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Characteristics of 29th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

Symbol - octopus, hydra, octopus, "Maya".

Such a day is very dangerous and Satanic. It is symbolized by deception, illusions, astral fog and rampant demons. At this time, one must be responsible, one must resist Satanism, fast, abstain and repent. You can engage in, from ordinary affairs, only the most important. It is necessary to drive away bad thoughts, cut off all false connections, fumigate the room, burn candles and allow the body to be cleaned. If possible, avoid darkness and cloudy water. From food preference is best given to baking. The wrong way this day will tell you the call of the trumpet, howls, musical sounds. If this month is not the thirtieth, that is, the last, lunar day, then you can sum up.

This day is very unhappy absolutely for everyone and for everything. Nothing can be started, otherwise absolutely nothing will turn out, there will be only losses and a constant "headache". Dreams on these lunar days can come true.

Love and relationships. Absolutely not suitable for a first date. Besides, today there is a great chance to meet love-illusion, love-seduction, with a feeling that will make us suffer and rush about finding a way out. If you meet for a while, then remember that today it is very easy to quarrel, be offended and angry with each other, talk too much. Postpone the meeting, or control every word and action. To conclude a marriage on this day is absolutely not worth it, since it will be a heavy burden on your life. Sexual contact and conception of the child are not desirable. The most unsuitable day for fun, holidays and feasts, especially with the use of alcohol.

Housework. A great day for general house cleaning and routine chores. But, this is only if you have a strong enough energy. On the twenty-ninth lunar day, you can do household chores only if you feel the strength in yourself. Be careful in your work. As in any of the critical days of the month, there is a danger of injury.

Business and money. This is one of the worst days of the month for financial affairs. In no case do not work with money, do not sign documents, do not give or take a loan, do not carry large sums with you. Trade will not be successful. Postpone the negotiations: all words, decisions and promises are empty and deceptive today. The only type of business that is prosperous on the twenty-ninth lunar day is cleaning companies, that is, cleaning firms.

Dreams. The energy of the day is complicated, this leaves its imprint on dreams. Before going to bed, light a candle and clean the house of space. During the day, try to keep the balance, good mood. Dreams that you will see, analyze with the psychologist if possible. Dreams can be complex, not pleasant and frightening, but in this case it is a reflection of your subconscious, and the fact that it has accumulated, from which you need to be cleansed.

Health. Today it is good to do a body cleaning. Before going to bed, you need to cleanse yourself with water, and keep your feet in cold water. Food should be flour, especially well-baked pies, pancakes and other flour products in the house. It is not very good to do enemas and injections in the buttock. As well as medical other manipulations and procedures for this area.

  • Start 29-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, New Delhi:
  • 21 january 06:51
  • 19 february 06:23
  • 21 march 06:16
  • 19 april 05:20
  • 19 may 05:01
  • 17 june 04:21
  • 17 july 04:48
  • 15 august 04:35
  • 14 september 05:15
  • 14 october 05:48
  • 12 november 05:30
  • 12 december 06:21
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Very unfavorable day for a hairstyle, karmic diseases are possible.


People born on the 29th lunar day are endowed with complex karma, but at the same time they have a very busy life. Since birth they carry a dark power, but at the same time they have the means to fight it. Therefore, they can behave as if they are fighting someone. Long-Lived. Life does not live for joy, but for the atonement of one's sins, often also for the sins of the family, the family. Mistakes on the life path are not rare, as well as temptations. But the easier it is to take the tests, the faster they retreat.
Tip: get rid of negative thoughts. Let the positive into your life!

Bathing in the bath

It is better to skip the bath.


Dreams on this day can scare, be heavy and unpleasant, but they are deceptive.

Stones keepers

It is better not to work with stones at all.

Conception of the child

Conceived on the 29th lunar day is the most difficult to conceive. The person born on this day will fight evil one-on-one, face to face. It is very important that a person copes with this struggle, because he can simply abandon it or turn it into friendship. In ancient times this day was considered forbidden for conception, because there was a certainty that the conceived person would meet with the prince of darkness himself. And who knows what this meeting will turn out for him and his neighbors? On such a day sinners may arise, people with severe inclinations and mental disabilities, or, conversely, monks of high moral strength. In the latter case, a person faces life struggles. The person born on this day is often lonely, subject to depression, in life passes through a multitude of sorrows and trials.

Weather forecast

With the new Moon and its outcome, the weather changes: raw on dry, warm - on frosty, overcast - on clear.

Aromatherapy and home scents

It eliminates sadness, anxiety, depression, helps to forget about troubles, to abandon negative thoughts. Stabilizes the mood. The aroma of orange helps to increase confidence in oneself and optimism. Revitalizes and restores a thin aura, especially after a serious illness. Saturation man by force, strengthens the spirit, increases immunity. This fragrance is associated with the Sun and carries light, dispelling the darkness.


This is the satanic lunar day, with the heaviest and most unfavorable for the entire lunar month.

Dental treatment

This is the satanic lunar day, with the heaviest and most unfavorable for the entire lunar month.


In no case this day can not be married, because it will not last long and will not be the best memory in your life. In addition, this is an absolutely unfavorable period for divorce, because instead of it you will get a scandal, a quarrel, but you still can not decide. In general, today it is better to forget about the conclusion of any union.

If you were planning to get married and today were going to discuss the details of the upcoming event, better postpone it for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, otherwise you will quarrel at the most inopportune moment.


On the twenty-ninth lunar day it is recommended to abandon all types of purchases. None of them will give you joy. As a rule, goods purchased during this period are of poor quality. You can be deceived, you can make a mistake, overpay excess, or buy notoriously what you expected.


symbol: hydra
stones: mother of pearl, serpentine
body part: eyes

Satan's day, the heaviest and most destructive of the entire lunar cycle. Day of the Black Moon, full of the revelry of the Powers of Darkness in their most powerful destructive aspect. The energies of Saturn and Mars at the same time. All the hard, "killer" work: damage to health, to death, revenge on enemies, attacks. Beginners on this day is strictly not recommended.

When guessing, ask only those questions that concern the rupture, death, etc. In general, today it is better not to guess, since the day is characterized by the difficulty of passing astral energies, which threatens with very strong distortions. To interpret prophecies in this period is also not worth it.

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