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Phase waxing gibbous

Waxing gibbous

Overall forecast

The most part of the moon is illuminated, only a narrow sickle-shaped strip remained dark. The moon appears in all its fullness of power, the energy beats the key. The transition from this phase to the full moon is considered critical. It is necessary to make the final breakthrough in the implementation of their plans, in order to safely transfer the phases of the waning moon.

Man in these days is committed to self-expression. If you feel the desire to share your knowledge with others, do not put it down. The period of the convex moon prepares you for collecting the "harvest" - the results of the completed and unfulfilled cases of the first half of the lunar month. Observe your emotional state. What do you feel? Panic or anxiety? So, the results you expect are clearly unfavorable. If you work confidently and productively, the fruits of your efforts will not keep you waiting.

In the period of the convex moon, such character traits as flexibility and perseverance are important. Flexibility - in order to adapt new interests and a new direction of life, set after the new moon, to everyday realities. Persistence - to defend their decisions and plans, implemented also in the days of the crescent moon.

During this period, chronic diseases may worsen. And the closer to the full moon, the higher this probability. In the body, "under the impact" are the eyes, intestines, liver, pancreas. Do not overexert yourself, do not abuse alcohol, eat freshly prepared food, but do not overeat.

  • The phase waxing gibbous in 2023 year, Budapest:
  • 2 january 22:16
  • 1 february 16:07
  • 3 march 11:19
  • 2 april 07:23
  • 2 may 01:00
  • 31 may 16:18
  • 30 june 04:55
  • 29 july 15:01
  • 27 august 23:18
  • 26 september 06:43
  • 25 october 14:20
  • 23 november 22:02
  • 23 december 08:28
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When hair is cut to the growing moon, the hair will grow faster than when it decreases.


The person is initially oriented to external realization (the Moon outside the Earth's orbit) and develops in the same direction (the Moon moves from the Sun). In the second quarter, the yang is growing, it is greater than the yin. People with such a Moon in the natal chart are initially oriented to the outside world and can master it. In the sky one can see more than half of the lunar disk - the born has a lot of vitality, almost all the energy outside, in the trunk and crown, and not in the roots. From the very beginning, it is as if adapted to the world in which it lives. This is the most successful type of people socially, they most easily achieve the desired, very practical, specific, but not in the sense that everyone knows how to do by hands - their possession of the world around them is determined by the fact that they are able to relate their desires to reality, what opportunities this world gives them, and are able to use them. In other words, such people as quickly and easily realize what they came to.

Gardener - harvesting and storage

All that you want to consume immediately, you can collect with the growing moon, as well as cook jam and make juices.

Collection of herbs

From the second quarter of the lunar cycle and up to the full moon (including it), it is also recommended to harvest branches, shoots, leaves and flowers.


With the growing Moon, the body accumulates energy, gaining strength, and it is undesirable to waste it at this time, since even a small load can lead to exhaustion. At this time weaker immunity, we are more difficult to bear even minor ailments, wounds bleed more and heal less.

Dental treatment

With the growing Moon, the body accumulates energy, gaining strength, and it is undesirable to waste it at this time, since even a small load can lead to exhaustion. At this time weaker immunity, we are more difficult to bear even minor ailments, wounds bleed more and heal less.


The second quarter of the growing Moon occurs at a time when the Moon is gradually starting to turn into a full moon. During this period, the astral forces are able to create real miracles. The most successful moment arrives for carrying out magical rituals for gaining vitality, gaining authority, significantly improving well-being and even turning the fortunes and character of a person for the better.

Hair coloring

The paint will be more resistant, will lie flat and color a beautiful tone.

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