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Lunar Calendar of Magic on january 2024 year

Lunar Calendar of Magic on january 2024 year Lunar Magic Calendar at january 2024 year

In order to conduct magical rituals, conspiracies, spells or fortune telling aimed at obtaining predictions, were successful, they must be correlated with the lunar rhythms. The moon has always been and remains the master of magic, and this is no accident, for it is subject to the flow and change of astral energies, which the magician directly deals with. Therefore, your experiments and experiments in the field of magic will become more productive if you conduct your rituals at the most suitable for them lunar day. This can be learned from our lunar calendar, which is presented below.

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The magical properties of the moon. The greatest aggravation of our emotional state often occurs during the full moon period. However, since other phases of the moon also have a direct impact on the energy of our life, we also need to consider the stages of the growing and waning moon, during each of which a unique energy inherent in this period is singled out. These kinds of energy have different beneficial effects on our emotions, feeding and charging them with the magical power of the moon. The natural emotions obtained in each of these periods give rise to the magic of extraordinary strength, being one of the strongest assistants in our endeavors associated with lunar magic. And now consider each phase, the moon day and the position of the moon in the sign of the Zodiac separately, with the intention of understanding what magical rituals, and for which phase of the moon is best suited to achieve certain goals set before you. City New Delhi.

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Lunar calendar of magic, divination s 1 by 7 january 2024 years, city New Delhi

from 01.01.2024 - monday 
from 00:00
20 lunar day continues
20 lunar day

symbol: eagle
stones: rock crystal, red jasper
part of body: scapula, shoulders, peritoneum

Not marked by any special influences, any works of the waning moon. During this period, divination should ask questions relating to the social sphere in all its directions. In addition, the twentieth lunar day is favorable for conducting rituals to summon spirits in order to receive prophecies from them.

The waning gibbous 🌖 phase continues
Waning gibbous

After the full moon comes the next phase - the period of the waning moon. Despite the fact that she slowly begins to give up her positions, her strength is still very high. That's why this time is the best for getting rid of something: diseases, bad habits, superfluous people in your destiny. It is this period that is most favorable for the effective solution of those problems that poison the taste for life, such as divorce or getting rid of something bad once and for all.

Like yesterday, the ☽ Moon in the sign of ♍ Virgo 03°17'01"
In the sign of the Virgin

The magic of getting a job, health and intellectual issues. Magic is directed at the growth of knowledge and understanding. This time is suitable for working on success in business, bringing chaos in order, as well as for magic related to health and a healthy lifestyle. This sign also corresponds to magic, which is aimed at gaining mastery in various kinds of crafts.

from 22:27
The beginning of the 21 lunar day
21 lunar day

character: horse
stones: aventurine, pyrite
body part: blood

Accepting the vow, sacrifice to the gods in priestly practice, any work of the waning moon.

The theme for divination should be the creative aspect of life, in particular, questions relating to art. A great time for prophecy and rethinking your experience in magic.

all current events (2)
1) The waning gibbous 🌖 phase continues (from 01.01 00:00)
2) Like yesterday, the ☽ Moon in the sign of ♍ Virgo 03°17'01" (from 01.01 00:00)
from 02.01.2024 - tuesday 
from 23:19
The beginning of the 22 lunar day
22 lunar day

symbol: wheel
stones: ruby, red opal, blue agate
body parts: lymph

Divination, comprehension of secret knowledge, making protective amulets, any works of the waning moon. In this lunar day it is dangerous to put on amulets and talismans those symbols, the meanings of which you do not know.

Ask the oracle questions relating to the material side of life - wealth, career, etc. Also devote this time to studying ancient magical treatises and books, studying the Holy Scripture, mastering new techniques and expanding your knowledge in the field of magic.

all current events (2)
1) The waning gibbous 🌖 phase continues (from 01.01 00:00)
2) Like yesterday, the ☽ Moon in the sign of ♍ Virgo 03°17'01" (from 01.01 00:00)
from 03.01.2024 - wednesday 
from 06:16
☽ Moon in the sign of ♎ Libra
In the sign of Libra

The magic of court cases, partnerships and art. All kinds of magic aimed at improving peace and cooperation. Suitable (in the full moon phase) for spells about a good life companion, especially if you want to bring balance and harmony into your relationship. Generally, in these days of balance, strengthen the positive side of things and events.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the 22 lunar day (from 02.01 23:19)
2) The waning gibbous 🌖 phase continues (from 01.01 00:00)
from 04.01.2024 - thursday 
from 00:11
The beginning of the 23 lunar day
23 lunar day

symbol: tortoise, crocodile
stones: black jade
body parts: vagina, uterus, ovaries

Satan's Day. It carries in itself the destructive energies of Mars. Any rites of attack, vengeance, damage to the taking away of health, rites for the repayment of debt, punishment, curses, any rites of destruction and violence. Also on this day the Goddess of the lust of the Ashma-dive actively manifests its power, therefore, the spoiling for fornication, both for men and women, falls on this day best. The most suitable day for feeding on a person (energy vampirism).

From divination it is better to abstain. The twenty-third lunar day is an unfavorable period in general for any magical activities. Devote him to rest and meditation.

all current events (2)
1) The waning gibbous 🌖 phase continues (from 01.01 00:00)
2) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♎ Libra (from 03.01 06:16)
from 09:00
The beginning of the last quarter 🌗 phase
Last quarter

The fourth quarter of the waning moon completes the lunar cycle. At this time, the Moon seems to take with it all the negative energy that has accumulated over the month. It is time to finish the begun or the final and irrevocably get rid of spells, evil eye, spoilage, various diseases. Magic can be aimed at the disappearance of bad habits, bad attitudes and everything unnecessary. You can also do energy cleaning of the premises and the body. But remember that the last two days of the lunar cycle in magic are called "black moon". So do not forget about protection from the dark forces.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the 23 lunar day (from 04.01 00:11)
2) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♎ Libra (from 03.01 06:16)
from 05.01.2024 - friday 
from 01:04
The beginning of the 24 lunar day
24 lunar day

symbol: bear
stones: obsidian, black jasper
part of the body: axillary region

The main strength of this day is the power of sexual male energy. Working with the male aspect of power. In general, the day of the influence of male energies. Very well on this day, work rites for the acquisition of the Spirit-helper, for example, the protection of "The Bridegroom". Experienced practitioners can, on this lunar day, make some love spells on women, with a sexual bias, despite the waning moon. This is the only day on the waning moon, when the spells fall as it should.

When guessing on these lunar days it is better to ask questions related to construction, laying down new projects. Favorable time for all kinds of practices and rituals in the framework of magic.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the last quarter 🌗 phase (from 04.01 09:00)
2) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♎ Libra (from 03.01 06:16)
from 18:09
☽ Moon in the sign of ♏ Scorpio
In the sign of Scorpio

The magic of revealing secrets and spiritual growth. You can conjure in order to find passion and love. Time is also ideal for the magic of success in business and winning in court. This position of the moon gives a very large force (especially the full moon). This astrological position is also associated with healing, especially with the healing of the mind and feelings. Contemplation at this time can give deep, though sometimes disturbing, results, so use it carefully. And in magic and in life, strive for gentleness, when the Moon passes this energetic sign.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the 24 lunar day (from 05.01 01:04)
2) The beginning of the last quarter 🌗 phase (from 04.01 09:00)
from 06.01.2024 - saturday 
from 01:59
The beginning of the 25 lunar day
25 lunar day

symbols: sink, vessel
stones: tiger's eye, feldspar
body part: spleen

Summoning Spirits, any works of the waning moon, it is impossible to start a new job on this day, only to continue the old one.

When guessing, you can ask questions on any topic, but it is best to devote twenty-fifth lunar day to making tools for fortune telling - runes, tarot cards, etc.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the last quarter 🌗 phase (from 04.01 09:00)
2) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♏ Scorpio (from 05.01 18:09)
from 07.01.2024 - sunday 
from 02:58
The beginning of the 26 lunar day
26 lunar day

symbol: marsh toad
stones: chrysoprase, malachite
body part: foot, sole

Lapels, rassorki, ostudy, rituals to increase jealousy, dirty spoiling, any rites aimed at dislike, scandals and rupture, both in love and in the business sphere. Omorochki, damage to the decline of intelligence and madness, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling and other bad habits.

From divination it is desirable to abstain, rest.

all current events (2)
1) The beginning of the last quarter 🌗 phase (from 04.01 09:00)
2) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♏ Scorpio (from 05.01 18:09)
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