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Phase new moon

New moon

Overall forecast

This is the phase of the phase in which the moon is not visible at all in the sky because it is on the same line with the Earth and the Sun. At this time, the moon "shows" us its dark side, which is not illuminated by the Sun. The new moon can affect a person for several days. During this period a person feels depressed, exhausted, often accompanied by headaches. At the same time there is an acceleration of the withdrawal of fluid from the body and accelerated metabolism. At a new moon many people have a mental disorder, phobias and mania are manifested. It is not very desirable at this time to begin to develop something new and to meet with suspicious people.

  • The phase new moon in 2023 year, Reykjavik:
  • 21 january 20:53
  • 20 february 07:05
  • 21 march 17:23
  • 20 april 04:12
  • 19 may 15:53
  • 18 june 04:37
  • 17 july 18:31
  • 16 august 09:38
  • 15 september 01:39
  • 14 october 17:55
  • 13 november 09:27
  • 12 december 23:31
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During the new moon, the human body is prepared for a new update. In this regard, cut hair and nails is not recommended, because it can lead to an imbalance of energy and draw a negative.


New Moon - born in this period of time are considered "young", their inner task is to learn this world, like a child, they should strive to learn new things, take lessons granted by fate.

A person born on such a day can not prove himself, he only gets acquainted with the world around him. The similarity of such people is that they look immersed in themselves, their environment with difficulty understands.

Crisis as a rule occurs already at that moment when they are born. Such children often get sick in childhood, they have problems with digestion and with immunity. In people born on the first lunar day, life forces accumulate throughout life and eventually everything returns to normal.

Gardener - general

The phase of the new moon lasts three days - the day before the new moon date, the new moon itself and the day following it. The moon is not visible in the sky. But its attraction forces are maximal. So, the saturation of the juices, as well as the activity of the biofield in the roots and at the base of the trunks are the best - it is a good time to harvest root crops and seeds. On the days of the new moon, root damage should be avoided (plant, transplant, loosen soil). The upper, aboveground part of the plant freezes, the circulation of juices ceases and growth. Good watering gives the plant new strength.

During this period, the most effective control of weeds and pests. All work with plants should be done the day before the new moon and the day after it. On the day of the new moon, it is better not to touch them.

Acceptable types of work: - pruning plants; - destruction of weeds; - spraying from pests; - removal of diseased and withered branches; - pinched plants; - thinning; - watering in arid weather; - collection of root crops; - collection of seeds; - additional fertilizing, especially foliar.

It is not recommended: - sowing (except for long germinating seeds); - planting, transplanting any plants; - deep loosening in the root zone (to avoid their damage); - Inoculation (poor survival); - copious watering.

Gardener - sowing

New Moon - (12 hours before and 12 - after the moment of New Moon) - the period of rest from landing and harvesting activities. During this period, you can do housework, loosening, pruning. But you can not engage in planting, unless of course you want to limit the growth of this culture.

Collection of herbs

New Moon - it is not recommended to collect all parts of the plant.

Conception of the child

A child conceived in the new moon is very vulnerable, sensitive, little protected from the influences of the world around him, he needs protection, he needs support, he alone can hardly cope with the complexities of life.

Weather forecast

1. What is the weather at the birth of the moon, this will last the whole first half of the month.
2. It may rain or snow on a new moon.
3. If the snow falls on the new moon, it may soon melt.
4. Fate in the new moon - at the end of the month the rain will be like a bucket.

Nutrition and weight loss

In the new moon, you can easily get rid of the harmful substances that have accumulated in the body. If at the time of the new moon for a few hours nothing is eaten, and a lot of drinking, the process will go faster.


In the new moon, the fluid pressure in the body decreases, which hits people suffering from vascular diseases. The body is weakened to the greatest extent, the probability of the disease is large, so any loads are contraindicated.

Dental treatment

In the new moon, the fluid pressure in the body decreases, which hits people suffering from vascular diseases. The body is weakened to the greatest extent, the probability of the disease is large, so any loads are contraindicated.


The New Moon is not a very successful period for the conclusion of a family union, it is better in the growing phase of the Moon (preferably from 1 quarter to full moon, excluding the full moon itself).


The first days of the lunar calendar is called the new moon. At this time, do not practice magic. It is believed that the moon during the new moon has virtually no effect. That is why during this period it is necessary to complete all the old cases and start planning new magical affairs for the next lunar month. You can devote yourself to the development of extrasensory capabilities or the production of talismans and amulets.


In the new moon, epilation and plucking of the eyebrows are recommended - during this period the skin is less sensitive, so that such procedures will not be so painful. Also on the new moon, salt cleansing will be beneficial: dilute 4 tablespoons of sea salt in 1 liter of warm water, soak the cotton shirt, squeeze and put on. Wrap over the towel so that the shirt fits snugly to the body and pass this hour in this form. At this time you will be actively sweating - the pores will open and clean, and the skin will become smooth, elastic, the pimples will disappear. In addition, such salt procedures help to lose weight.

In the new moon, salt baths will also be useful. They stimulate blood circulation, cleanse the skin and help to lose weight. After salt treatments do not forget to wash the salt off the skin under the shower.

Hair coloring

It is better to dye hair on the growing moon.

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