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Lunar Calendar of Dreams

Lunar Calendar of Dreams

The moon was always considered the most mysterious night light, it was attributed to the magical influence of the human soul and subconscious. It is believed that the moon is able to influence all significant events in a person's life, is responsible for his physical condition and for health in general.

Depending on the lunar day, when the person was born, determine the degree of the influence of this planet on his character, temperament, intuition and possible extrasensory abilities. Lunar dream book helps to understand dreams depending on the phase of the moon and even a certain lunar day, when a dream was dreamed. Depending on this, the degree of their realism and ability to realize, including the possible period for which this dream can come true.

The most authentic dreams can be on 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 18, 19, 22 and 27 days of the lunar month. In the 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st, 25th, 26th, 28th, 29th and 30th days of the lunar month, fantasy dreams that rarely come true. 4, 5, 11, 12, 16 and 17 of the lunar month, dreams differ in that they can not be realized sooner, sometimes only after a few years. And on days 2, 3, 23 and 24, it is necessary to remember that all events have seen in the dream can come true, but vice versa. In addition, it should be noted that if in the lunar days, when the Moon is in the watermarks of the zodiac, such as Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, then their confidence increases many times .

When interpreting dreams, be sure to use the lunar calendar for the current year, taking into account the signs of the zodiac and the general characteristics of each day:

1st lunar day. If you dream something good, it's for joy, if it's bad, do not pay attention, it's easy to go away. The dreams of this day are not heavy.

2nd Lunar day. Dreams in these lunar days are usually not serious, they do not need to believe. If you can not overcome an obstacle in a dream, then you can easily overcome it.

3rd Lunar Day. On this day, rarely come true, but can become a kind of test of your strength. For example, do you have a fight with someone? If you fall into the dream, it does not matter: when you wake up, "lose" the dream anew in your imagination

4th Lunar Day. In the dreams of these lunar days your parents can somehow be present. This instruction: you need to analyze what problems you inherited from them, and begin their solution. If you have a dream, it's a warning.

5th Lunar Day. Very good, if you are crying in a dream that day. This cleansing, the body is thus put in order. If dreams are connected with the road, with the movement, everything is all right. If you dream something unpleasant - it's a sign that you need to take care of your health.

6th Lunar day. If you dream a familiar person, it's no accident, you owe him something. Dreams can not be completed.

7th Lunar day. Sleep on this day can be prophetic. In a dream, you can see the hints of your true destiny in life, what you need to do. Perhaps you will be able to understand for which you were born, what is the meaning of your life

8th Lunar day. Sleep on this day can be prophetic. In a dream, you can see the hints of your true destiny in life, what you need to do. Perhaps you will be able to understand for which you were born.

9th Lunar day. Dreams on this day do not have to believe. They can be painful, heavy, scary, but do not be afraid of anything. This, too, is the provocation of this lunar day. In the morning everything will be scattered without a trace.

The 10th Lunar Day. Bright and pleasant dreams star in these lunar day. In them everything is as in a fairy tale, as in the most pleasant dreams. But alas, they will not come true. Sense in these dreams there.

11th Lunar day. In these lunar days, dreams do not matter much, you can not pay attention to them.

The 12th Lunar Day. Dreams on this day do not have to believe. They can be painful, heavy, scary, but do not be afraid of anything. This, too, is the provocation of this lunar day. In the morning everything will be scattered without a trace.

The 13th Lunar Day. The dreams of this day are usually not simple, in them you can see the difficulties and problems that in reality you are haunted in life, but they can appear in a symbolic form. In any case, try to understand: dreams are true, they reflect problems that need to be solved.

14th Lunar day. On these lunar days, one does not have much importance to it, it does not carry important information.

The 15th Lunar Day. Sleep, dreaming on the fifteenth day, is prophetic (for a month).

The 16th Lunar Day. In these lunar day dreams that help to relieve inner tension. Sleep can even help get rid of the ailment.

The 17th Lunar Day. If you enjoy dreams, you are dreamed of in these lunar days, then we successfully realize ourselves in creativity and in love. If dreams are unpleasant, it means that we are not completely successful. Such a dream says: there is an opportunity to solve these problems, do not miss this opportunity, the time has come.

The 18th Lunar Day. It is advisable to sleep less, otherwise you can wake up in a broken state. But if you can dream something, what can you be from living. Another dream can prompt a path to healing from a disease.

The 19th Lunar Day. Dreams on these days can not be scare, but they are empty, never come true. Throw them out of your head.

The 20th Lunar Day. On these lunar days you can "order" a dream at will. For example, go to sleep where you want to go. You can try to find someone else's dream.

The 21 st Lunar day. In these lunar days, dreams do not matter. Forget about them.

The 22nd Lunar Day. Dreams on this day. Take care of these dreams, they will help to change for the better.

The 23rd Lunar Day. What is dreaming on this day, it is necessary to understand exactly the opposite. Dreamed that a man died - then live a long time, dreamed that they are explained in love - alas, wait for failure in his personal life.

The 24th Lunar Day. On this day, the dreams show whether you have all right with the energy in the intimate plan. If dreams are pleasant, then everything is in order, if unpleasant - your intimate physical energy is suppressed and it starts to depress you.

The 25th Lunar Day. This day may be a bad thing. In a dream, dark forces can penetrate into our soul. So, waking up, say three times: "Wherever night, there's a dream." In the same morning (before noon) open the tap with cold water, bend over to the stream of water and whisper to tell her your dream. It will wash away with water. It will be great if after that.

26th Lunar day. On these moonlit days, dreams show how great is your pride and narcissism. If we see ourselves as prosperous, omnipotent and contented, then it's time to descend from heaven and soberly assess ourselves. If we see ourselves as miserable and unhappy, we must urgently increase our self-esteem and learn to love and respect ourselves.

27th Lunar day. Dreams that have come to this lunar day come true. They too can carry intuitive insights. If, for example, you suspect of treachery and treason, and that you can trust him.

28th Lunar day. Dreams in these days are prophetic. In them you can see your future. Draw conclusions and know: the dream only warns, but it will come true.

The 29th Lunar Day. Dreams on this day can not be scare, be heavy and unpleasant, but they are deceptive.

30th Lunar day. Dreams promise a lot of joy and should be fulfilled.

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