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Moon Aquarius

In the sign of Aquarius

Overall forecast

In the house of Uranus - the god of freedom, foresight, originality and change. On the throne of Neptune - the god of mysticism, mysteries, arts. In the element of Air.

Emotions and behavior. Being the Moon in Aquarius, emotions are changeable, it is difficult to predict. We need more freedom and novelty, especially the restrictions, the severity of work, the daily routine, boring relationships. These days, consciousness is more open to new ideas, originality, however, during this period more nervousness, sudden emotional crises. On the other hand, commonality at the level of ideas, outlook, and friendliness is becoming important. The Moon in Aquarius brings a greater number of coincidences, accidents. If other aspects do not contradict - this is the period of intellectuals, inventors, designers. However, if other aspects are negative, the technique, the various devices are more often out of order, these days there are more explosions, accidents.

Job. This period is favorable to people engaged in public work and all those whose work is related to scientific creativity, the media, telecommunications, long-distance communications. If you want to present or sell an original idea, do it these days. They are more complicated for financiers, artists.

Finances and values. Financial success is determined either by coincidence, or ingenuity, the ability to work in a team, to get the overall benefit. You can successfully sell the information. If there are no obstacles, you can buy a different technique: video or music players, TV, computer, electrical devices, car.

Love. In love these days are more liberated, friendly relations prevail in relations. If on such a day you have a romance, mutual understanding and friendly communication will determine a lot. If there is a feeling of friendly support, a community of interests, this novel can last for a long time, without restrictions of freedom for everyone, either ingeniously or in a friendly way, rather than passionately and zealously. Do not seek to "tie" your partner, that you can spoil everything. The outlook, intuition these days are more profound. If you want to be loved, be sure to be a friend to your chosen one or chosen one and do not be afraid of originality.

Health. Sensitive parts of the body: the nervous system, shins, tendons, veins, eyes. Do not advise them to treat, overload. This period is favorable for the treatment of the heart, chest, back, diaphragm. Dental operations are allowed, removal of tumors. Use the Moon period in Aquarius to prevent flat feet and varicose veins, to massage the ankles, to walk barefoot on an uneven surface. Successful will be the treatment of inflammation and cracks in the skin of the legs. Women-Aries and Pisces today will be able to increase physical activity, and improve health procedures more intensively. Aquarians are allowed to use spicy, spicy seasonings in food. Overwork can adversely affect the health of Gemini - they are advised to take baths for the body with the addition of sea salt, tonic blood circulation. Capricorn and Pisces can start a course of drug treatment or fasting. Aries should not use medications associated with weight changes.

Children. Children want to experience freedom, independence, friendship. Take the child to a circle where he is interested. This is the best time for expressing children's creative thought, novelty. However, if a certain day has unharmonious aspects, the child can become irritable, act in an unexpected way. Your proposed friendship can help him restore balance. Allow the child to satisfy his need for independence, freedom, creativity. These days it will be most difficult to achieve discipline, patience. The best school these days is with friends.

  • Entering the Moon as a sign Aquarius in 2023 year, Reykjavik:
  • 21 january 18:28
  • 18 february 05:34
  • 17 march 14:24
  • 13 april 20:42
  • 11 may 02:05
  • 7 june 08:41
  • 4 july 17:29
  • 1 august 03:57
  • 28 august 14:31
  • 24 september 23:29
  • 22 october 06:06
  • 18 november 11:27
  • 15 december 17:55
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Moon in Aquarius. Very insidious position for a hairstyle. There is a risk of hair loss, baldness and loss of connection with the Cosmos.


A man in whose horoscope the Moon stands in Aquarius is one of the most mobile, active and unstable lunar signs. He is keenly interested in public issues, he himself seeks a wide range of contacts, constantly expands contacts, never gives up the chance to change something around him. New information he absorbs as a sponge. Very often the lunar Aquarius is a "walking encyclopedia", it may seem that he knows everything in the world. At the same time, it is not at all superficial, it is simply that it is sincerely occupied with a variety of things. This man is distinguished by an unprecedented erudition and breadth of views. Often has higher education, sometimes not one, and many diplomas of various courses. Lunar Aquarius in the negative is a marked depressiveness of character. He has a craving for fantastic ideas and projects, which in principle can not be realized. Very often such a person is asocial, at odds with society, he hates "walking around", the desire for independence becomes almost pathological for him. He is very much hampered by the lack of inner harmony, emotional discord, inability to keep himself under control, to plan, wait, really look at things. It is extremely difficult for him to accept the fact that his desires do not coincide with the possibilities, but with dreams with reality. All these factors in time only aggravate his depression. The harmonious character of the lunar Aquarius is the direct opposite of what was depicted. He is a man of abstract thinking. It is believed that the best thinking is logical. But to think abstractly does not mean to fancy fantasies, it only means to operate with images. Simply put, this is creative, imaginative thinking. And it is it that can become the main capital of lunar Aquarius. Moreover, in addition to this quality, he has a remarkable intuition. His forebodings can be trusted. He is a great psychologist, he sees people through and through - their motives and hidden meaning of actions. Likewise, with the circumstances: the lunar Aquarius understands what is often inaccessible to others: the true background of what is happening.

Communication . Lunar Aquarius is open, friendly, philanthropic, whole-heartedly cares for the good of his neighbors. But, unlike the lunar Sagittarius, does not seek to overwhelm people with advice and recommendations. Rather, he will wait for a request for help. Not because he is too proud for the first step, but because he does not want to offend someone else's pride. Having learned that they need it, they will gladly render all possible assistance. Or he will do it secretly: for him it is important not to praise his actions, but their result. From such people are obtained missionaries and great philanthropists.

Lunar Aquarius has many friends, he is very sociable, new people constantly appear in his environment. However, he is selective, does not hold near to those with whom he is bored, from whom he can not learn something new.

Never give up a profitable acquaintance, can easily combine friendly contact and calculation. He is very sensitive to his friends, worries about them, worries when they have trouble. Among his contacts can come across quite unusual. Do not be surprised if it turns out that he is familiar with the mayor of your city or with a beggar at the porch. Moon Aquarius does not like to jerk his tongue in vain, if he goes to talk - then with some purpose or question. He hates to waste energy on gossip, but the master argues. Critican and skeptic, often considers the opinions of others wrong - and his, of course, the only true. It can smash the way of life of another person, but he does not know who he will be tomorrow: today he criticizes for a cigarette and a mug of beer, and tomorrow he already rushes to the gym and turns out to be a non-smoker. But he manages to convince others that he is right, and his advice is a very valuable guide to action. By the way, very often it turns out: lunar Aquarius does not know himself well, but he perfectly understands people. In the end, he's just a nice conversationalist. He knows a lot, he will support any topic, he will appreciate a subtle joke, he does not mind playing a trick on one of his own. He loves surprises, as well as all the unknown. He likes to travel and, of course, often a week before the vacation does not know where he will go. One is indisputable: his own choice will surprise him.

Work . In work, lunar Aquarius is able to achieve success primarily due to its inexhaustible source of new projects and bold ideas. He eternally invents ways to improve - process, production, quality, thinking, speed of work, etc. It's easy to change. In today's business, an outstanding human resource manager is able to get out of it - it's no coincidence that the cadres are now correctly called human resources. Who, if not Lunar Aquarius, interact with such resources? And how to help him in this versatile character, goodwill, numerous talents, a subtle sense of humor, an innovative vein! Whatever it was, in the professional field, where lunar Aquarius is a strong specialist, he almost always acts for sure, is confident in success, and then is effective and rarely mistakes.

Love . With all its merits, Lunar Aquarius is not the most convenient partner for a lasting romantic relationship. He is unstable, requires diversity, unpredictable, unbalanced. You do not always know how he will react to this or that act. Worst of all, as for himself, he is unpredictable.

As in other areas, in personal relationships, Aquarius is not averse to experimenting with their improvement. As a result, it puts experiences on the senses - and thereby undermines them. His sense of freedom is morbidly exaggerated - that's why there are difficulties with getting married. Although he has certain advantages, this is the intuitive sensation of another person, in which he reads, as in an open book.

Gardener - sowing

Aquarius is an infertile sign, suitable for combating weeds, caring for crops and destroying pests, nothing can be planted.

Gardener - watering plants

In these days, moisture can damage the flowers of plants, and they start pests. But if the summer is not arid and rains are frequent enough, do not worry too much about watering, nature will do it yourself.

Collection of herbs

Disease of veins.

Planning a child's sex

The moon is in the male zodiacal sign.

Weather forecast

Day of Light and Air reigns in the world. Earth and plants receive more light, for people these days are also very pleasant. Sometimes, even if the sky is covered with clouds, the driver wants to put on sunglasses. In days of Light and Air, everything very quickly burns out in the sun.

Nutrition and weight loss

When the Moon passes the signs of the elements of Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), the body needs fats. In too large quantities to consume fatty foods even these days is not recommended. It is desirable to give preference to fats of vegetable origin. These days you can afford, of course, and meat, and fatty milk, and cheese, but all this - in moderation.

But practically without measure you can use nuts, vegetable salads with vegetable oil. Nuts and vegetable oil contain the greatest amount of vegetable fats, which in the days of fat will give you all the best that is in them, and will not cause harm.


Well undergo procedures and operations on the heart and blood vessels. It is during the days of Aquarius that heart surgery is particularly successful.
You can not conduct any procedures and operations on the legs, the nervous system, the senses. Today, these bodies are particularly vulnerable.


A good time for marriage.


Favorable for the purchase of electronics, household appliances, gas equipment, electronic equipment, communication equipment, computer equipment, transport, all new, advanced, extraordinary. Successfully pick up books, CDs - the choice will not disappoint later. With the Moon in Aquarius, a good time for gambling. Having participated in a lottery or winning in a draw organized by a trading company, you get a real chance to win in the future. It's good to buy an apartment. The moon takes possession of the independent and easy Uranus. And we have somewhat weakened attention, thoughts are carried away somewhere in the sky-high distances, and logic begins to limp. From smaller acquisitions, avoid buying decorative cosmetics. But you can take time, slowly, choosing tonic and rejuvenating remedies.


Magic rituals associated with science, freedom, creativity, solving problems with friends. Any fortune-teller can be engaged. In any situation, strive to go the right way. This time is also good for establishing friendship, strengthening friendly ties, and also for forming groups that are connected by common interests. At this time, you can develop intuition. If you began to study astrology, when the Moon in Aquarius arrives or is in its full phase, then your zeal will not be wasted.


These days are good for massage of hands and feet, as well as for manicure and pedicure. Look after your legs these days - make soothing baths, use ointments and creams against inflammation and cracks on your feet. The days when the Moon follows the sign of Aquarius are perfect for visiting the dentist, as well as for permanent make-up. In addition, a tangible effect will give moisturizing creams and face and body masks, soothing herbal collections, vitamin masks. At home, you can use oranges, lemons as face masks, provided that you do not have allergies on them. All plastic surgery is best transferred to another time.

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