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Characteristics of 16th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

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The symbol is a butterfly, a dove, a ladder leading to the sky. Psyche (personification of the human soul in Ancient Greece, usually depicted as a butterfly or a young girl with butterfly wings), a butterfly, a dove.

This is one of the few pure days. During this day, there is harmony, justice, balance. On these days it is necessary to know the measure in everything, to maintain inner comfort. It is impossible to show envy, anger, unceremonious behavior and cries are forbidden. Sexual relations on this day are also contraindicated. It is not desirable to eat mushrooms and animal food. No need to kill birds. If you find mud on your clothes, it means that you are spiritually impure.

In general, this day enhances the aura of each person. Such a lunar day can be considered favorable, especially for creative and spiritual people. They can realize many of their plans in life and at the highest level show skills and talents. And weak-willed and uninitiated people, cosmic influences can push for renewal.

Love and relationships. This day is fundamentally different from the previous one. The meetings are quiet, peaceful and harmonious today. A great time for romantic dates. Spend time in silence. Do not think about clarification of relations for today, do not argue: it will only make you worse. The sixteenth lunar day is the day of platonic, heavenly, spiritual love. The day when you are happy, even if your love is unrequited. If you believe that marriages are in heaven, then you know that this is true first of all with respect to the sixteenth lunar day. And it does not apply to all marriages, but only to spiritual ones, when spouses are kindred spirits, for whom physical passion and attraction are secondary, and household issues will never become the subject of controversy and quarrels. The marriage, concluded on the 16th lunar day, based on spiritual intimacy, will never fall apart. Ideal option - wedding in the church. Sexual contacts on this day should be excluded (even with the spouse) if their goal is not to conceive a child. But for the conception of the child this is the best day.

Housework. The sixteenth lunar day is remarkably suitable for domestic affairs, both small and global. Favorable for purchases and for the sale of property, including real estate.

Business and money. The sixteenth lunar day is a rest time. It is better to postpone serious cases. Discuss current affairs. On this day, it is not necessary to deal with money transactions, especially those related to the signing of securities. There is one specialty of the day: it is favorable for all those involved in trade (especially food products). A wonderful day for those whose work is creativity, especially music and poetry. The best day for brainstorming. The day when creative ideas are born in our heads, one by one, just have time to write down. If there is some stagnation or crisis in your business, devote a 16 lunar day to reflections, and you will surely come up with some very good and very simple solution.

Dreams. Dreams that usually help to relieve internal tension, or indicate that you are very tense, usually if you manage to determine the extent of your tension with sleep, then in your life, look for ways to relax more. For example, for relaxation, may come: shavasana, relaxing oil massage, or bath. The dreams that you saw may be different and good and chaotic, do not try to interpret them, the main task of this dream is to cleanse you up cleaned from negativity. Sleep can even help get rid of the ailment. He can help to find balance in life and calm. Sleep can occur within 24 hours, carry recovery to a sick person, and help a healthy person to get rid of inner tension. In them, there may be information for further spiritual development. Communication with your Guardian. If you correctly use the energy of this day and prepare in advance, observing during the 16-lunar days.

Health. Particularly showing physical exercises or cleaning procedures. But the sense of loneliness, discontent with the world can become aggravated. Blood Update Day. Diseases of the blood on this day - a sign of spiritual impurity. If on that day the dirt sticks to the clothes.

  • Start 16-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, Budapest:
  • 7 january 16:19
  • 5 february 16:21
  • 7 march 17:34
  • 5 april 18:38
  • 5 may 20:01
  • 3 june 20:18
  • 3 july 21:29
  • 1 august 20:46
  • 31 august 20:01
  • 29 september 18:40
  • 29 october 16:43
  • 28 november 16:21
  • 27 december 16:00
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Shortening of hair in the 16th lunar day will cause misfortunes, fatal mistakes and bad habits.


Born in the 16th l. have a high spiritual level, are endowed with optimism and love of life. These qualities help to find a way out of any difficulties.
These people are peaceful, modest and benevolent, they do not condemn anyone, they are not envious and easily forgive insults. They are good lawyers psychologists, doctors, priests. They try to live in harmony with themselves and with the world, they have a well-developed imagination. They can correct the past and correct the future. But if they do not develop spiritually, they have a sense of limitation, and all life goes on in the fight against illusions. They have many friends.
Tip: sports and outdoor recreation are good for you. Limit the use of alcoholic beverages.

Bathing in the bath

Neutral day.


If during the 16th lunar day to remain calm, to be in balance, not to deal with anyone with anyone, and not to behave defiantly, then at night a healing dream can come, which will help to get rid of the disease or overcome malaise, relieve stress.

Stones keepers

Pearls, tourmaline, emerald, obsidian.

Conception of the child

The person conceived on the 16th lunar day is a man with a kind and gentle disposition. Very fond of nature, plants, animals. They do not remain in the company of the last roles. The people around them are eager for moral support, they are able to comfort in need, help in critical situations. Enchanted on this day, people can have the gift of healing. In life, they are guided by the desire for a moral ideal and moral purity. They are characterized by peace of mind. Although the cycle of events and not like these people, they will travel a lot, and their lives will be full of various events and changes, will never be static and monotonous. To the fate of the person conceived on this day, was successful, on the day of conception, parents should be restrained in language, not to pronounce rash and abusive words.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Freshens, balances, improves mood. Helps to more objectively perceive the events of life. Increases the psychology of communication, helping to achieve great success in dealing with people.


The beginning of a new and auspicious lunar day.

Dental treatment

The beginning of a new and auspicious lunar day.


On these lunar days it is not recommended to marry and conduct weddings. But it's a good day to start a honeymoon, and to make an offer to get married, and also to plan future family relationships.


An unfavorable day for all purchases. Now it's good to just look at the product, ask about it from experts and experts, read advertising brochures, browse the forums on the Internet, and if possible, take the goods for a trial period to independently form an opinion on it. But that's not worth paying for the goods and actually making a deal or making a purchase. Because of the energy recession, you probably will not notice something important, and then you will very much regret your reckless step.


symbol: lotus
stones: lapis lazuli, mother of pearl
part of body: heart

All the practices of the full moon, any privoroty, rituals for wealth and luck. The best day for magical initiations. Very favorable for marriage.

When guessing, ask questions about promotion, career, politics. This is also the best time for putting in order the magic tools, cleaning them with water, fire and smoke of incense.

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