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Phase first quarter

First quarter

Overall forecast

The first quarter is the period of the lunar month, when we see in the sky exactly half of the growing moon. The first quarter is associated with the element of Water, which gives strength to all living things.

Energy, which began to grow in the first days after the new moon, continues to accumulate. Life forces are approaching their peak. These days you can not be afraid to perform active activities, exercise, yoga, shaping. Favorable time for treatment and cleansing of the body. Young moon favors the strengthening of the body, so it is useful to drink green tea, take vitamins - their beneficial effect on the body these days is increasing.

The first quarter - this is the days when life beats the key. It's time for active work, resolution of many cases and questions that you postponed during the new moon period. These days you can settle quarrels and put up with others - almost always you are waiting for a positive result. At the same time, emotional sensitivity is aggravated. Some people will be keenly interested in new experiences, in others - in communication.

The last days of the first quarter (eleventh and twelfth lunar days) dedicate spirituality and morality. Meditate, help the disadvantaged, businessmen can make a donation to charitable organizations. Thus, purification of karma and preparation of the organism for the critical point of the lunar cycle - the full moon.

  • The phase first quarter in 2023 year, Reykjavik:
  • 1 january 00:00
  • 28 january 15:18
  • 27 february 08:05
  • 29 march 02:32
  • 27 april 21:19
  • 27 may 15:22
  • 26 june 07:49
  • 25 july 22:06
  • 24 august 09:57
  • 22 september 19:31
  • 22 october 03:29
  • 20 november 10:49
  • 19 december 18:39
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When hair is cut to the growing moon, the hair will grow faster than when it decreases.


People born in the first quarter of the moon are active and assertive. They have many abilities, so it's hard to concentrate on one thing. They strive to stand out. First, they face difficulties, since there is no ability to interact harmoniously with other people. Very subjective. In assessing the events that occur, they are not guided by the facts, but by their own feelings. Often fail, because they can not really assess their strength. The most active period of life is after 30 years. A person becomes more realistic, can already decide on his professional direction, and by 40-45 years succeeds.

Gardener - harvesting and storage

All that you want to consume immediately, you can collect with the growing moon, as well as cook jam and make juices.

Collection of herbs

From the second quarter of the lunar cycle and up to the full moon (including it), it is also recommended to harvest branches, shoots, leaves and flowers.

Conception of the child

The child, conceived in the second phase of the Moon, strong, healthy, has a bright healthy emotionality, steady in life, very harmonious.


With the growing Moon, the body accumulates energy, gaining strength, and it is undesirable to waste it at this time, since even a small load can lead to exhaustion. At this time weaker immunity, we are more difficult to bear even minor ailments, wounds bleed more and heal less.

Dental treatment

With the growing Moon, the body accumulates energy, gaining strength, and it is undesirable to waste it at this time, since even a small load can lead to exhaustion. At this time weaker immunity, we are more difficult to bear even minor ailments, wounds bleed more and heal less.


The best period for concluding a family union. The marriages made at this time will be extremely fortunate and happy. Love and interest between spouses will only grow with the years.


The growing Moon is the time to move towards the goal, to achieve plans, to prosperity. She begins to gain her former power, and with her grow magical powers. This is still only echoes of the former power, but they can have the most favorable effect during the rituals of love magic or money magic.

Hair coloring

The paint will be more resistant, will lie flat and color a beautiful tone.

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