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Apogee and perigee of the Moon in 2022 year

Apogee of the perigee of the moon for 2017-2025 years

The moon moves around the Earth along an elongated, elliptical orbit, making one revolution in a month. Accordingly, once a month it approaches our planet and passes the point of perigee, and once a month it moves away from the Earth, thereby passing the point of apogee.

The term "perigee" is derived from the Greek words περί "peri" - around, near, near, and Gaia Γαία - Earth and means that the mutual distance between the Moon and the Earth at this point of the orbit is minimal. The Perigee of the Moon ranges from 356,400 to 370,400 kilometers.

The term "apogee" comes from the Greek words από "apo" - from, from, and Gaia Γαία - Earth and means that the mutual distance between the Moon and the Earth at this point of the orbit is maximized. The apogee of the Moon is from 404,000 to 406,700 km. City New Delhi.

Apogee and perigee of the Moon in 2022 year, city New Delhi
event datetypedistance from the Earth to the Moon
02-01-2022 04:18:52 su perigee358 025,25 km
14-01-2022 14:46:32 fr apogey405 830,76 km
30-01-2022 12:33:28 su perigee362 235,55 km
11-02-2022 08:02:41 fr apogey404 932,54 km
27-02-2022 03:46:01 su perigee367 760,87 km
11-03-2022 04:32:36 fr apogey404 308,04 km
24-03-2022 05:13:05 th perigee369 724,49 km
08-04-2022 00:42:57 fr apogey404 476,64 km
19-04-2022 20:51:17 tu perigee365 120,40 km
05-05-2022 18:22:07 th apogey405 317,01 km
17-05-2022 21:03:51 tu perigee360 285,43 km
02-06-2022 06:54:48 th apogey406 211,01 km
15-06-2022 04:59:46 we perigee357 428,08 km
29-06-2022 11:53:54 we apogey406 581,26 km
13-07-2022 14:41:50 we perigee357 267,20 km
26-07-2022 16:04:01 tu apogey406 257,38 km
10-08-2022 22:45:34 we perigee359 839,75 km
23-08-2022 03:28:59 tu apogey405 387,42 km
07-09-2022 23:56:17 we perigee364 513,57 km
19-09-2022 20:16:00 mo apogey404 517,73 km
04-10-2022 22:10:45 tu perigee369 359,04 km
17-10-2022 15:49:39 mo apogey404 287,79 km
29-10-2022 19:56:48 sa perigee368 320,09 km
14-11-2022 12:05:51 mo apogey404 884,90 km
26-11-2022 06:53:34 sa perigee362 843,20 km
12-12-2022 05:49:44 mo apogey405 841,38 km
24-12-2022 13:50:05 sa perigee358 278,17 km

Overall forecast

Apogee and perigee of the Moon

"Companion" of our planet has a specific trajectory of motion in the form of an ellipse. The nearest point of the orbit of the celestial body (the Moon) to the center of gravity, that is, to the Earth - perigee. Opposite to it - the apogee of the Moon - the most distant point from the Earth of the lunar orbit.

When the moon is at its apogee, we have increased efficiency, fearlessness. There may be excessive optimism, recklessness, like "the sea knee-deep." For example, while driving, the driver may lose caution and not feel the speed, the rhythm of the movement.

Emotionally, at this time, a person has a high degree of involvement, that is, it can be inconspicuously drawn into the "black hole" of relationships, events. On such days it is difficult to feel the edge of what is permitted and possible, therefore, the number of injuries and accidents usually increases.

At this time, you need to try not to lose control over yourself and the situation, monitor all "over-", slow down yourself, and limit the intake of any stimulants, starting with coffee. By the way, when the Moon at apogee, as far from the Earth as possible, the influence of its phases and signs of the Zodiac is somewhat weakened.

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