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Characteristics of 20th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

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The symbol is an eagle that tramples a snake, an eagle with a rabbit tail, an eagle vulture, a symbol of spiritual and religious achievement.

This day is quite serious. He is connected with spiritual transformation, overcoming doubts and cognition of cosmic law. This is a day that is considered the most suitable for fasting, studying spiritual texts and insights. It is better to spend this lunar day in the family circle of the house. The eagle symbolizes a religious feat. On this day, you also need to overcome grumbling, pride and arrogance. It is not necessary to engage in extrasensory treatment - it can be quickly exhausted.

A very good day to start any business. It's good to start any business, because it will necessarily be successful and successful.

Love and relationships. Suitable for love meetings. Spend a date in a quiet environment, talk about each other. Postpone the talk about work, domestic turmoil, financial difficulties, etc. You can make compromises. If this is usually difficult for you to do, try it today. On this day it is much easier, than usual, to understand a loved one. Energy of the day has a quiet pastime. Do not quarrel with friends and loved ones. One quarrel will lead to many and long disputes and grievances. Get rid of your own selfishness, control your ego. This will save you from problems in relationships in later life. If you have any doubts about whether it is worth marrying this or that person, make a decision on the twentieth lunar day. This, probably, will save you from a mistake, because on this day we clearly see our goal and clearly foresee the consequences of our own choice. The twentieth lunar day helps us to find our core, our principles, by and large, to find ourselves.

Housework. If possible, refuse to do household work. It is worth doing only those cases that need to be resolved immediately and require your direct involvement. A great day for planting perennials and for collecting seeds.

Business and money. Avoid selfishness and reassessment of one's own abilities, overestimate one's own importance. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing everything that you managed to acquire over the previous lunar days. The twentieth lunar day is considered one of the most successful days of the month to start any business. Only envy and ill will can harm you today. One of the best days for solving financial issues. A great day for work and business, the day of solving the most urgent problems. Today, people are sociable and open, this can be used to acquire new acquaintances, strengthen old ties, establish friendly contacts. 20 lunar day is perfect for teamwork, joint problem-solving. In communication with like-minded people and comrades, it will be possible to suddenly learn and understand something new, to notice what was left behind the scenes. All the beginnings of the twentieth lunar day will be successful if you are independent and confident in yourself and in what you do. One of the best days for moving to a new place of work, and also for choosing a profession. Everything done on the twentieth lunar day is accompanied by luck and brings success. A good day for determining goals, career, active activities. Having made a choice, it is necessary to follow it. Doubts and hesitations are contraindicated. Astrologers recommend that on this day to begin construction, to enter into responsible positions.

Dreams. Can be quickly executed. On these lunar days you can "order" a dream at will. For example, go to sleep where you want to go. You can try to dream to someone that day has a chance to enter someone else's dream. Possible solutions to problems, through sleep, the way out into subtle worlds. There is a sign that if the day is bad in the morning, then sleep can come true on the same day.

Health. It is favorable, therefore it is considered that serious diseases can rarely occur. But still meat is better not to eat, fish too. Do not strain your eyesight. Caution, this day is often increased risk of injury. Vulnerable, both for diseases and for injuries. A good time for fasting, spiritual cleansing and insight. To psychics in these lunar days it is better not to go, because it is more likely to give too much energy to the psychic and not replenish it. Pride, arrogance and grumbling are the spiritual reasons for the diseases of this day.

  • Start 20-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, New Delhi:
  • 11 january 21:37
  • 9 february 21:20
  • 11 march 22:04
  • 9 april 22:03
  • 9 may 23:09
  • 7 june 22:51
  • 7 july 22:51
  • 5 august 21:55
  • 4 september 21:35
  • 4 october 21:37
  • 2 november 21:13
  • 2 december 21:53
  • 31 december 21:33
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To cut hair is undesirable, there will be "disgust" to life.


People on the 20th lunar day can live with the constant expectation of a miracle and with a sense of flight in the soul. Contact is given, the ability to stand up for oneself and those who care for them. Nature is creative and active. They do not get anything just like that. Long searches for simple joys can be hardened, but they know the prices of everything that comes to life and are willing to pay for their happiness. The main danger is to be proud of your knowledge. But, as a rule, the opinion about yourself is completely justified.
Tip: Do not be conceited and control the load.

Bathing in the bath

For a bath - a good day. The back is well treated.


Dreams of the 20th lunar day are special. If you ask a question that is important for your life or fate, then you can get an answer to it in a dream. You can even try to dream someone. In these lunar days, it is better than "all the others to succeed" programmed "dreams, you just have to imagine before going to bed where you want to go, what to see. You will be convinced of the correctness of sleep on the fourth day.

Stones keepers

Red jasper, rock crystal.

Conception of the child

Started on the 20th lunar day, the child will try to take as much of life as possible. He will be attracted to a variety of knowledge and search for truth. This is a critical day for conception, which gives the search for a person some fatal predetermination: one can not get inaccessible and do the impossible, but he will strive for this and suffer from it. He may be disappointed in the search, in life, in other people and in himself, can become embittered and embittered, fail in his life's path. But there is also a second variant of his development: he can become a man of great spirit. He will understand much about the spiritual, moral side of being. Such a person hates a lie. To form the best possible character of the future child, on the day of conception, parents need to show to each other as much honesty, sincerity, understanding, care.

Aromatherapy and home scents

It eliminates melancholy, sleep disorders, irritability. Helps to overcome negative emotions, such as envy, ill-will and jealousy. Melissa's fragrance is a powerful shield against any ill-effects. It cleans and strengthens the energy field and protects the person from negative influences. She is optimistic and attracts luck. Stimulates the intellectual qualities.


The beginning of a new and auspicious lunar day.

Dental treatment

The beginning of a new and auspicious lunar day.


Due to the fact that these lunar days are favorable for creating new contacts and connections, they are ideal for marriage, especially for those couples who are confident in their relationship by one hundred percent.

This is the best period for creating a family for couples in which both partners are intensely engaged in spiritual practices. Such a union will very quickly yield positive results. Harmonious combination of female yin energy and male yang, "raise" the family over the mundane bustle and will contribute to the early achievement of enlightenment partners. People with a strong orientation toward social life are not recommended to marry, because then there will be no mutual understanding in the family.


The twentieth lunar day is the best period for the purchase of sports equipment, from sneakers to dumbbells, from a simulator to a T-shirt, from a subscription to a swimming pool, to the payment of personal trainer services. Also now it is favorable to buy everything that is connected with the movement - car, motorcycle, horse, bicycle, ship and the like. And, finally, today you can buy goods by mail or the Internet. But only in the event that you are 100% sure of the quality of the product offered to you.


symbol: eagle
stones: rock crystal, red jasper
part of body: scapula, shoulders, peritoneum

Not marked by any special influences, any works of the waning moon. During this period, divination should ask questions relating to the social sphere in all its directions. In addition, the twentieth lunar day is favorable for conducting rituals to summon spirits in order to receive prophecies from them.

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