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Characteristics of 5th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

Symbol - oil for fire, unicorn, signifying fidelity to principles, duty.

It means fidelity to one's principles, duty. It is necessary to pay great attention to this lunar day. Because it is symbolized with the beginning of the assimilation of food and its transformation. It is better to prefer dairy products and to forbid. It's good to go somewhere on such a day, to collect, dry and tincture herbs. You can not starve and fuss.

The first half of this lunar day is not entirely favorable. Confusion and indecision increase, faith in oneself diminishes. Many people in the first half of the day will need the ability and ability to resist negative influences from the outside. It will require great awareness. In the first half of the lunar day, contacts with partners and superiors will be difficult. However, the second half of the lunar day will have to get to support the authorities, new colleagues or friends. This lunar day means an increase in the person's sexual potential, which means that communication with the opposite sex will be successful.

Love and relationships. The unicorn, which is the symbol of this day, is a very mystical animal. According to ancient legends, he appeared to be people, foreshadowing serious changes in their lives, and first of all, in his personal life. Today, there is a very big chance for lonely people to meet their love, so pay attention to all of today's acquaintances. But, note that on the 5th lunar day it's very easy to fall in love at first sight. , that is actually.

Housework. On the fifth lunar day, postpone all household concerns. Do only what is very necessary or can not be postponed (for example, cooking dinner or dinner)

Business and money. All issues related to money are not recommended on the fifth lunar day. This day is unfavorable for financial affairs. It is also not worth the start of a new business. Be sure to give out all your debts.

Dreams. On this day, a good dream can come true, and unpleasant is a dream warning. If you see yourself crying in your sleep, do not be scared, you have a natural cleansing of the body's internal resources. If dreams are connected with the road, with the movement - you are all right. If you dream something unpleasant - it's a sign that you need to take care of your health. Also, a dream can show how your energy flows, how you cope with your tasks. With careful analysis, you can see how the process is going on.

Health. It is necessary to pay attention to the esophagus, with malnutrition can cause nausea, spasms. Today, the intestines and spleen are working hard, so it is not recommended to load them. Diseases that began on these lunar days are often severe and dangerous. It is not advisable to eat meat, nuts, fish and sunflower seeds today.

  • Start 5-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, New Delhi:
  • 25 january 09:55
  • 24 february 09:29
  • 25 march 08:34
  • 24 april 08:34
  • 23 may 08:09
  • 22 june 08:48
  • 21 july 08:31
  • 20 august 09:04
  • 19 september 09:46
  • 18 october 09:42
  • 17 november 10:42
  • 16 december 10:20
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This is a favorable lunar day for haircuts, contributes to an increase in material well-being.


Those born on the 5th lunar day have a strong magical power. And even if you do not develop your abilities, it is human nature to help people. Avoid negative emotions, not provoke others. In the lives of these people, sudden and unexpected changes are possible. Tranquility and wisdom will help to cope with unpredictable situations.
People of this day can combine physical strength with the moral. Avoid fuss and rush. Weak place in the body - the digestive system. There may be problems due to food.
Tip: keep track of what and when you eat. Read positive literature, develop your abilities.

Bathing in the bath

The steam is very useful, choose brooms according to your taste - they fit any. A good day for beginners.


Dreams of these lunar days can be associated with health. Unpleasant dreams can become a hint of the disease. But, as a rule, dreams of the 5th lunar day in general are very favorable, because they talk about the road and travel.

Stones keepers

Amber, turquoise, pink chalcedony.

Conception of the child

How ambiguous is the 5th lunar day, so the fate of the child conceived on this day will be changeable and ambiguous. One can not say for certain whether this person will be happy or not. He can be pursued by strong and dangerous enemies, and for his misdeeds and mistakes he will bitterly pay. The evil that he will cause people during his life, will return to him in full. But all this does not mean that he will be unhappy. Lessons of fate are never given to us for no reason. And only thanks to life's losses and turmoil, he will be able to realize much and understand the value of happiness.

Weather forecast

On the fifth day, on a new moon, there is almost always a strong wind.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Provides full energy relaxation. Protects against negative energies. A wonderful remedy for overwork, overexcitement, irritability and aggression. Eliminates tearfulness and hysterical reactions. Restores sleep.


Those wishing to marry on the fifth lunar day should be prepared for the fact that their relationship will be constantly subject to various changes, and the family life will be full of rapid changes as a material plan (constant change of housing, work, options for farming, etc.) and spiritual (the discovery of new horizons of comprehension of their true nature, the constant search for new ways and the like).

To conclude a marriage in the fifth lunar day can be those who prefer to travel a lot and who are not attracted to sedentary life in one place, who are attracted by adventure and distant countries.


Today you can buy anything you like - from small items to household appliances, from children's toys to apartments. But you should also be careful, all the scrupulous study before you finally pay off the seller. The fifth lunar day is a changeable time, what seems good today, tomorrow, the hour is not equal, will appear to you from another side. So do not rush, and carefully examine everything and only then pay money. Also now is a good time to exchange in all areas.


symbol: oil for the lamp
stones: chalcedony, amber, turquoise
part of body: esophagus

From this lunar day begins an intense magical work. Work with herbs: collection, infusion, charging, making potions and medicines; spells and lapels (to incite hatred) through the potion, which are fed and soldered to the object, and are made on this day, act best.

One should only speculate on topics related to internal changes, ask questions about the state of mind, as well as those that directly point to any cardinal changes in your life. You can guess only on yourself. Even if someone asks you to, politely refuse. Now this is very dangerous, you can not resist the temptation to interpret the prophecy from the point of view of your own selfish interests, than you can violate the moral code of the magician.

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