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Characteristics of 4th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

A symbol is a tree, a tree of knowledge, a choice between good and evil. The taste of his fetus, as is known, leads to the fall. According to Albert the Great, this day refers to the fall of man.

It is marked to make a choice between good and evil deeds. Unfortunately, such a day is the first among the unfavorable. But at the same time he is endowed with a dual characteristic, he is both a positive and negative day. At this time, do not take quick decisions, it's better to think about ten times, and then make a decision. Not recommended teamwork, you can not cut trees, tear flowers. It is advised to walk more in the forest on such a day, you can spin, disband the thread. It is said that people who were born on this lunar day have some kind of cosmic mystery, but they must know it themselves. Recommended stones on this day: amazonite, green jade, sardonyx.

Favorable is the first half of the day. You will find peace of mind, and the ability to communicate will increase. Also this day will positively affect the trade, the chances of successfully carrying out risky activities. But the second half of the day, may begin to slow down the positive trends, but if you have enough diplomacy, you will be able to avoid the machinations and conflicts of rivals.

Love and relationships. The fourth lunar day is not the best of days for private life, but on this day it can be analyzed. If you work, it is difficult, and you are constantly experiencing the burden of the accumulated problems, you can visit a psychologist, psychoanalyst, psychotherapist. Of course, no one will solve our problems for us, but experts will help to understand the causes of the turmoil, and awareness is already 90% of their solution. Also, the fourth lunar day is absolutely not suitable for a romantic date, especially if you place great hopes on him. The fact is that on this day people tend to apathy. Therefore, the inattention of a person to your person can cause you irritation and resentment.

Housework. All kinds of work with wood will be very successful. And, it does not matter what you do with it, wash the parquet floor, plan, saw, burn, cut or paint the wooden fence. In general, the fourth lunar day is an ideal time for solving all domestic issues.

Business and money. It is better not to start new cases. Today, it is still possible to correct the mistakes made, the universe provides clues and an opportunity to adjust the cases. Financial receipts on the 4th lunar day are the most often delayed or the amount may be what you expected.

Dreams. Especially colored, can be fulfilled. If on the night before this day you dreamed that something is tangled, for example, threads or hair, or the intertwining of roads, it seems incomprehensible and confusing to you, then it is advisable to analyze what you are planning, or to completely abandon plans, or rethink, re-plan. In the dreams of these lunar days. This is an indication: you need to analyze what problems you inherited from them, and begin their solution. If you have a dream, it's a warning. The images that are in your dreams on this day can be the areas of the "fall" where you can pierce, but mean your inner world, or in other words your spiritual component. It's easier to say that at the given time, a large part of your energy has accumulated. If you are aware of this, take it as a reference to action.

Health. Diseases that begin on these lunar days are usually severe. Vulnerable today cervical spine, Adam's apple, larynx. These areas are surrogies and massages. It is good today to prepare and treat with infusions, broths and other herbal remedies.

  • Start 4-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, Budapest:
  • 24 january 09:15
  • 23 february 08:14
  • 24 march 06:53
  • 23 april 07:12
  • 22 may 06:30
  • 21 june 07:21
  • 20 july 07:25
  • 19 august 08:35
  • 17 september 08:40
  • 17 october 10:05
  • 16 november 10:32
  • 15 december 10:10
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On the 4th lunar day, it is better not to change anything in your life, especially the length of the hair, as this will be followed by an anxious condition, an unreasonable longing and a fear of everything, and also the appearance of sore throats or diseases of the oral cavity.


In people born on this day, there is some mystery, there are many rumors about them, not everyone is given to understand them. The main danger of the people of this day is the power of melancholy, a little apathy. They often go deeper into self-examination and sad memories. These people know a lot about the world and constantly replenish their knowledge. Under the hour they do not know how deep their knowledge of the hidden. Often they are drawn to reveal secrets. Starting a business, they can return to the starting point, and this is their main problem. They need to move on.
It is very important not to lose contact with their parents and ancestors. Alcohol is harmful, for that herbal infusions and teas are useful. Rest is important quiet, in silence, alone with yourself.
Tip: It is important to control every word you speak, because it can quickly come true. You can not wish evil for yourself, as if you wish to be fulfilled, nor to other people, because you will have to pay brutally for a senseless expenditure of energy.

Bathing in the bath

Steam is not recommended, brooms are ineffective. It is better to be limited to bathing.


Dreams are warnings, especially if you see a danger in a dream. Very often it is on these lunar day that the parents and instructions for karmic problems are dreaming. Such dreams must be analyzed and solutions should be sought.

Stones keepers

Green jade, sardonyx, agate overflow.

Conception of the child

Conceived on the 4th lunar day is one of the most special and difficult days for conception. Mystical day. There is an opinion that if you conceive a child on this day, then with it, one of your ancestors returns to your family. However, this opinion is not an axiom, you can agree with it or not. But there is an indisputable fact: the child conceived on this day will be loved by the whole family, others will be pleased with him. He is one of those to whom people's hearts are drawn. And for this he does not need to use all kinds of artificial methods, manipulate and weave intrigues. Such a person attracts attention, love and respect due to the distinctive features of his character - affection, kindness, tenderness, tranquility.

Weather forecast

If on the fourth day by the birth of the month is clear, then the whole month is clear; if it's raining, then all month long it's raining.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Removes fears and irritability, relieves stress, helps with depression. Restores energy and peace of mind. Encourages spiritual creativity. The aroma of Mandarin is good for productive and sublime intellectual communication. A great remedy for obesity and cellulite.



The fourth lunar day - not the most successful time for the design of family relations. During this period it is best to refrain from marrying, otherwise the couple will always remain in a dual state - the spouses will never be able to find a compromise satisfying them both, they will constantly quarrel and be at variance with each other. It is even possible that partners in such a marriage will often change each other, and their family happiness will always be on the verge of collapse.

In these lunar days, lovers are better than once again to weigh all the pros and cons of their union.


In this period it is recommended to refrain from buying, especially if the desire to purchase a particular product has arisen spontaneously. Today, hasty decisions do not lead to a positive result, and first of all it concerns the purchase of expensive things. Better devote the fourth lunar day to thinking about whether to spend money or not. The exception to this rule is only small purchases related to hygiene items - soap, toothbrushes, loofers, napkins, towels and so on.


symbol: tree of knowledge of good and evil
stones: sardonyx, jade, agate
part of the body: larynx, pharynx

Rites with the use of volts from the dough, sparrow on the test, rituals with an appeal to the spirits of the elements, rites for obtaining egregorialnoy protection. Personal energy makeup from the trees on this day is the most effective.

When guessing, it's good to ask questions that require only one-syllable "yes" or "no" answer, as well as questions related to any choice. In addition, as in the past lunar day, it is good to study ancient magic texts, to obtain theoretical information. During this period, it is good to communicate with your mentor, guru, teacher or with a person who is your authority in the art of magic.

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