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Characteristics of 10th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

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Symbol - spring, source of water, secret source, fountain. The fountain is associated with a constantly overwhelming energy, recalls spiritual independence.

This is the day of finding previously unknown sources of energy, including karmic memory, self-deepening, rest. On such a lunar day, you can meditate, to determine for yourself the line of life, strengthen the house, family, reflect on your genealogical tree. It is advisable at this time to go to the bath. Recommend starting any construction. Also on this day you can not be superficial and self-serving.

An appropriate period for changing the form of activity and for engaging in individual and collective creativity. Very effective relationships will be on the love front, as well as spiritual quest and your professional success. You can easily take on everything new, start construction, hold meetings, and generally start implementing any new plans.

Love and relationships. A very good day for meetings, meetings, friendly conversations. Contacts with the opposite sex bring joy, strong and proven connections are especially pleasing, they can be further strengthened. Show attention and care, in relation to your beloved, spend time together. It will be better if you go to nature, to the water source. This day is not worth it. If you are at variance with the aunt one, then there is no better day for reconciliation than the tenth lunar day. The marriage that is concluded on that day will be, if not eternal, very long, and many children will be born in it.

Housework. Suitable for serious household affairs, today excellently work out any work. You can start building a house, start repair.

Business and money. At work there is an atmosphere of comfort, friendliness and willingness to help another. This is especially evident in close-knit collectives, and for this day it is possible to fulfill one-week norm in one breath. On this day of the day, energy is the key and this is one of the most successful days for careerists and businessmen. Do not miss this chance. On this day, both independent and public. Today you can achieve real professional success, whatever you do. The tenth lunar day is suitable for solving those financial problems. Small financial receipts are possible. On this day, you can start developing long-term projects that are designed for the future. One of the best days for any type of business and for registering businesses. You can open a real estate agency. For real estate transactions, this day also brings good luck. Builders and restorers. Open on the tenth lunar day, the business requires investments and time for its development and formation, it does not turn out quickly and steadily. It will be effective on this day, advertising, and the new ideas will be recognized and developed.

Dreams. Bound with family and family. Therefore, in a dream, you can see relatives or spouses, children, and even grandparents of all sorts, including spiritual ones. If there are strong families in the dream, or the Guardian Spirit of the family, be attentive to what you are told, or what is happening, because of this you can come to some understanding, discovery or insider for yourself, then support from the kind if you are ready. Also, dreams on these lunar days can be quite light, bright and fabulous, but they usually do not matter. Disturbing dreams must be realized and realized either at night or at work. If you want to use the moment and work with your family or family, before you go to bed, tune in to, and as soon as you wake up, write it down.

Health. Often it is on these lunar day. To fast does not follow. It is good to drink a lot of liquids-juices, water, decoctions. It is good for the body today to physically load it with various exercises. Today, thoracic vertebrae and thoracic bones are vulnerable, it is better to avoid procedures for this area.

  • Start 10-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, New Delhi:
  • 1 january 13:32
  • 30 january 12:43
  • 1 march 12:52
  • 30 march 12:30
  • 29 april 13:07
  • 28 may 12:46
  • 27 june 13:17
  • 26 july 13:01
  • 25 august 13:58
  • 24 september 14:52
  • 23 october 14:24
  • 22 november 14:13
  • 21 december 13:20
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Haircut on the 10th lunar day is undesirable because of the weakness of the protective capabilities of the body, as a result, a person can suddenly get sick.


People born on this day are strongly associated with their ancestors and their kind. Endowed with excess energy, they are energy donors for other people, and this benefits them. These people are charming, have great power over others and are able to benefit from it. In their heart they are romantics, they are capable of capturing other people with their idea. Great physical activity is contraindicated, since people of this day are more likely than others to suffer from chronic diseases. A healthy lifestyle is simply necessary. If you do not develop spiritually, you can become indifferent, calculating.
Advice: use your energy to help people, this will increase the years of your life.

Bathing in the bath

The best moon day for a bath in full, as well as a good day to bookmark a new bath.


Performances do not wait, with rare exceptions. If in the 10th lunar day something pleasant and dreamlike is dreamed, then such a dream will most likely not come true, but an anxious dream can turn out to be prophetic and come true within 30 days.

Stones keepers

Turquoise, sardonyx.

Conception of the child

Started on the 10th lunar day has a very strong connection with his parents and ancestors, strong support of ancestors, including those already dead. Therefore, parents are encouraged to turn to their predecessors, to their memory, asking for a happy future for their unborn child.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Enlivens the energy of man, enhances energy immunity. It allows you to easily overcome psychological problems, helps to get rid of suspiciousness, lack of self-confidence and excessive shyness. Helps to cope with stress and returns interest in life. Rosemary's aroma regulates the course of mental energy, lends clarity to thought, improves memory.


The beginning of a new and auspicious lunar day.

Dental treatment

The beginning of a new and auspicious lunar day.


The tenth lunar day is the most favorable period for marriage, and for all. The family created at this time will be what you want, the only thing that it will be exactly and indispensably is the generic traditions. And since the tenth lunar day is associated with tradition, you have every chance to establish a new family, with family traditions, relics and genealogy handed down from generation to generation.

A distinctive feature of couples marrying at this time is a large number of children.

But you need to know that if from the very beginning the family does not have a tradition and the foundation of mutual understanding and love will not be laid, such a family will very quickly cease to exist, it will wither like a tree whose roots are constantly undermining the worm. Remember, the basis of the power of the family is love, not strict discipline. Only love for your children, parents will help you maintain family traditions.


On the tenth lunar day, family purchases are welcomed, that is, those purchases that are carried out by all family members, for example, a house, a new car, large appliances, and those aimed at improving the family's well-being. When purchasing a product, try to take into account the tastes of all family members whom it concerns. Pay special attention to elderly people, because they embody your family tradition, your roots, your source. In addition, now is a good time to buy children's products, both clothes and toys, both food and books.


symbol: crossroads
stones: beryl
body part: rectum, anus

Rites of ancestral commemoration, establishing ties with ancestors, rites for solving family problems, harmonizing relations in the family, rites for gaining material prosperity, any rituals of a growing moon.

On this day it is very favorable to bring offerings to the gods during priestly work, as well as to erect objects of worship.

When guessing ask only those questions that are relevant to the family, family, tradition. This, perhaps, is the only day when it is possible to hold joint sessions of summoning the spirits of divination, to conduct general divination sessions. But only those who are close to you in spirit, who could be your family not only in a direct but also figurative sense, should participate. Some masters on this lunar day spent their initiation in their tradition or acceptance into the order.

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