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Chinese New Year 2022

Chinese New Year 2022

Chinese New Year is the most important Chinese holiday. Mark it on the lunar-solar (Chinese) calendar, so their chronology does not coincide with the usual time for us. The duration of the celebration of the Chinese New Year (or the Chinese themselves are called the Lunar New Year) lasts about 15 days. During this time, life in China becomes non-working, the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire take a rest, celebrate the holiday with the family. Just at this time, the Chinese are visiting their relatives and friends. They shop, watch traditional Chinese shows, fireworks and plan for the next year.

Unlike the New Year, which begins on January 1 every year, the Chinese New Year date changes yearly and it depends on the Moon cycle. In 2022 year in China celebrate 4720 year Tiger, which begins 01-02-2022 06:45 tu and lasting up to 21-01-2023 21:53 sa, then to him in 2023 will come the year Rabbit. City Budapest.

Traditional Chinese New Year is confined to the winter new moon after the complete lunar cycle, which took place after the winter solstice (that is, on the second new moon after December 21). In the Gregorian calendar this corresponds to one of the days between January 21 and February 21.

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