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Lunar calendar at august 2019 year

Before you lunar calendar at august 2019 year. To view a description of the events of a certain day, go to the selected date. The lunar calendar will help you navigate in the energy of the day and plan in the most favorable cases in a timely manner. Knowing the phase of the moon, the lunar day and its location in the zodiacal constellation, it is much easier to succeed in your activities.

Transitions of lunar days, phases, signs, eclipses for a month, city Budapest
Day augustLunar dayThe beginning of the lunar day Phase of the MoonMoon
in a sign
1 th 29continuesWaning crescent 🌘 continues♌ Leo continues
105:11New moon 🌑
from 05:11
2 fr 306:42♍ Virgo
from 15:20
3 sa 408:03
4 su 509:23Waxing crescent 🌒
from 10:06
♎ Libra
from 15:29
5 mo 610:41
6 tu 711:57♏ Scorpio
from 17:31
7 we 813:11First quarter 🌓
from 19:30
8 th 914:23♐ Sagittarius
from 22:34
9 fr 1015:32
10 sa 1116:37
11 su 1217:35Waxing gibbous 🌔
from 13:38
♑ Capricorn
from 06:50
12 mo 1318:26
13 tu 1419:10♒ Aquarius
from 17:35
14 we 1519:46
15 th 1620:17Full moon 🌕
from 14:29
16 fr 1720:43♓ Pisces
from 05:49
17 sa 1821:06
18 su 1921:28♈ Aries
from 18:32
19 mo 2021:48Waning gibbous 🌖
from 17:27
20 tu 2122:09
21 we 2222:32♉ Taurus
from 06:36
22 th 2322:58
23 fr 2423:28Last quarter 🌗
from 16:56
♊ Gemini
from 16:33
24 sa
25 su 2500:04♋ Cancer
from 23:05
26 mo 2600:50
27 tu 2701:47Waning crescent 🌘
from 07:05
28 we 2802:55♌ Leo
from 01:53
29 th 2904:11
30 fr 3005:33♍ Virgo
from 01:57
112:37New moon 🌑
from 12:37
31 sa 206:55
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