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Characteristics of 9th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

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Symbol - bat, bat. The first day after the quadrature of the Moon and the Sun. One of the good symbols of this day is the Milky Way. Mother's milk.

This day is considered satanic. He brings with him various illusions, bad signs and deception, which must be analyzed and comprehended. On this lunar day, poisoning can also occur, torment nightmares at night. It is also necessary to be cleansed of astral and physical slags, engage in power exercises and forgive abusers. It is also not very recommended to look in the mirror. Even the bad signs include spilled milk (if the mother has milk on that day, the child may be punished). A good sign in this period will be a cactus that has blossomed.

This is a period of disharmony. And this is due to delusions, deceptions and various complications. You may have the desire to avoid problems and escape responsibility. There may also be a feeling of dissatisfaction with your surroundings. Thus, people spiritual, can get rid of this day and start a new period of spiritual renewal. There is still a risk of conflict with children, relatives and old partners.

Love and relationships. In all respects there can be conflicts. Therefore, if you are on the first date, it is better to postpone it for another day. With a long-standing partner, it's not worth discussing plans for the future and feelings on this day. On dating, which occurs on the ninth lunar day, too, should not pay attention. On this day, there is a great chance of meeting with love - illusion, seduction. This love will bring nothing but wanderings, like in a fog, confusion and constant questions such as "Is it in a dream or in reality?". Do not also marry in this lunar day, as it carries the energy of illusion, deception, and in time each of the spouses will believe that he was deceived. I thought that I married a princess, but there was a frog, or instead of a prince on a white horse. Although, in all the rules there are exceptions and it's up to you to decide what to do in this or that situation. Maybe, of course, it will happen that the spouses get rid of the illusions, "throw out the crooked mirror" and find each other very interesting people. Conception of the child on this day should not be avoided, but it is better not to make love on the ninth lunar day.

Housework. It is important to carry out serious physical activity. Therefore, refuse washing the floors, hand washing and other such tedious procedures. A suitable day of work in the garden and garden, for courtship of plants and animals.

Business and money. Be extremely careful with any contacts: even the right partners can give you unpleasant surprises. Carefully work out all the proposals and your own moves. Be attentive to everything that happens. On the ninth lunar day, the victim of deception and fraud. If it is necessary to conduct financial operations, do not listen to advisers, trust your own intuition. This, at least in the case of an error, will not make you look for a "scapegoat". In general, on this lunar day, you should not touch the money or their carriers at all. Do not take a loan and do not give, do, do, do, do, do, do, and do. On the 9th lunar day it is better to devote to the affairs started long ago and insistently requiring continuation. Everything else can wait. Registered on the ninth lunar day, the firm will get out of one's problem, just to meet the other, and barely make ends. A lunar day is favorable for artists, poets and other people. On this day you can create truly true masterpieces.

Dreams. Can show the inner conflict hidden in the human subconscious, and in his character. They can not be unpleasant and even horrible, but they only need to be resolved. Since the energy of the day is complex, dreams can not be simple, but they should not be frightened, nor should they attach great importance to the images that appeared on that day in a dream. Just analyze the dream, and at the same time extract useful information, or discard and forget the dream with the words: 'Wherever night, there and sleep'. Good dreams can even come true.

Health. On the ninth lunar day, it is very easy to get poisoned, so it's better to fast, to take medicine, it's better to exclude the effect of alcohol and other (especially narcotic) substances. The diseases that begin today can be dangerous, but if you seek help at a time, they are easily and quickly treated. The diseases of the cardiovascular system may become aggravated, neuralgia, radiculitis may be aggravated, neural experiences are more often the cause of them. Diseases are most often associated with the area of ​​the chest and thoracic spine. In the brain, serotonin levels may decrease, so this day is a day of psychosomatic diseases, phobias and suicides.

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Haircut will cause a painful condition.


If you were born on this day, avoid critical situations, learn to bypass the "sharp corners". Most situations, one way or another, a person creates himself. Do not provoke conflicts and do not participate in them. In people on the 9th lunar day, two contradictory qualities coexist: they do not have strong health, but at the same time they often become long-livers. It is necessary to maintain a comfortable state of mind, not to overload it, to develop stress resistance. Those born on the 9th lunar day prefer hidden actions to open combat. It is very important to have a clear spiritual orientation, not to allow the dark side to triumph over one's soul. People of this day have a heavy load on the heart, blood vessels. Alcohol is harmful.
Advice: get rid of negative emotions, try to think positively, spiritual practices are very useful.

Bathing in the bath

Day of evil spirit - beware of the banner! Do not look in the mirror.


On the 9th lunar day, dreams can be heavy, evil, seductive. There is a test of the person: what can he "buy". But these dreams do not need to be afraid. This is a provocation of the dark forces, they need to resist without fear and without emotional overload.

Stones keepers

Black pearl, serpentine, morion, alexandrite.

Conception of the child

This day is considered satanic, it is contraindicated for intimacy and conception. If this day to conceive a child, then he can become a rare villain, a dangerous sorcerer or a black magician. There is another side of the coin: if a child avoids such a fate, then his life will become a terrible torment and trial, evil forces will tempt him so jealously that he either perishes or becomes a saint.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Brightens, levels, strengthens the aura. It cleans well the energy of a person, his soul and thoughts. Very well protects from negative destructive energies. Eliminates insomnia, nighttime fears and unproductive rhythm of sleep. Helps to get out of a state of nervous exhaustion and stress. A powerful antidepressant.


The extremely unfavorable lunar day is one of those that is called satanic.

Dental treatment

The extremely unfavorable lunar day is one of those that is called satanic.


This period is absolutely not meant for a wedding! It is better for all couples not to marry, otherwise you will be disappointed, both in the partner and in general in life. So, if you want to preserve your love, do not associate yourself with conjugal ties on the ninth lunar day.


On the ninth lunar day it is not recommended to make purchases, neither large nor small. This period is intended solely to throw away unnecessary things. If possible, try not to buy food at all, do what you have. Everything that is bought today, carries in itself any danger. It can cause frustration, waste of money, poisoning, and so on, and the like.


character: bat
stones: alexandrite, black pearl
body part: chest

The first satanic lunar day. Guidance and removal of spoiling, female spells and seductions, hard love spells with suppression of will, rituals for ovums, purification of premises. On this day you can not marry.

In this period it is better to refrain from guessing practices. Engage in raising the level of education, which is an indispensable attribute of any professional magician. On these lunar days it is useful to get acquainted with the legacy or biographies of the great purple magicians, prophets and clairvoyants.

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