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Moon Capricorn

In the sign of Capricorn

Overall forecast

In the house of Saturn - the god of time, patience, asceticism and trials. On the throne of Mars - the god of will, impetuosity, courage. In the element of the Earth.

Emotions and behavior. The emotional background in this period is one of the most stable. The enthusiasm and romanticism inherent in the Moon in Sagittarius passes, sober, unhurried emotions will prevail. People behave more cautiously, more calmly, concreteness, practicality, rationality prevail. If the lunar day is unfavorable, emotional cold, indifference, manipulation of the feelings of others with selfish goals can manifest themselves.

Job. The performance is essentially increasing. People work patiently, peacefully, productively. At this time, it is easy to build a strategic trend of business and production, identify goals and create future management guidelines. This period is successful for employees of government structures - chiefs, officials, where obedience, discipline and a practical approach are required. If the Moon arrives and the aspects of other planets are favorable, one can begin fundamental, serious, long-term projects that will require patience and interaction. This time is good for politicians, producers, lawyers. Less favorable to traders, because many will consider every cent. These days are also less favorable for artists, creators, artisans.

Finances and values. These days are favorable to purchase long-lasting, practical, useful things, also for the purchase of a land plot (however, it is necessary to check whether the retrograde periods of Mercury, Venus and Mars contradict such cases). At this time, it's better to buy than sell.

Love. The novel that begins now will develop gradually: not sentimentality prevails, but practicality, profit. More value is given to the form, the image. However, if the feelings are sincere, if you manage to break the wall of distrust, suspicion and cold, this day can surprise "fire" slowly developing passion. Relationships often begin because experiencing loneliness, fear of being left alone. Relationships started now will last a long time, if the first day is successful, both partners are satisfied. Respect and gain, sometimes passion, will accompany them, however, not sentimentality. When the Moon in Capricorn, you should be able to wait, patiently and carefully to strive for the goal - for this you will be rewarded with serious, deep feelings.

Health. Sensitive parts of the body: bones, spine, joints, especially the knees - rheumatism, radiculitis becomes aggravated, the body becomes more sensitive to accumulated salts. This period is suitable for treating the abdomen, diaphragm, breast, lymphatic system. For people aged, loneliness, old age become especially tangible ... Contraindicated all operations related to the teeth and the spine. It is very dangerous on this day to contact the healers about the correction of bones and the treatment of the spine. Stomach in the days of Capricorn will forgive you all the gastronomic excesses. It shows the operation on the stomach, treatment of gastritis, ulcer diseases. A respiratory practice is recommended. You can conduct mammography and plastic surgery to reduce or increase the mammary glands, examination of the organs of hearing, stomach, spleen, gall bladder. The best effect in the restoration of health will bring the running, fast walking. Avoid overload and cherish the heart these days are Lionesses. To improve blood circulation to women of all signs and, especially, Capricorn, it is recommended to take hot baths, do warming whole body massage.

Children. Children become more peaceful, but prone to stealth, stubbornness, a thirst to control. Help them develop a positive experience of order, discipline, punctuality, thrift. Teach them to develop the will, to achieve the goal. Encourage them to dream of a future profession, a vocation: on such days distant goals are more easily formed. It is especially important to teach children to respect and love old people, traditions, history, develop their patience.

  • Entering the Moon as a sign Capricorn in 2023 year, New Delhi:
  • 20 january 00:41
  • 16 february 10:29
  • 15 march 17:35
  • 11 april 23:03
  • 9 may 05:02
  • 5 june 13:00
  • 2 july 22:50
  • 30 july 09:14
  • 26 august 18:35
  • 23 september 01:50
  • 20 october 07:24
  • 16 november 13:11
  • 13 december 21:01
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The moon in Capricorn is considered one of the most favorable time for visiting a hairdresser. Hair grows well, is poured by force, it is less divided after a hairstyle.


The position of the Moon in Capricorn speaks of a prudent, attentive and persistent nature. Man with the Moon in Capricorn is distinguished by diligence, perseverance, ambition; in all that he does, is extremely collected, accurate and cautious. Lunar Capricorn in the negative - this embodied suspiciousness, selfishness, secrecy, indecision. Poor upbringing and just a depressed mood are the two main factors that form the negative. In this case, Capricorn is prone to frequent depressions, is subject to stress and badly copes with them, pathologically fears failures, is not sure of its future, we are tormented by various doubts and fears. In this version, caution grows into a pathological fear of loss and error. As a result, a person is reinsured twenty times and receives nothing, because he has time to miss the right moment and lose all opportunities. He is secretive, does not go to full frankness even with friends, is not inclined to stormy feelings and the more vivid manifestations of his emotions. But the lunar Capricorn in a positive, with a harmonious mental state and good upbringing is a conscientious intellectual, very responsible, constant. If many other lunar signs are distinguished by intuition, the trump card of the lunar Capricorn is logic.

This is a real pragmatist. He hates empty conversations, reflections and dreams: either he will immediately get down to business, or at all will not think about it. Shaking of air and air locks are not for lunar Capricorn.

This is a realist, he looks at the world objectively, adequately assessing what is happening. As a rule, his assessment is accurate, and the conclusion is undeniable: he does not base his opinion on a momentary impression or suspicion, but on the basis of subtle analysis.

Work . In work, the lunar Capricorn is persistent, responsible, diligent, accurate, patient. He is a great diplomat, he knows how to negotiate, bargain, find compromises, persuade, convince. Has an innate sense of tact. He considers money well. Thanks to such invaluable qualities, the lunar Capricorn has every chance to make an enviable career. Very often he chooses a profession once and for all, he can change jobs, but he does not like to change the field of activity, he does it very rarely, at most 2-3 times in his life. He needs a job that interests him, and he finds this specialty. Lunar Capricorn is a person of the system, so he is well able to work related to logical thinking. For him the structure of the firm in which he works is important, from the very first day he must know his immediate superior - and will obey only him. If he himself becomes a boss, the subordinates can forget about what familiarity is: the hierarchy will be very tough. Like discipline. But in many respects the subordinates are lucky, because he is an excellent organizer, under his leadership they will grow faster as specialists.

Career . Secretly, each lunar Capricorn wants to be the boss, because he is ambitious, and even better - a famous person, because he wants to be famous and popular. This is something he rarely confesses to himself, but it would be worth it: these are excellent qualities for a careerist, without them it is impossible to achieve serious results. In all areas, the lunar Capricorn strives for success - for him this is the most important indicator of the quality of life. But he's not one of those who want to break free. He needs to do everything, otherwise he will lose respect for himself, and his success will cease to be really valuable for him.

The house . In everyday life the lunar Capricorn requires cleanliness and frugality. Note that the purity in this case is not the same as the order. Unlike the lunar Cancer, who wants everything to shine and lie in place, or the lunar Sagittarius, which is important - remember where everything is, lunar Capricorn looks at life easier. He needs to find the object where he left - more is not required. Even if there are blockages in the house, he will find in them the thing necessary to him. If only there was no dust on the furniture, dirt on the floor and unwashed dishes in the sink. At the same time he is unpretentious, able to confine himself to the most necessary. It is irreplaceable in campaigns, expeditions and other cases, where everyday life is considerably complicated. In any difficult situation - even though on the road, even in a financial crisis - it will not go out of your way to create maximum comfort - rather, it will limit your desires and / or expenses. Often this is quite enough.

Relationships . In a romantic relationship, the lunar Capricorn is not always as lucky as in business life. He is able to be very emotional, albeit restrained in the manifestation of feelings. But if he does not show them, this does not mean that they are not: they can be very strong, just this person does not show what he thinks belongs only to him. Therefore, he does not like intimate conversations with little-known people. In addition, the lunar Capricorn is valuable for the partner in that it can perfectly behave in the hands. He does not like conflicts, he does not break off at his relatives. He is disciplined, you can come to an agreement with him. He does not like to cry, he prefers to solve the problem.

Aspirations . A very characteristic feature of the personality of the lunar Capricorn is the striving for perfection. He understands this as a high standard. Unlike some other lunar signs, for him it is not at all humiliating to be equal to anyone. He always strives to conquer new peaks, constantly improves himself as a person, as a professional. In addition, for him the social status is very important.

The main emotional problem of lunar Capricorn is the inability to find psychological relaxation. Due to its secrecy and restraint, the lunar Capricorn is very heavy on the manifestation of feelings - both bad and good. As a result, he has emotional stagnation.

All the bad things that happen to him, he experiences extremely painful. Therefore, it often lies in wait for stress, to find a way out of which it can not. As a consequence, the negative energy in it stagnates, giving rise to disappointment and even despair. This is difficult, unpleasant and, in the end, leads to the formation of the negative, which we outlined above. Using his unprecedented patience and persistence, the lunar Capricorn could fold mountains. But often he lacks internal energy. Therefore, we need to look for its sources if not in ourselves, then in the surrounding environment.

Gardener - watering plants

Favorable for watering the signs of the elements of the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) - akin to the element of Water.

Collection of herbs

Disease of bones, joints and skin.

Planning a child's sex

The moon is in the female zodiacal sign.

Weather forecast

The Cold Day reigns in the world. Although the thermometer shows a high temperature, the earth is cold, sometimes you have goosebumps from a tiny breeze blowing. The sky is covered with clouds. Pay special attention to your health, as these days the danger of colds increases.

Nutrition and weight loss

When the Moon passes the signs of the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), the body needs more salt. Salt these days is almost harmless, so you can forget for a while that it is called a white death. Excess salt is really harmful to health, but in moderation everything is good and everything is useful. Salt, which we use these days, improves blood composition and is not put off where it is not supposed to. However, if you have serious contraindications regarding the use of salt, be careful. If there are no contraindications, then these days you can afford as many salty as you want.

These days you can eat herring, pickles, salt nuts, you can slightly more than usual salt different dishes. Consumption of foods that contain many proteins, fats and carbohydrates, it is better to limit.


The procedures and operations on the stomach and liver will go well.
You can not conduct any procedures and operations on the skin, bones, gall bladder, spine, teeth. Today, these bodies are particularly vulnerable.

Dental treatment

Unfavorable time for any procedures with teeth while passing the moon on the signs of Aries, Taurus and Capricorn, tk. head organs are now particularly vulnerable. At this time is fraught with not only the danger of manipulation, but also the risk of complications.


The moon in Capricorn, a good time for a wedding.


Good for purchasing non-residential buildings, antiques. In general, the purchase and sale of land, real estate, rent - are favorable. With the Moon in Capricorn, it's best to make the biggest purchases that you planned for a month. For example, to buy a refrigerator, building materials or large property. Gifts, if possible, it is better to buy on other days, but, if necessary, try to keep them in a classical style. Under the Moon in Capricorn, you should not commit yourself to future obligations, but also to lend money. Here the Moon is under the influence of strict, economical Saturn. We are less emotional than usual, we are drawn to everything simple and concise. This is one of the best periods for major purchases. Especially if it's about technology. Practical and respectable, as a rule, are clothes, shoes and leather goods. Interior items and decoration materials for the house, when the Moon in Capricorn, it is better not to buy: what now can like, then it will start to seem some kind of official and uncomfortable.


Magic for career, political issues. When you find the full moon in Capricorn, you can be fortunate in connection with promotion, especially in terms of achieving success or climbing to the top of the service ladder. Capricorn can be very ambitious, so his energy can spur careerist aspirations. Time perfectly suits to overcome any difficulties, clearing the path to success.


These days are not suitable for all plastic surgeries, but they are perfect for cosmetic procedures for skin care of face and body. When the waning moon is in Capricorn, have time to use these days to remove unnecessary outgrowths and spots on the skin (for example, warts, moles, pigmentation, scars). The days when the Moon is in Capricorn, but on the contrary, grows, are ideal for nourishing and moisturizing the skin. On such days it is desirable to make nutritious vitamin masks, to perform rejuvenating procedures. This time is best for manicure and pedicure.

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