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Characteristics of 26th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

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The symbol is a frog, a toad, a swamp. The toad, like the serpent, is the personification of wisdom, but of wisdom, which does not bring any benefit to man, for he is lurking in false deception by his own achievements.

This, it can be said, is a critical day. It is associated with fasting, abstinence, knowledge of life and mashing of masks. It is desirable that on this day, there was an exit on the traditions of the Teacher. But from active work you need to refrain, otherwise you can, especially in empty chatter, overspend a lot of your energy. You can face larceny, rude materialism, hypocrisy on this lunar day. If you meet a person with a full bucket or bag this day, this is a sign that life is going right. And, for example, lightning in a dream or in reality says that you have pride and vanity. And nothing in this period should not be undertaken or begun. All undertakings will bring you one loss.

Love and relationships. Absolutely not suitable for the first date, and meeting with a person with whom you only - just starting to get in touch. If your relationship is already strong enough, then today you can support each other and help. Do not completely withdraw from yourself and avoid contact. It is good to communicate with people close to the spirit, with whom you can just sit by and shut up to calm down and restore your spiritual strength. From sex on this day is better to refuse. As it was written earlier, any austerity is welcomed today. Unwanted day and for conception of the child. If you feel that your relationship has long outlived itself, then the 26 lunar day is ideal for breaking off relations. In this case, you can quickly agree and come to an agreement on all issues.

Housework. You can only do light household chores. Do not do household chores at all, if you feel bad.

The influence of the 26th lunar day on business and money. The twenty-sixth lunar day is considered unfavorable for any important affairs and financial transactions. Bad day for the conclusion of contracts, transactions. They can, and remain at the level of perpetual negotiations and empty conversations. In addition, today there is a chance to encounter fraudsters.

Dreams. On these lunar days can show your habits and attachments, from which it is good to get rid of. If you saw yourself in the role of dictator, then dull your pride, if on the contrary your role is small, you see yourself as a beggar, then you have too low self-esteem. In dreams this day you can see the secret side of your soul. If, in a dream, lightning is seen as a warning that one should tame pride and vanity. On this day, there are dreams that improve mood. Dreams can be fulfilled, especially colored ones.

Health. Diseases on this day will be severe and can be life-threatening. It is good today to carry out medical starvation and not overeat. Do not load loads or procedures with thighs. It is not desirable to engage in intensive exercises and run. Not the best time to visit a dentist, especially for pulling teeth. Not the best time for water treatments and bathing. It's good to eat raw vegetables, citrus fruits and fish today. Meat is undesirable.

  • Start 26-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, New Delhi:
  • 18 january 03:27
  • 16 february 03:26
  • 18 march 04:13
  • 16 april 03:37
  • 16 may 03:20
  • 14 june 02:26
  • 14 july 02:19
  • 12 august 01:51
  • 11 september 02:30
  • 11 october 03:08
  • 9 november 02:46
  • 9 december 03:16
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Today, not only the haircut, but also the changing of the hairstyle will bring joy and happiness to the house.


People born on the 26th lunar day are notable for their attractiveness to the material world and a lack of understanding of the laws of being. They live a complicated, complicated life. It is difficult for them to find harmony with themselves and the world around them. There is a constant self-evaluation. But at the same time, these people quickly get in touch, are charming, achieve a good position in society.
Advice: do not fuss and do not speak too much. In conversations, you lose energy. Keep your promises, be humble, so you will work out your karma and make your life easier.

Bathing in the bath

It is better to skip the bath.


The dreams of the 26th lunar day indicate that we need to be careful, show our self-esteem, that is our opinion of ourselves deep down. If a good dream had a dream, everything is normal in life and with health. If you saw yourself as a dictator, is not your pride too high? And if you have imagined yourself as a beggar in a dream, then maybe you underestimate yourself.

Stones keepers

Blue jade, coral.

Conception of the child

Being conceived on the 26th lunar day has many chances for a brilliant career and financial prosperity. To prevent him on the path to success can be that constant discontent with what is now, that is, the inability to rejoice at what you have. This is one of the people who put down the proverb: "What we have - we do not store it, we lose it - we cry." It is very important for such a person to appreciate the moment, to be able to enjoy pleasant periods of his life, not to compare his happiness with the happiness of others, his own wealth - with other people's wallets. Otherwise, it will always seem to him that, compared to his neighbors, he has both liquor and pearl chalk. But happiness will live in his soul regardless of circumstances, and to understand happiness it will not be in the traditional, but in a very special sense. Vanity will become a stumbling block on his way to spiritual balance, which is very important for him. He will very quickly receive a reward for good deeds, and punishment for mistakes.

Aromatherapy and home scents

It strengthens self-confidence and one's own strengths, evades self-esteem and instills respect for oneself. Restores the thickness of the aura. Eliminates depressive states, anxiety and despair. This fragrance fills the person with energy of joy and well-being, and also optimism. Jasmine opens a pragmatic view of such negative events as treason, betrayal and irreparable losses, muffling useless emotions.


The symbol of the lunar day is a toad, a swamp. The energy of the twenty-sixth lunar days is quite heavy.

Dental treatment

The symbol of the lunar day is a toad, a swamp. The energy of the twenty-sixth lunar days is quite heavy.


Not a good day for marriage. Today you can be very cruelly deceived. If the second day of the wedding falls on the twenty-sixth lunar day, it is better to cancel it, otherwise you can not avoid scandals, fights and other manifestations of the negative aspects of the human character.


Doing shopping on the twenty-sixth lunar day is contraindicated. But this is the ideal time to take the goods for repair, for checking, and also for getting rid of unnecessary things.


symbol: marsh toad
stones: chrysoprase, malachite
body part: foot, sole

Lapels, rassorki, ostudy, rituals to increase jealousy, dirty spoiling, any rites aimed at dislike, scandals and rupture, both in love and in the business sphere. Omorochki, damage to the decline of intelligence and madness, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling and other bad habits.

From divination it is desirable to abstain, rest.

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