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Characteristics of 19th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

The symbol is a spider, a net, a gold spider, a spider "Rahna".

This is a very dangerous and difficult day. There is a danger of poisoning, actions of black magic, spiritual dope. New plans and ideas may prove to be the Devil's Trap. On this day, there must be a moral cleansing, deliverance from pride and lies, and illusions, as well as other people's thoughts. It is on this lunar day it will be useful to get around the whole house with candles, sit by the fire. To reduce the negative of this hard day can be strong moral qualities, modesty and selflessness.

In the first half of the day, with patience and diligence, you can get the patronage of bosses, injecting money into their business money from richer partners. On this day, you also need to decide on raising the salary, trying to improve your financial situation with the help of partners. Increased charm, onslaught, sexual potential. But in the second half of the day you do not need to exert so much pressure and excessive activity. Cunning and insidiousness, negative energy can cause you illness or serious problems.

Love and relationships. Refers to the difficult days of the month. Unsuitable time for visits: you can inadvertently offend each other and seriously quarrel. This is a time of deceit and illusion. It is very easy to make a mistake in something, to deceive someone. In no case can not find out the relationship: you do not understand the problem, but only further confuse it. 19 lunar day - absolutely inappropriate day for new acquaintances, intimate relationships and, moreover, for marriage. The marriage that is concluded on this day often consists of the fact that one of the spouses falls into complete dependence on the other and lives with the feeling of being imprisoned. As a result of this, a complete dissatisfaction with family life, marriage turns into a battlefield, and not at all into a family home that can save from all ills and misfortunes.

Housework. Today it is better to work not on the site, but in the house. The day is critical, difficult, but it is not worth it because of this refuse to work under the house, especially since on the nineteenth lunar day you can significantly improve your welfare through general cleaning. Remove all hard-to-reach places, update the energy. Walk around the house with a lighted candle and mentally burn all the negative. But, be careful when working with fire, sharp and heavy objects.

Business and money. To work a neutral day. Discuss current affairs, postpone negotiations on various innovations. Proposals do not accept. Today, do not act rashly in any case. You can not deal with serious monetary issues, there is a risk of becoming a victim of fraud and fraud. Be very careful with the proposals on the nineteenth lunar day. Thoroughly analyze them, not forgetting for a moment that "free cheese is only in a mousetrap," and do not respond with instant consent to conditions that seemed profitable to you. On this day you see only the tip of the iceberg. Try to consider also its hidden, underwater part - before you make a decision. If you are looking for support, sponsorship of your business, then for the first half of the day will be favorable. In addition, the first half of the lunar day is favorable for solving career issues and increasing wages. Do not return this day debts, if you do not want to soon climb into the new. For creative projects, and generally for creativity - a wonderful day.

Dreams. A difficult day, and dreams can also be unpleasant. Therefore, if you have a bad dream, read a prayer after sleep, for example 'Our Father' or say 'Where the night goes there and sleep', and imagine how the dream dissipates. On this day it is better not to try to interpret the dream yourself, it's better to turn to professionals, since the dream carries not a literal meaning, but hides the psychological problems of the subconscious.

Health. Critical for patients with mental problems. If this day the disease has begun, then it usually runs lethargically and for a long time. It's easy to get poisoned. Vulnerable organs are the area of ​​the appendix and the sigmoid colon. Insect bites can be dangerous. There are good foods that have a round shape, the food should be vegetarian and preferably without bread and milk.

  • Start 19-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, Budapest:
  • 10 january 19:38
  • 8 february 19:43
  • 10 march 21:01
  • 8 april 22:19
  • 8 may 23:55
  • 6 june 23:40
  • 6 july 23:16
  • 4 august 21:59
  • 3 september 20:57
  • 2 october 19:44
  • 1 november 18:32
  • 1 december 19:22
  • 30 december 19:25
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If you cut your hair today, then there is a chance to extend your life for a few more years.


People born on the 19th (critical) lunar day have in front of themselves two fundamentally different paths. These are the ways of Good and Evil. The chances are equal. Which way to go is the choice of the person. But the influence is also exercised by upbringing, society, and events. Usually these people are keenly aware of the environment and can choose their friends themselves. On the path of life there are many temptations, problems. But the forces given at birth are able to help in any matter. Initially they are endowed with an acute mind. They are not evil, they are not deceitful. They can be the rulers of fate. The main danger for people on the 19th lunar day is irritation, apathy, negative emotions.
Tip: keep emotions under control. Give up alcohol, so you will attract bright people into your life and get rid of the dark spots of your personality.

Bathing in the bath

Neutral day.


In 19 lunar day, the world is ruled by a heavy, unfavorable energy for man. Dreams can be frightening, but they are empty, do not come true.

Stones keepers

Olivine-chrysolite, green garnet, onyx, agate.

Conception of the child

Conjured in this dangerous 19th lunar day can give a person incredible power, magnetic attraction. Sometimes it seems that the blows of fate do not do him any harm, and the events that inflict heavy wounds on any other do not leave even scratches in his soul. Such a person will never deserve offensive words against himself, too much power in him - one that is feared by enemies and friends. This person may have some degree of demonic charm. He attracts people, although they often do not understand, because: sensitivity and good nature are not in his nature. Nevertheless, in accordance with the symbol of his day, he will be able to lure anyone into his networks. If it's a man, it's fatal, if a woman is a type of the famous Milady. Started on the 19th lunar day, a person will show a penchant for risky businesses, he will not save before the danger, he will not be afraid of difficulties, he will go ahead, his motto will be: "The best attack is an attack." In work and everyday affairs, he will show diligence, diligence, the ability to weave intrigues, seclusion, sometimes pessimism and the desire for seclusion, the hermit's way of life. Depending on education, a person of this day can become either a liar or a very honest and conscientious person. For him it is important not to lose even without that little emotionality, so as not to awaken the cruelty of nature. It is important not to be proud of your successes, because pride is destructive to his soul.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Restores the shape and brightness of the aura. Eliminates the defects of the energy field. Helps to quickly restore strength after illness or fatigue. Increases the productivity of sleep and relaxation. Activates physical and mental activity. Increases reaction speed, concentration of attention and mental productivity. Promotes an optimistic attitude, helping to get rid of negative thoughts.


The symbol of the 19th lunar day is a spider. This lunar day is considered one of the most dangerous days for man, satanic.

Dental treatment

The symbol of the 19th lunar day is a spider. This lunar day is considered one of the most dangerous days for man, satanic.


To create a family or celebrate a wedding during this period is strongly discouraged. Nothing good from this event will not work. It is believed that a man who marries this day, takes his wife only the dark side of his bride and vice versa. According to other beliefs, on the nineteenth lunar day families are created only by couples in which one of the partners is actually a sukubus or an incubus. For this reason, all astrologers advise to postpone the wedding for several days.


This period is very favorable for the purchase of animals. Acquire all other goods on the nineteenth lunar day is not recommended, and first of all it concerns food. Now you run the risk of buying something substandard, some product that can cause serious food poisoning.


symbol: spider
stones: chrysolite, green garnet, olivine
part of the body: navel

Satan's Day. It carries in itself the suppressive energies of Saturn. Rites to close roads, life and routine, zombies, suppression of will, omorochki, any damage, where you want to tie knots and tie with strings or ropes. On this day you can not give and borrow money. You can not marry.

From divination, as well as from the interpretation of prophecy, it is better to abstain.

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