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Moon Taurus

In the sign of Taurus

Overall forecast

In the house of Venus - the goddess of love, beauty and finances. On the throne of the moon, which is associated with tenderness, motherhood, subconsciousness. In the element of the Earth.

Emotions and behavior. When the moon enters the sign of Taurus, the peaceful, female Yin principle begins to rule. Vanity of Aries, the struggle for power calmed down. Feelings become more natural, deep, real. There is a return to healthy and rational thinking, concreteness, practicality. Haste disappears, people take less risk, caution appears. Less think about leadership, more important are the benefits and pleasures of life, I want love and coziness. This time is more workable, tolerance is greater than ever. These days you can more easily reach a compromise, if it is useful for both parties. However, one must avoid inflexibility. Do not sit in the shadows, do not miss the good opportunities, showing slowness and slowness. Beware of obstinacy and inflexibility of others. Increases the craving for home, for domestic chores. The subconscious seeks to gain support in material and reliable things. People become distrustful of the new, reactions are dominated by inertia and caution. The moon in Taurus loves life, love, beauty and everything that is stable and has great material value.

Job. These days are favorable for long-term work, which will require patience, persistence, practical approach. The moon in Taurus supports many different spheres of activity, but especially the agriculture, art, construction, furniture production. A good time for activities in the field of decoration and decoration of the house, farming, gardening, landscape design, confectionery. It also supports those whose activities are related to women, beauty, comfort, luxury goods, nature and animals. Good time for accountants, bankers. It is possible to sign long-term agreements: the approach to them on both sides will be serious and sustainable. This is a good time to recruit new staff, repair work spaces, establish relationships with colleagues.

Finances and values. These days are particularly suitable for the acquisition of valuables, savings, for valuing luxury goods and real estate. If there are no negative aspects, this time is suitable for buying a house, a piece of land, for luxury goods, clothes, ornaments - they will be valuable, beautiful, useful and durable. Favorable time for investment, investment, rental of property.

Love. Women these days are particularly adorable, like Venus or flowering flowers - do not overload them with work, let them take the initiative. This is the best time for love! Feelings will be deep - entering into the sign of Taurus, the Moon reveals the desire to experience pleasure. The novels that began at this time will be long, full of passion, pleasure and tenderness. Even if they want to interrupt, it may not immediately turn out, because the memories will be too pleasant. These days of tenderness, deep relaxation, are very fertile in all spheres.

Health. Sensitive parts of the body: throat, neck, thyroid, lips. It is desirable not to operate, not to load them. You can successfully treat hemorrhoids, urinary system, male genitalia. Good time for massages, relaxing baths. Probably overeating: and pulls the full netsya, seduce sweets. The weaknesses of this period are laziness, excessive food, greed. Postpone the visit to the dentist! When the Moon is in Taurus, the throat is heavily congested and, in addition, there is a greater sensitivity of the person to food. Therefore, at this time, one should not eat anything. But you can not go hungry either - you should eat good food and follow a diet. At this time, operations and procedures related to the genitals are shown. But it is not recommended to influence the organs of the endocrine system, the glands of internal secretion. The psychoemotional background of this period is unfavorable for Lviv, Scorpio and Aquarius. In the diet of all signs must be present a sufficient number of mineral salts and products of marine origin containing iodine. Non-traditional methods of treatment will be available for female Cancers.

Children. Children these days are calmer, though more stubborn, closed, slow. At this time, you need to show them your love: the need for attachment, tenderness, and security increases. At this time they should accumulate positive sensual experiences: to be loved and to love, to learn to work, to develop practical skills. Do not scold them - you will face stupid persistence. Better stroke, kiss. Offer to paint, fashion something from clay, teach them to sew, bake pancakes, weed the garden, you can plant a tree or flower together, but do not press them. Give them a practical task, reward for it - donate some thing or money, teach them to save. Be together, take the hand - the child is important to feel you physically.

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  • 27 january 23:42
  • 24 february 08:28
  • 23 march 18:41
  • 20 april 04:29
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  • 7 august 06:24
  • 3 september 14:59
  • 1 october 01:17
  • 28 october 11:44
  • 24 november 20:28
  • 22 december 02:49
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The moon in Taurus is considered one of the most favorable times for visiting a hairdresser. Hair grows well, is poured by force, it is less divided after a hairstyle.


The man with the Moon in Taurus is an eternal realist and pragmatist. He does not strive for transcendental distances, life for him is what is happening now and happened before. He pays a lot of attention to the past, because he is conservative, likes to do "as always" and compare with how "it was before". At the same time, he can not be called an inert person. Lunar Taurus is able to be an aesthetic, loves nature, art, especially music and painting, appreciates beauty, he is able to sing, draw, sculpt. These qualities are combined with the desire for comfort, and even in the stubbornness of Taurus and does not know his peers at all. The character of the lunar Taurus is changeable: to change anger to mercy and back he is capable for no apparent reason.

However, this is how he behaves in stressful situations, during the depression, during the black band in life. In a peaceful setting, under favorable circumstances, the lunar Taurus is very calm. At this point he shows the utmost steadfastness, it's hard to get mad. In a word, this is a real treasure trove of contradictions, a man very dependent on the external environment. Lunar Taurus is characterized by a desire for justice, he likes, when everything is "honest", "honest". He believes that everyone should have what they deserve. Often does not doubt that he himself deserved a lot. He seeks financial well-being, he does not waste money, he will invest money rather than spend it. His spending is mostly reasonable, choosing between going to a restaurant and a loan, he will choose in favor of the latter. He does not like giving and borrowing - this violates his desire for stability of the situation. Observant, has an analytical mind, is able to decompose the whole situation "on the shelves." His thoughts and ideas are systematized, the projects are carefully thought out and cautious, there is always a plan "B" ready.

Communication . As a rule, with people Lunar Taurus is polite and diplomatic. Especially with strangers and when the soul does not scratch the cat. This person is attractive to the opposite sex, intelligent, cherishes family ties, takes public problems to heart. Not conflict, but if it gets angry, then the culprit of anger can blame himself. Lunar Taurus is not furious, he will simply consistently surround the enemy, deprive him of the ways to retreat and systematically bring to surrender. If such a siege takes years - Taurus will wait. In personal relationships, the lunar Taurus is generous, romantic and constant. With friends keeps close contact, does not change friends, often keeps them for life. In a romantic relationship, he tries not to take out aggression on his partner. The nature of the latter is easy to control, as is his behavior.

Love . Having made up his mind about something, the lunar Taurus will never change it. And argue with him is useless, but if you agree, he will be very grateful. To the partner, he is faithful. To marriage is serious and responsible, the decision takes a long time, does not rush into the quarry, does not run to marry, without having experienced the feelings. Do not tolerate "kicks", will not forgive, if it will be on the rope to pull to the registration. Achieves reciprocity long and hard, ready to wait for years and turn mountains, until he hears the answer "I love." If he has feelings, then sincere, loyal and deep. A reliable partner for him is very important: next to such a person, he will feel confident.

To feel confidence for the lunar Taurus is one of the most important vital tasks. Insecurity in his own abilities causes him great suffering and is able to become the source of most failures.

Work . To prevent a failure, the lunar Taurus acts for certain, prefers proven paths. He needs to know his talents, find an application for them, be appreciated. Therefore, the work for him must be such that he can achieve a firm position on it and fully realize his needs and skills. Such a person is not at all inclined to adventures in business, to work connected with financial risk and instability. He will prefer to work at an existing enterprise, rather than create a new one. Moreover, this is better suited to his nature, which is sometimes accompanied by attacks of laziness. Initiative lunar Taurus can also manifest, but only when a tangible benefit is projected. Then our hero becomes a real titan. He does not abandon the initiated businesses, he is consistent in projects: he does not start a new one, until the old one is finished. Of course, the work should bring him income: the money lunar Taurus appreciates, and more precisely, cherishes the fact that they give a comfortable and calm environment. He is economical, inclined to collecting and accumulating. He loves his house very much, but the desire to equip the "nest" for the highest class of lunar Taurus often exaggerates: and convenience is more important to him than fashion. The same applies to food - and he is a hunter: it's better simply and tasty than elegant and incomprehensible. In a word, the imagination of Japanese cuisine with tiny portions of cold food is not for him.

Life plan . Actually, the principles of practicality and convenience lunar Taurus adheres to everything. He hates trinkets, useless gifts, high heels in the winter, a white coat in the autumn, lots of furniture in a small room, huge mark-ups in a cafe (he will necessarily calculate the cost price). He highly appreciates the simplicity and simplicity in everything - in art, work, personal life, environment. He follows his appearance, although he is indifferent to fashionable novelties, he does not experience that "such sleeves went out of fashion a month ago". Likes to sleep, relax in a familiar environment for him. Interested in distant countries, but not a great traveler: at home it is more comfortable. Moving is always a stress for him - no matter if he moves to another apartment, emigrates to another country or goes to the country for the summer. He is much better in a familiar environment, and if you want to create comfort and comfort for him, do not rush to clean up his house and take him off on vacation.

Gardener - watering plants

Favorable for watering the signs of the elements of the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) - akin to the element of Water.

Collection of herbs

Pain in the throat and ears.

Planning a child's sex

The moon is in the female zodiacal sign.

Weather forecast

The Cold Day reigns in the world. Although the thermometer shows a high temperature, the earth is cold, sometimes you have goosebumps from a tiny breeze blowing. The sky is covered with clouds. Pay special attention to your health, as these days the danger of colds increases.

Nutrition and weight loss

When the Moon passes the signs of the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), the body needs more salt. Salt these days is almost harmless, so you can forget for a while that it is called a white death. Excess salt is really harmful to health, but in moderation everything is good and everything is useful. Salt, which we use these days, improves blood composition and is not put off where it is not supposed to. However, if you have serious contraindications regarding the use of salt, be careful. If there are no contraindications, then these days you can afford as many salty as you want.

These days you can eat herring, pickles, salt nuts, you can slightly more than usual salt different dishes. Consumption of foods that contain many proteins, fats and carbohydrates, it is better to limit.


The procedures and operations on the genitals and anus will be well conducted.
You can not conduct any procedures and operations on the throat, vocal chords, jaws, teeth, ears, thyroid. Today, these bodies are particularly vulnerable.

Dental treatment

Unfavorable time for any procedures with teeth while passing the moon on the signs of Aries, Taurus and Capricorn, tk. head organs are now particularly vulnerable. At this time is fraught with not only the danger of manipulation, but also the risk of complications.


A good time for marriage, if the moon is in the sign of Taurus. This sign is prone to family life and partnership. In addition, the invited guests will be cozy and comfortable at the holiday.


Buy cosmetics. Clothes bought at the Moon in Taurus, will be long and durable to rush. A great time to buy exquisite items, jewelry. Favorable acquisition of livestock and agricultural products. With the Moon in Taurus, store not only food, but also a variety of things needed in the household - from napkins and soap to spare bulbs. At this time it is best to purchase plants, as well as tools for the garden and the garden. By the way, Taurus is a very suitable sign for the beginning of repairs, especially on the waning moon. A great time for most purchases and generally for business. After all, the Moon is visiting Venus - the patroness of comfort, coziness, good taste and, of course, love. It is difficult to find a more successful moment for buying lingerie - seductive, but at the same time quite comfortable. Perfume, nourishing and moisturizing creams are also better to buy, while the moon is in Taurus. Well, if you want to do something truly heroic, change furniture, buy a new cute sofa or a stylish shelf - for sure they will become the center of your apartment.


The magic of love, real estate and money. Do magic, aimed at improving material prosperity, stability and patience. Time is suitable for love spells. Taurus is one of the signs with which you can get a companion of life or find a sensual love adventure. Also this period is good for improving the surrounding space and finding a new home.


Procedures for the improvement of hair and scalp will bring significant benefits, you can dye your hair, permanently stain eyebrows and eyelashes. Also these days are perfect for liposuction. An excellent result will be given to procedures related to deep nourishment of the skin of the face and body. For a better effect, use face and body scrubs before nourishing masks. Oily nourishing creams also work best on the skin these days.

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