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Moon Gemini

In the sign of Gemini

Overall forecast

Visiting Mercury - the god of trade and sciences. In the element of Air.

Emotions and behavior. Emotions are fast, easy, changeable, superficial. Most of the attention from material things, body, emotions (as was the case with the Moon in Taurus) moves to words, thoughts, information, communication. These days are intellectuals, journalists. When the Moon in Gemini is the best time to communicate, express your opinion. Much more discussion, phone calls, trips, discussions. On such days it does not sit still. Perfectly digested information, increased understanding, people are easier to adapt to the environment. Good days for those who have a quick tongue, mind, legs, fingers. Take care of your wallet - these days are good for thieves too.

Job. This period is successful for those whose work is related to information, mediation, science. Therefore, more than on other days, employees of radio, television, education, communications, railways, and transport can catch up. Trade, exchange of information and goods is becoming more active. This period is favorable to deal with documents, write letters, manifest in the media, a great time for teachers. Also these are the days of teenagers and youth - mutual understanding between them will be more easily achieved.

Finances and values. You can earn by mediating, trading, selling your knowledge, information. Money, easily arriving, also quickly evaporates. Very good time for writing, negotiating agreements, but do not sign them definitively. Successfully acquire books, printer paper, communications, computers, sound or video equipment, a car. However, during periods of retrograde Mercury, such purchases are not desirable, make sure that on this day there are no serious tense aspects.

Love. Novels on such a day do not begin with a passionate glance, but with a witty word or an impressive promise. However, the relations started at this time are usually devoid of obligations, they are more playful and frivolous. Promises are usually empty, they are inherent in the charm of "air locks." These days it is better to learn than to catch the "blue bird" of loyal love. At best, you can find a partner through the Internet, a dating service, ads. However, representatives of air signs or those who are accustomed to keep this word and know its value, these days will be the right time to express your love: it will be easier to find the right words.

Health. These days people need more fresh air, the lungs become more sensitive, their hands become sensitive. Move more on the street - cycling, tennis, badminton, jogging, aerobics, basketball are great ... This period is not suitable for breathing practices, because you can easily overdo it. However, you can successfully treat the liver, gall bladder, blood system. This period is also favorable for blood transfusion. At this time, operations on the trachea, lungs, bronchi and pleura should be avoided, it is contraindicated to surgically affect the tongue, upper limbs (from the shoulders to the toes), the nervous system. Surgical interventions on blood vessels (except for the full moon period), on pelvic organs, and examination of the liver and intestine are allowed. This period is perfect for aromatherapy, inhalations, visiting Russian baths and saunas. Women of all signs, whose work is associated with a long standing on their feet, and especially Virgins and Pisces, are useful for warm foot baths, contrasting douches of the hip area. Aquarius is advised to limit the load. These days it is desirable to walk and swim. Taurus should not go to the doctor for a prophylactic examination of the gynecological sphere and mammary glands.

Children. Children chat, quarrel, easily succumb to someone else's influence, ask too many questions, can not sit still. To tell them to be silent would have meant fighting with Mercury himself. Answer their questions, help them fill up knowledge about the world around - the mind is especially receptive now. Teach them to foreign languages, offer interesting tasks to develop intelligence. Perfectly fit crossword puzzles, puzzles, tricks, quizzes. Ask to create and tell a fairy tale, a poem. Try to do it yourself. Offer to come up with a novel or an adventure film - children can surprise you. Be sure to encourage and praise them - adults will also need it. The child has to experience the power and beauty of the word, the stories about how the mind can defeat power are useful.

  • Entering the Moon as a sign Gemini in 2023 year, Reykjavik:
  • 3 january 02:44
  • 30 january 08:34
  • 26 february 15:47
  • 26 march 00:41
  • 22 april 10:10
  • 19 may 18:47
  • 16 june 01:45
  • 13 july 07:25
  • 9 august 13:04
  • 5 september 20:06
  • 3 october 05:03
  • 30 october 15:07
  • 27 november 00:39
  • 24 december 08:14
Entering the Moon as a sign Gemini in other years
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The moon in Gemini helps to make air hairstyles, promotes rapid hair growth, but their quality and condition are not affected.


The man with the Moon in Gemini is distinguished by the breadth of the soul and the most numerous shades of emotion. Do not feed his bread - let me talk on any topic, from the latest news release to the philosophical aspects of life. By the way, lunar Gemini is also often interested in philosophy. At the same time they can not be called abstract dreamers. They have an amazing ability to direct any situation in the right direction.

The resourcefulness and ingenuity of this lunar people has no boundaries. In a work that requires non-standard thinking and an original approach, they have no equal. But if the moon Gemini falls into the black band or is depressed, then it shows no less outstanding indecision and timidity. Suddenly, he shows a car of complexes, and others stop trusting him, because he behaves as an absolutely irresponsible person.

It is very difficult if such a load adds stereotyped thinking, superficial thoughts, absent-mindedness, lack of self-control, pessimism, anxiety, spiritual disharmony. All this is a picture of the lunar Gemini in the negative. When everything in his life goes well and his mood is excellent, and in his youth he received a good upbringing, then we see a completely different person. Lunar Gemini in the positive is a brilliant intellectual, an excellent orator and writer. He is able to work equally well with an abstract idea, and with a very specific form - with systems, figures. In a word, the humanities and techies in one person: on the one hand, the writer, on the other - the financier. He can succeed in many areas, because his interests are very diverse, he never concentrates on one thing, he always seeks a new place for applying his talents. And, in addition, it is easy to learn, freely learn the material, strive to improve education. He is able to become a scientific figure.

Aspirations . Whatever Lunar Gemini does, he always works for the future. This applies to careers, to personal life, and to everyday life. He is not interested in a position that for years will leave him in the same status. Oppress relations that do not develop, have no continuation. Annoying nonsense investments like the overhaul of a house, which must soon be demolished. If there is a "smell of fried" somewhere, he is the first to be insured against possible failures. With all his broken character and ability not to clog his head with unnecessary problems, the lunar Gemini always picks up straws "for every fireman."

In all that concerns vision of the future, his intuition works unerringly. He always manages to probe the soil in the right place and find a hidden underground source. But if the lunar twin begins to realize his talent, deceiving others and himself, intuition disappears somewhere. This is his peculiar punishment, because the intuition of the lunar Gemini is based on his responsive character, sincere emotions, truthful relations.

Communication . In communication, the lunar Gemini knows no difficulties, and in emotions - boundaries. He does not hesitate to express his feelings and often makes it stormy. He does not like to find out the relationship, he does not support solving problems by military means, he can not stand abuse. He is understandable, not touchy, easily leaves and makes compromises. Easily adapts to new collectives, easily finds a common language with strangers. The same applies to other cities and countries. Wherever the Lunar Twin traveled, he is everywhere at home, instantly makes friends among the aborigines, with whom he then maintains contact for a long time - rewrites, calls up. During travels he does not grunt like other lunar signs do, and does not compare according to the principle "But they have ... Oh, well, we have something ...". Far countries and foreign nations admire him, he is all interesting, new and informative. If such a person leaves for another city or country, he will be able to find there his happiness.

Love . Lunar Gemini is not constant. Swiftness and impetuosity are its characteristic features. Changes in the life of such a person are guaranteed, he does not face stagnation and monotony. His thoughts skip from one subject to another. He can quit business half way. Can start implementing a plan, not thinking it through. Easily changes work. For him, it will not be a big problem to sever relations with a partner, be it dismissal or divorce.

At the same time, he is not at all emotionally cold: his heart is hot, open, and sensitive nature. It's just that it reacts very quickly to everything new - and its novelty attracts. For the same reason, the lunar Gemini is a kind of Julius Caesar. He will do several things at once: he will prepare a report, think over the next day, figure out the list of invitees for the party, clean potatoes, watch the show and at the same time learn a dozen new Spanish words. If at work lunar twin deals with direct duties and speaks on the phone with a friend - then the second does not hurt the first. Unless you log on to the system. When the Twin Gemini is assigned several tasks, it is easier for him to deal with them than with one. He does not like to waste time like that! And having done everything at once, you can win an extra minute - it will be so good to spend on rest, meeting with friends or reading a new book.

Often the Lunar Twin suffers from a lack of attention - but not to his own person, on the contrary, but from his own inattention to other people or deeds. When his thoughts are scattered, he begins to hurry and fuss and as a result harms the cause. Another danger of the lunar Gemini is lack of control and recklessness. Because of these character traits, he falls into various alterations and scrapes, to get out of which he is helped by all the same properties of his nature. Although there are always enough assistants for such a person. Like friends: they appreciate his talent as a psychologist, resourcefulness and sense of humor. Lunar Gemini is a good storyteller of anecdotes, but even the best parodist. He will not only tell an anecdote about Gorbachev, he will also completely copy the manners and voice of the first president.

Life plan . It is difficult to deceive the lunar Gemini: he sees you through and through, you will not make false sympathy. This is a person who is able to read thoughts. Such talents inform his nature a fair amount of skepticism. This is not the one who is called "the soul unraveled." Regarding his plans and projects, he will remain silent until it does not make sense, because the project is half realized. But if you started a long-term joint venture with him, be prepared for the fact that you have to complete the work yourself. By that time, he will certainly switch to something new.

Gardener - sowing

Gemini is an infertile sign, suitable for combating weeds, caring for crops and destroying pests, nothing can be planted.

Gardener - watering plants

In these days, moisture can damage the flowers of plants, and they start pests. But if the summer is not arid and rains are frequent enough, do not worry too much about watering, nature will do it yourself.

Collection of herbs

Tension of the shoulder girdle and lung disease.

Planning a child's sex

The moon is in the male zodiacal sign.

Weather forecast

Day of Light and Air reigns in the world. Earth and plants receive more light, for people these days are also very pleasant. Sometimes, even if the sky is covered with clouds, the driver wants to put on sunglasses. In days of Light and Air, everything very quickly burns out in the sun.

Nutrition and weight loss

When the Moon passes the signs of the elements of Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), the body needs fats. In too large quantities to consume fatty foods even these days is not recommended. It is desirable to give preference to fats of vegetable origin. These days you can afford, of course, and meat, and fatty milk, and cheese, but all this - in moderation.

But practically without measure you can use nuts, vegetable salads with vegetable oil. Nuts and vegetable oil contain the greatest amount of vegetable fats, which in the days of fat will give you all the best that is in them, and will not cause harm.


The procedures and operations on the liver, operations in the hips, blood purification procedures will go well.
Do not perform any procedures and procedures for the lungs, airways, arms, shoulders. Today, these bodies are particularly vulnerable.


Not the best time for marriage.


You can buy everything that is not designed for a long period of use. It is not good to buy real estate, furniture. Under the Moon in Gemini, it's good to buy books, notebooks and phone books, supplies for office equipment. But, of course, the most crowned gift or just a purchase at this time is the phone. When the Moon is visiting the speech and fussy Mercury, many are more susceptible to any information they hear or see. So, having discovered in oneself the desire to acquire something, you need to immediately ask yourself the question: "Am I that unfortunate victim of advertising?" Precisely do not buy jewelry and accessories - on closer inspection they will not be so effective. It is better to refrain from buying cosmetics - they can cause skin irritation. Do not buy any stationery - all these beautiful daddies, notebooks, pens - hardly you will find them a worthy application and they will be stale with a mute reproach. But at this time you can acquire new shoes, clothes for sports.


Magic rituals for communication, public relations and travel. Magic, aimed at improving communication and intelligence. Time is ideal for improving business ties, improving in the art of communicating with people. At this time, you can successfully understand the quarrels with neighbors, as well as in problems with brothers and sisters.


Twins are in charge of hands - procedures related to hands, nails (for example, to do manicure these days, or to build nails) are not recommended. Also it is undesirable to do a haircut and coloring of hair. The moon in Gemini is perfect for arranging a day off for yourself, for all procedures related to cleaning the body, for face exercises. Favorable will affect the swimming pool, sauna on such days. The most effective will be rejuvenating procedures. Best of all these days are affected by creams from weathering, as well as low-fat creams with a light texture.

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