the juvenile is washed by rain - the whole month will be rainy.
4. The young month is flat - the whole month it's raining.
5. When the month is born downwards by horns (to the south), then in winter it will be warm, and in summer a hot month; when the horns are upwards, then in winter it is cold, and in summer it is windy.
6. If at the beginning of the month the moon is turned with horns to the sky, and roundness to the ground, then a few days will be sunny and warm weather. She can stand this for a month.
7. When the young month stands on the horn, it is called "flowing" and foreshadows the rainy weather.
8. The young month of the horn is at midnight (up), winter is cold, and in the summer - winds.

Aromatherapy and home scents

It improves the mood, helps to get rid of depression. Increases self-confidence and strengthens energy. Improves concentration and memory. In ancient Greeks, the fragrance of the Lavra was considered to protect from the negative, diseases and evil.


Marriages must be concluded on the third lunar day only by those who want their family life to be filled with adventure, constant travel, travel, unforeseen surprises (though not always positive), and so on. That is, the third lunar day is the day of the conclusion of the conjugal union of those who intend to lead an active life, and not slowly wither away from old age in a nursing home. Those who dream of a calm, measured family life, I this period is better to refrain from the wedding.

It is also very good to celebrate unusual weddings on this day, for example, on the water, high in the mountains and so on. In a word, the third lunar day is the time of extremes.


To make any purchases on the third lunar day is undesirable. But if you still want to do this, then repeatedly check the quality of the purchased product, so that later there would be no problems. An exception to today's rule is the purchase of items such as weapons, cutlery, garden tools and so on, that is, what implies "aggressive" use. Also note that if on the third lunar day, at least the tiniest tense situation arose, then it is better to refuse to purchase at all, since later this thing will not bring you joy, but will cause various problems and disappointments.


characters: leopard, leopard
stones: aventurine, ruby
part of body: occipital part of head

Day of influence of aggressive energies. Sharpening the ritual knife. Sharpening the knife for sacrifices. Spells that have a goal of revenge, not love. Manufacture of amulets and rituals aimed at protection from enemies. In general, any personal protection. Rite to break the will of the enemy ("I light three candles - I break one ...) well falls on this day.

You can not conduct any actions related to prophecy. Now you just have to rest, read the esoteric literature. In a word, to engage in education and preparation for various mystical rituals.

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Excellent site. Can you write , how to do the three candle ritual exactly? Thank you.
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