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Characteristics of 7th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

The symbols of this day are a magic rod, a wind rose, a weather vane, and also a cock, with its voice dispelling darkness.

Devoted to these moonlit days Sraosha - Avestian deity. This is the day of the verbal magic, prayer, adventure and serious provocation. It will be desirable to communicate with the spirits of the elements. It is forbidden at this time to tear paper, pull out the teeth, eat eggs and chicken, lie, gossip, and beat dishes. It is possible to get rid of parasitic words during this period. If on that day, you. The first half of the lunar day will be favorable, it will give an opportunity to realize your plans and ideas, conceived the day before. The ability to complete cases is increasing, new partners and patrons may appear, relatives will feel support, and the confidence of others. The second half of the day will require a person to be organized and responsible, perhaps there will be some inconsistencies and excessive fuss. Otherwise, the created positive trends can not be fully realized.

Love and relationships. As it was written earlier, the 7th lunar day has a special relation to speech. Empty words in general should never be uttered, let alone today. All words have the magical power of embodiment. Dream yourself out loud about your chosen one, and he may appear in your life. If you have already found each other, then you can talk to each other. In no case do not tolerate conflicts and beware of angry speeches.

Housework. The seventh lunar day is good in that it allows you to complete all those works that you started the day before. And if you had a chance today to make up for lost time. It is better not to start big things.

Business and money. The seventh lunar day is one of the most successful days for work, business. You have enough energy to "roll mountains." In addition, almost all partners and colleagues will be inclined to trust, generosity. Today you have a great opportunity to find helpers and patrons. Relatives and friends.

Dreams. Can come true, but on condition that you do not tell anyone about them. This is how to say "sleep in the hand." All that you can be considered as a prediction or indication, a revelation of the Higher Forces. They often see what they did not do, or what needs to be done. You can dream of people to whom you owe a debt. But always remember that dreams need to be interpreted correctly, so it is very important to understand any sleep and especially on this day, are your sensations from sleep. On this day you can ask a question to the Higher Forces, when you wake up, be sure to write down the dream, and carefully analyze it, including intuition and inner sensations, with the answer can be hidden. Try not to succumb to aggression on this day.

Health. Today it's easy to get cold upper airways. Diseases that begin on this day are not dangerous and quickly pass. Operations also often pass without consequences. But tearing teeth is not recommended (this does not apply to emergencies). It is not recommended to eat chicken and eggs today. It is also not recommended to drink alcohol. In the old days. It is good to steam in a bath and even a starve. With chronic fatigue or weakening of immunity, the cleansing of the liver, blood, or other internal organs is indicated.

  • Start 7-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, Budapest:
  • 27 january 10:11
  • 26 february 09:16
  • 27 march 09:17
  • 26 april 09:38
  • 25 may 09:34
  • 24 june 10:42
  • 23 july 10:43
  • 22 august 11:58
  • 20 september 12:16
  • 20 october 13:39
  • 19 november 12:45
  • 18 december 11:36
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Categorically contraindicated haircut, as its consequences can be not only serious conflicts at work with bosses and colleagues, but also at home, and with beloved. Perhaps a significant decrease in immunity and the appearance of various diseases.


People born on the 7th lunar day have good memory, strong health and a developed sense of humor. Often they do not have their own opinions, they are not capable of deep understanding, serious feelings. Have a strong character and will, if desired, are able to reach any top. If you were born on this day, avoid conflicts and find out the relationship. A receptive mind can easily learn and quickly assimilate information. People of this day have a tendency to analyze and deductive method. Professions that require a tense thought process work well: a scientific worker, a writer, an orator, an investigator. Often talents of people of this day are manifested in trade, consultations.
Tip: Believe in yourself and do not listen to the advice of unfamiliar people, avoid empty conversations.

Bathing in the bath

Not the best day for a bath, avoid noisy companies. Increased risk of colds.


Dreams of 7 lunar days are prophetic and prophetic, they come true very quickly.

Stones keepers

Sapphire, coral, turquoise, heliotrope.

Conception of the child

People, conceived in the 7th lunar day, expect a not very long but rich life. Numerous trips, bright events, meetings with interesting people - all this accompanies a person, conceived on the 7th day of the Moon. Out of these people, wonderful doctors and scientists, wonderful speakers are obtained. Someone who knows how to handle the word. True, a tendency to exaggerations and even to lies can prevent them from pursuing a scientific or social activity. In general, in life they are very active people.

Weather forecast

After the birth of the moon in seven days - a change in the weather.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Warms, increases and thickens the aura. Helps to get rid of feelings of anger and envy, self-pity and fixation on past problems and mistakes. Eliminates astheno-depressive conditions and emotional cold. Fragrance of Cinnamon improves the well-being of a person, tuning to an optimistic mood. Develops optimism, personal integrity, faith in oneself and self-esteem. The fragrance creates a cozy atmosphere of trust and goodwill. It improves memory and increases efficiency.


The seventh lunar day is an ideal time for marriage to creative people, in particular, writers, poets, singers, actors and so on.

The marriage concluded during this period will be characterized by a high level of mutual understanding between the spouses and all members of the family. The basis of such an association will be full communication. But it should be remembered that for them a quarrel or a verbal quarrel, backed by strong negative emotions, can result in a divorce and a long period of constant mutual insults.

If the new family is created by creative people, then the spouses will help each other in creativity, live with the same ideals and aspirations, which, naturally, will make the family cohesive and friendly. Creative inspiration in such an alliance will become a permanent guest.


In the seventh lunar day, try not to succumb to too aggressive advertising and emotional impulses. Remember that today you can easily inspire a desire to buy the product that you absolutely do not need. Think carefully before you get money from your wallet. If you are not sure, then better postpone the purchase the next day. And if you are sure about one hundred percent, then still make sure that this is your desire, and not a suggestion from the outside. In general, today is a good time to buy books, music CDs, tapes, musical instruments. You can also buy various accessories related to esotericism - incense, rosary, statuettes of deities and so on. It is extremely contraindicated to purchase goods related to the category of household appliances, and clothing. Here you can expect very unpleasant surprises.


symbols: scepter, wand
stones: heliotrope, sapphire
parts of the body: an epiphysis (an organ located in the brain)

Day of influence of the Light Forces.
Any bright rites with an appeal to these forces. Finding bright assistants and white defenses. You can make rituals with an appeal to the spirits of the elements, but only creative direction and not violent (for example, rites to attract your second half, etc.).

Those who work on two hands, this day you can not eat chicken meat and eggs, tk. the symbol of this lunar day is the cock of Sraosha, whose calling is to disperse the darkness with his cry.

The oracle should be treated with questions relating to relationships with people, and, first of all, with family members. On its own, the seventh lunar day was considered a magic day from the earliest times. And the most powerful magical effect in this period has the word. Therefore, in fact, it was recommended that all occult traditions should practice this or that kind of work with the word - read prayers, pronounce spells or conspiracies, recite mantras, etc. Within the framework of magic during this period it is best to deal with the interpretation of complex prophecies that were received on other lunar days.

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