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Characteristics of 1th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

The symbol is the "third eye". A candle, a lamp, a lamp, a light, a lamp, but it can also be the altar of Hecate. Athena-Pallada, coming out in full armor from the head of Zeus.

On such a day it is not recommended to engage in any group work. It would be good to go back to the beginning, to remember childhood, to reflect on one's actions. You can also devote time to reading historical literature. We can say that this is a day of creative endeavors. It is advised not to take up new business on the first day of the moon, but at the same time to plan them is allowed and even very welcome. From the medical point of view, this is the day that has to be treated with alcohol. Physiologically, there is a dense knocking down of the organs.

To increase the effect of individual work, you need to contact with nature, advice from friends or relatives, you can refer to books. In this period, any overloads, grandiose plans or risky activities are also dangerous. The implementation of such plans will be in jeopardy. There is a high probability of exacerbations of chronic diseases. On the 1st lunar day, deceptions, wrong actions, indulgence to someone, have an extremely negative impact on your creative plans, business development.

Love and relationships. The best solitude, so that personal life can only be planned and "magnetized", including during meditation. What prevents you from imagining yourself in a wedding dress, next to a happy choice? Is that poverty is fantasy. If you have a date for the first lunar day, then spend it alone, refuse to visit the noisy crowded places. If this is the first date, it's better to arrange it in a quiet cute café. If you are already together, spend this time so that you do not look unnecessary eyes.

Housework. Suitable except for small household chores. But big things, washing, cleaning, washing windows and floors should be moved to another time. It is worth noting that the first lunar day is very favorable for creativity. Take care of embroidery, knitting, drawing and other things that you like.

Business and money. Delays in cash receipts. It is better not to solve financial issues. You can not sign documents, exchange currency. It is unfavorable to repay debts. Then the whole month you will pay, but not receive. But it is also not worth borrowing on the first lunar day. Symbolically, your debts will grow with the moon, and then you will have to get out of the loans throughout the lunar month. On the lunar day it is recommended to postpone the adoption of serious decisions. In addition, this day is not the most suitable for solving business issues and negotiating. It is difficult to reach an agreement, discussing important points. It is not recommended to register an enterprise or to start on business. It is not necessary to sign contracts, but it is quite possible to sign.

Dreams. If your sleep cycle falls on the 1st lunar day, then before you go to bed, you can set yourself up for the next lunar month to fulfill your wildest dreams and desires, but they must be creative, otherwise you will harm yourself. At this time, dreams may occur that will show you what will happen next month, but this dreams will not dissipate by itself. As a rule, in the first lunar day from the new moon, it is rare to withdraw heavy dreams. If you dream something good - it's for joy. If you are in the dream, what you want, do not forget to make it into your plan for the lunar month, which must necessarily be made in the first lunar days. Some dreams can be fulfilled.

Health. The day is connected to the head, to the brain, to the face. Therefore, do not overwork today, strain. Do not drink alcohol, hot and bitter and very hot food. Started on these lunar day diseases, usually long, but with full recovery. Stony diseases, as well as those associated with obstruction of vessels, are aggravated. Claustrophobia can worsen. There may be signs of atherosclerosis, cancer. Not the best time for brain surgery, manipulation and procedures on the face area. Also, the energy of this day does not correspond to acupuncture and manual therapy.

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  • 13 december 00:31
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A haircut on the first lunar day will be marked by a reduction in the life potential and life expectancy of a person.


On this day, emotional people are born who have great inner energy, and therefore long-livers. Fantasies of these people are able to come true. Creative activities are successful and bring pleasure.
People of the first day can not make hasty decisions, as they can bring unexpected fruit and cause problems. In the life of the people of this day there can be many unforeseen situations, but to catch them unawares is difficult. They have developed intelligence, they are difficult to deceive, but in business matters everything is not so easy. They study easily, are organized, they understand people well. In general, life will be long and successful. For good health, you need to give up alcohol and smoking, with exercise you need to be careful.
Advice: to find the possibility of energy work on the 1st lunar day: for such people, the desires are a special power. These people have a very strong connection with the Moon.

Bathing in the bath

On this day you need to concentrate on yourself, avoid communication and dating, take a bath alone. Masks for the face are good.


Usually dreams are pleasant and not heavy dreams. If you dream something good - it's for joy, if bad - do not pay attention, it will easily go away if you do not concentrate too much on your dream, but easily let it go.

Stones keepers

Diamond, rhinestone, quartz.

Conception of the child

Initiated on the 1st lunar day, he will be born under the protection of higher powers. They will not allow a person to retreat in the face of obstacles that are encountered in the way of everyone. In his life, a great variety of events will happen. The life of such a person is bright, unpredictable, saturated. He will live a long time. On his way he will be helped by a strong-willed character and, to an even greater extent, by spiritual strength. The first lunar day is the best for conception, if you want your child to become a priest, a spiritual teacher.

Weather forecast

With the new Moon and its outcome, the weather changes: raw on dry, warm - on frosty, overcast - on clear.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Mirra warms, eliminates the confusion of thoughts and confusion of feelings. Clears the aura, stimulates energy growth, enhances vital energy. The fragrance of Mirra sates with love, opens the heart for love, filling it with the pure energies of the Universe. Helps a person understand the actions of others, accept and forgive, teaches wisdom and prudence. Helps to get rid of egocentrism and dependence. Increases self-esteem. Mirra helps to build a bridge between "heavenly" and "earthly" in man.


Since the first lunar day - the time of planning, in this period it is best to refrain from marriage. The most reasonable thing is to once again well weigh the pros and cons of such an important and responsible event and think whether your marriage is a whim, do you really love each other.

This lunar day gives lovers another chance to figure out how they fit together in terms of cohabitation. Family life - not only flowers and gentle cooing, but also severe family everyday life. The moon suggests trying to plan the future life, how to estimate, imagine a typical day in the family, when all the courtship and all the "honey" delights will be over. What will be the day of the spouses? What will they live? What will they have in common?

Detailed planning of further marital life will help to avoid unexpected disappointments, which, as everyone knows, lead to divorce. And, on the contrary, the more you plan your life together, the more reliable and stable your ship will be in the ocean of everyday life.

To those who have already applied to the registry office, the first lunar day is ideal for planning the wedding celebration itself, deciding where it will take place, how many guests there will be, how much money to put aside, and so on and so forth.


In the first lunar day should refrain from any purchases, both large and small. Especially it should be emphasized - do not make out a loan in this period, as this can entail serious problems. Even if you now seem that you are completely creditworthy and no material problems are foreseen in the foreseeable future, all the same, do not do it. It is better to do this one day later, but be sure that nothing unforeseen will happen.


symbols: "third eye", lamp
stones: quartz, rhinestone, diamond
part of body: frontal part of head

Rituals that are prescribed to do on the new moon. Some spells, which only do in the new moon (there are some). Rites for the opening of roads, both life and ordinary. Mental modeling of the desired situation: who has a good visualization, has the opportunity on this day to build a phantom of his desire. This phantom then lives an independent life and draws to you the right events that will help your desire to materialize in the physical plane.

On this lunar day it is impossible to make sacrifices and conduct any practical operations within the framework of magic. Exceptions are only those actions that are aimed at internal self-improvement, that is, exercises for the development of extrasensory abilities. This lunar day is also good for thinking through all the magical operations that you are going to perform in this lunar month. Also now you can start making amulets and talismans that protect you during the summoning of spirits in order to learn from them the upcoming events.

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Excellent site. Can you write , how to do the three candle ritual exactly? Thank you.
I'm just posting this on this lunar day because I was doing research. But this is a fantastic site. I've been studying astrology for 8+ years, and the information here is very useful. I am a day trader and have been implementing lunar days in my strategies and it is very beneficial! Thank you for this.
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Great page and website overall. Thanks for creating this. Please keep it up. The moon
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bless you all on this wonderful 3rd lunar day
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