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Moon Libra

In the sign of Libra

Overall forecast

In the house of Venus - the goddess of love, beauty and wealth. On the throne of Saturn - the god of legality, responsibility and strength. In the element of Air.

Emotions and behavior. When the Moon enters Libra, we again begin to look for elegance and lightness. Familiarity, passionate manifestation of feelings seem unacceptable, completely inappropriate, untimely. Equilibrium, proportion, elegance are key qualities that determine success these days. Increased predisposition to aesthetics, elitism. Justice problems also become important, more can be achieved through diplomacy, not force. If you try to break the peace, generally accepted social norms, you may face a strong confrontation.

Job. This is a successful period for lawyers, law enforcement officers, politicians, psychologists, those who are engaged in public work. It's also a good time in the field of women's beauty. Beauty salons, luxury clothing trade, cosmetics are flourishing at this time. It is good to visit a hairdresser's: it's time for a new hairstyle, the formation of a new image. Success will accompany celebrations, fashion shows, performances. This period is also favorable for massage specialists, photographers, artists.

Finances and values. This period can bring great financial success, valuable agreements. Purchases are beautiful, and if they are not designed for prestige and external effects, they will be durable, comfortable, valuable. Usually I want to buy exceptional things - it's the time of collectors. However, gullible people are easy to tempt with too expensive things. These days are especially suitable for the acquisition of comfort items: luxury furniture or clothes, works of art, perfume, antiques.

Love. These are days of harmonious and pure love. Relationships can nicely combine sincere feelings and mutual benefit - the basis of a true marriage. That is why it is a period of successful marriage. In love, how you express your feelings will be of great importance. Flowers bought by a lady, a gift, your appearance, social status will also determine a lot. Not allowed vulgarity, abuse of alcohol, and rudeness, haste can destroy everything. Key qualities - cleanliness in a relationship, elegance, harmony, patience.

Health. Sensitive parts of the body: kidneys, urinary system, female genitalia, endocrine system. Do not treat these parts of the body. You can successfully treat the eyes, ears, as well as head and brain diseases, do plastic surgery. Vulnerable to the kidneys, so you can not overload them. The endocrine system, especially the pancreas, is also vulnerable. People with diabetes and pancreatitis should be careful these days. The beginning of procedures for getting rid of excess weight of everything to do at this time. Undesirable changes in temperature, visiting the sauna, injuring blood vessels and increased stress on the legs. In the diet must predominate raw vegetables and fruits. It is necessary to reduce the amount of liquid drunk, replace it with mineral water without gas or infusion of kidney grasses. In Aries and Cancers, the occurrence of meteosensitivity and allergic reactions is possible. These days you can do plastic surgery, pull out teeth, treat ears, stand on your head, develop senses. The beginning of procedures for getting rid of excess weight is best done at this time. Very useful gymnastics for the eyes, exercises on the flexibility of the spine, a full body massage.

Children. Children are more peaceful, located to communicate, but the increased sense of justice draws into disputes or causes them to hesitate and hesitate for a long time. Help them find a fair solution in reality. Teach them moderation, restraint. Conclude a mutually beneficial agreement with the child on some disputable issue. Give him to experience the charm, strength, joy of being faithful to the agreement with you, become a partner for them.

  • Entering the Moon as a sign Libra in 2023 year, New Delhi:
  • 13 january 08:26
  • 9 february 14:16
  • 8 march 20:13
  • 5 april 03:20
  • 2 may 11:38
  • 29 may 20:20
  • 26 june 04:27
  • 23 july 11:24
  • 19 august 17:23
  • 15 september 23:14
  • 13 october 05:52
  • 9 november 13:37
  • 6 december 22:04
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The Moon in Libra helps to make air hairstyles, promotes rapid hair growth, but their quality and condition does not affect them.


The person in whose horoscope the Moon is in Libra, first of all, strives for inner harmony. Peace of mind for him is the most important thing in life. He is socially active, focused on building a career, wants to be successful. Relations with the opposite sex are not easy for him, despite the fact that the lunar Libra is a very attractive person with a beautiful appearance. This person is charming, often does not make efforts to please others, - the first impression about him, as a rule, is favorable. Lunar Libra can excellently "submit themselves": they dress beautifully and stylishly, taste jewelry and make-up with taste, and such things are experiencing weakness. They like to go shopping; Even if there is no money to make a purchase, they are happy to just look.

Lunar Libra tend to play a role, life for them often turns out to be a theater involuntarily, where it is necessary to match the given role. By the way, actors from them turn out quite good, but when it is necessary to pretend in a life - they test discomfort though they know how to perform similar "tricks".

When such a person feels in something imperfect (from clothing to internal state), his self-esteem is sharply reduced. Behavior becomes challenging, eccentric. Lunar Libra in the negative (with poor upbringing, in depression, in prolonged stress) is a person unbalanced, nervous, fussy, careless, irresponsible, inclined to extremes. Although in general the lunar Libra distinguishes the slightest shades of feelings, they know how to find compromises. In the positive and normative are kind, tactful, polite, conscientious people. Easy to go to contact, enjoyable in communication. They are able to find a common language with others, even if new acquaintances are very different at the intellectual level, social level, interests. True, in the case of such a mismatch, the lunar Libra will not open the soul and demand it from others. They will confine themselves to superficial contact, leaving a favorable opinion of the unobtrusive interlocutor.

Career . Such a person is undeniably talented and intelligent, capable of thoughtful analysis. Before making a decision, the lunar Libra weighs all the pros and cons. But sometimes prolonged meditation and hesitation prevent them from taking the first step. If such a person has decided something, then he will rush to the intended goal as if this is the meaning of all life. Every Libya task that appears appears to be very emotional. Long failures, long longer - deceptions and betrayals. They hate to be deceived, can not stand, when they are gossiped and weave intrigues against them. They can be angry, they are extremely unpleasant in anger, because they throw a whole storm of emotions on their guilty head.

Work . They are good at collective work, although they are good at acting alone. But when working in a group they need a supportive environment; even if the work is interesting, but with colleagues or the boss there is an emotional discord, in this place the lunar Libra will not stay long. With unpleasant work will go away easily, experiencing relief. Although bitter memories will take care of their soul and memory. The same is true of personal relationships. Tired of the current situation, is able to break the vicious circle in one movement, mercilessly parting with his past.

Relationships . Lunar Libra love art - music, literature, cinema, painting. They strive for beauty and comfort, they know how to create it. In this they are helped by innate agility and enterprise. In the life of a satellite, appearance is valued, although this condition is not the main thing for them, but it is obligatory. Work should also bring aesthetic satisfaction. From the Lunar Libra, the excellent employees of the beauty industry - make-up artists, stylists, hairdressers, fashion designers, cosmetologists, plastic surgeons, etc., are obtained.

As this person understands, it often turns out to be an unarmed psychologist. He feels other people's experiences, takes close to heart the problems of his friends and loved ones, does not like to swear, tends to settle conflicts and to reconcile the quarreled. Freely feels in public, able to be realized in public professions, will become a good journalist, writer, teacher, announcer, operator.

Communication . Lunar Libra loves spending time in cheerful companies. Going on vacation in a quiet place, promise to spend time in silence, not to get acquainted with anyone, but to communicate only when necessary. But in the end they will last for 2-3 days in such austerity. Then it turns out that they are already familiar with the good half of the resort, and on the last day they are escorted by all the locals. If possible, the Lunar Libra will spend a vacation abroad, because they like to travel and discover something new. On trips they necessarily get acquainted with the inhabitants of the country, they study the peculiarities of the national character not in guides, but in practice. Often the lunar Libra is the soul of the company. Many consider them to be very open, although this frankness is seeming. Such a person will open his soul only before a very close friend, with whom he feels a kinship. This emotionality does not interfere with logic: the lunar Libra - the person is quite reasonable. They are intuitive, their forebodings are rarely deceived, especially with regard to relationships with other people.

Gardener - watering plants

In these days, moisture can damage the flowers of plants, and they start pests. But if the summer is not arid and rains are frequent enough, do not worry too much about watering, nature will do it yourself.

Collection of herbs

Problems with hips, kidney and bladder disease.

Planning a child's sex

The moon is in the male zodiacal sign.

Weather forecast

Day of Light and Air reigns in the world. Earth and plants receive more light, for people these days are also very pleasant. Sometimes, even if the sky is covered with clouds, the driver wants to put on sunglasses. In days of Light and Air, everything very quickly burns out in the sun.

Nutrition and weight loss

When the Moon passes the signs of the elements of Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), the body needs fats. In too large quantities to consume fatty foods even these days is not recommended. It is desirable to give preference to fats of vegetable origin. These days you can afford, of course, and meat, and fatty milk, and cheese, but all this - in moderation.

But practically without measure you can use nuts, vegetable salads with vegetable oil. Nuts and vegetable oil contain the greatest amount of vegetable fats, which in the days of fat will give you all the best that is in them, and will not cause harm.


The procedures and operations in the head area will be well performed: ears, nose, tongue, eyes, plastic surgery on the face, treatment and removal of teeth, etc.
Do not perform any procedures and operations on the kidneys, thighs, bladder and pancreas. Today, these bodies are particularly vulnerable.

Dental treatment

Favorable time for any procedures with teeth while passing the moon on the signs of Cancer, Libra and Scorpio. Wounds will heal better, and accordingly, it will be easier to undergo treatment and denture.


A good time for marriage, engagement, starting a relationship. This sign is prone to family life and partnership. In addition, the invited guests will be cozy and comfortable at the holiday.


It's not the right time for business. You can buy small things. Favorable days for the purchase of works of art. With the Moon in Libra, it's good to buy clothes for yourself and as a gift. The most favorable time for ordering things on fashionable and stylish catalogs. These days are very suitable for updating your wardrobe, buying jewelry and art objects. In this sign, the night star again visits Venus. This is the ideal time to purchase all kinds of cosmetics and perfumes. You will unerringly choose a shampoo for anyone, even the most complex - hair type. As for clothes, you can look out for something exceptional, not for every day - and how much money you have not invested in this "something", you will not be sorry later. The right moment is also for the acquisition of interior items, decoration materials, as most people have a greater flair for successful combinations.


The magic of court cases, partnerships and art. All kinds of magic aimed at improving peace and cooperation. Suitable (in the full moon phase) for spells about a good life companion, especially if you want to bring balance and harmony into your relationship. Generally, in these days of balance, strengthen the positive side of things and events.


The Moon in Libra is ideal for cosmetic surgery in the face and neck area, especially if the moon is decreasing. Also an excellent solution these days is a visit to the dentist. It's good to make gymnastics for the eyes, for the body, massage of the face and body with the Moon in Libra. The body responds well to aromatherapy, and absorbs all the most useful of essential oils.

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