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Moon Scorpio

In the sign of Scorpio

Overall forecast

In the house of Mars - the god of masculinity and war; in the house of Pluto - the god of death and rebirth, magic, sexual energy, passion. On the throne of Uranus (in exaltation) - the god of providence, change. In the element of Water.

Emotions and behavior. The position of the Moon in Scorpio is very passionate and mysterious. All accumulated in the subconscious is put forward to the fore: passion, jealousy, aggression, the thirst for power, the desire to win. Instincts now take precedence. In these periods, more fights and psychological pressure. However, this time allows a person to more easily know the depths of his soul, to exceed his possibilities - a sudden transformation, the awakening of the soul, important spiritual discoveries are close. Do not try to hide the facts, but do not disclose all your plans, do not be too tense, do not try to implement secret designs. Beware of resentment of someone from others. It's easier to start things that require more courage, determination. However, it is more difficult for criminals to cope with themselves, they are more inclined to extremes. These are the days of martial arts, the soldiers of the Spirit. More experienced people are more aware of how to take control of enslaving passions.

Job. Not only fighters or those prone to crime become more active, but also those who are involved in power structures: military, police, security structures, etc. Increased interest in magic, magic, secret esoteric sciences. This period is favorable for artists, because feelings, passions are hot, the subconscious provides many opportunities for self-expression. This period is less favorable for teachers: students are more interested in love affairs and evil jokes. Favorable time for signing documents, renting out property, painting work premises, showing trust, solving problems, sending detailed inquiries, starting campaigns against competitors, making important transactions. A good time for activities in the field of police control, surgery, research, exploration, meat trade, mining, investment management, and also in the area associated with funerals.

Finances and values. These are the days of brave people, big business. You can unexpectedly get or lose a large sum of money - medium variants are rare. The moon in Scorpio is a period full of risk and big money. If you want to succeed, do not hesitate, be firm, or do not start at all-let strong people do it. Purchases are successful, if it's proven stocks, metal products, sports cars, fighting attributes, esoteric literature, sex accessories, artwork.

Health. Sensitive are the genitals and anus, often flare up hemorrhoids and prostate diseases, inflammation. You can successfully treat the throat, neck, thyroid, lower jaw, endocrine system. In addition, it is not recommended to eat spicy food. These days, constipation may appear. In this treatment is contraindicated. You can treat the endocrine system (except the prostate gland), the throat, the upper respiratory tract, you can remove glands, adenoids, treat sinusitis, rhinitis, rhinitis, treat teeth. Energy costs increase significantly, so Libra, Taurus and Scorpions are allowed some deviations from the usual diet. Purification of the intestine is contraindicated. Diet, walks in the fresh air are necessary for Sagittarius. Scorpio women should not be allowed to overheat the lower body, for a day choose shoes with a low heel. Effective surgical and conservative treatment of varicose veins in Aquarius and Pisces.

Children. At this time, prone to insolence and demonstration of power, are difficult to control, tend to do everything themselves, often become more aggressive, vindictive. Predominant unpredictable emotional reactions, adolescents are prone to "break". The child must learn to manage his fears, fears, weaknesses, aggression, he must experience the positive side of self-control, enjoy his strength, perseverance. Martial arts and sports will most likely help develop perseverance. Also it will be possible to express emotions in music, art. It should be ensured that they do not annoy the younger and the weak and do not get to things that are not intended for their eyes. The main thing - do not fight with the child these days, but open for him the mysterious side of the world: do a little childish miracle, talk about angels, magic, immortality of the soul, miracles. Show your care, protection of the child (or loved one) - he is especially jealous at this time.

  • Entering the Moon as a sign Scorpio in 2023 year, New Delhi:
  • 15 january 17:38
  • 12 february 00:04
  • 11 march 05:35
  • 7 april 11:59
  • 4 may 20:02
  • 1 june 05:14
  • 28 june 14:25
  • 25 july 22:25
  • 22 august 04:52
  • 18 september 10:28
  • 15 october 16:33
  • 12 november 00:09
  • 9 december 09:04
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The moon in Scorpio is very insidious and can both improve and worsen your personal life and relationships with partners of the opposite sex.


A man in whose horoscope the Moon is in Scorpio, is a nature ambitious and passionate. Lunar Scorpio is a person whose self-confidence can not be shaken by any person, any circumstance. In life, this quality is often valuable. But only if it does not turn into its opposite. Lunar Scorpio in the negative - this is insidiousness, stubbornness, selfishness, causticity, touchiness, cruelty, rudeness, aggressiveness, rancor, lack of tact. In such a state, his self-confidence transcends the line beyond which an overestimated self-esteem begins. Then the greatest mistakes are made: a person simply is not able to adequately assess his actions and therefore makes the wrong steps. In this case it often turns out that to convince him is simply meaningless. He can take up a business that is not capable of pulling, or making commitments that he will never fulfill. But he does it not from disorder, but from the belief that he will be able to do everything, although, in fact, no matter how strong a person may be, his opportunities are limited. In such or nearly such circumstances, Scorpio becomes simply unbearable-more precisely, its sharpness, quick temper, and readiness to explode with or without is unbearable. In anger lunar Scorpions are not so terrible, how reckless. And this is even worse, because if you do not think about the consequences, you can mess things up that will have to be put in order for a very long time. If we talk about the positive qualities of the lunar Scorpio, then it is primarily a man of iron endurance. Even if something deeply affects his soul, he will not give his mind and keep a stone, and even more often - a contemptuous expression on his face. But in the soul the lunar Scorpions are capable of strong experiences. They can show mercy and compassion, but in their own way. The same can be said about their sincerity: this is the sphere in which they are often not in the first roles.

Lunar Scorpions can be insensitive and laugh at someone else's spiritual tragedies. Just do not begin to assure a person that everything is fine, if they think that everything is bad and it will be worse. In this respect, the lunar Scorpions with their cynicism are not the best comforters and vests for crying.

Although, if you met such a "psychologist" on your way, it's better not to forget: his shown cruelty is only self-defense, he too is capable of suffering, and very much. But such people are a good support for those who are looking for not the tears of old wounds, but for constructive actions and changes. If there is a lunar Scorpion next to him - he will give part of his active force, which he has more than enough.

Career . Lunar Scorpio - a man not only discreet, but also disciplined. These qualities, multiplied by diligence, efficiency, willpower, wit and diligence, help to make a good, sometimes even brilliant career. Lunar Scorpio will not hold on to any one workplace, it will easily pass to another, to another firm.

The most terrible thing for Scorpio is to be an unrecognized genius. He reasonably believes that his achievements should be noted. Another useful quality of such a careerist is the ability to bring any business to the end.

Lunar Scorpio is able to complete what has been started, even if it causes him considerable inconvenience. Very useful quality for a bona fide worker, striving for career heights. He is a profitable employee and a manager: he makes excellent plans, and in business planning - fifty percent of success. He has everything on the graphs, and for years ahead: how many years to marry, in what month to go abroad, in what year to receive promotion, how many years to buy a car.

Relationships . Lunar Scorpio is a nature of heightened sensuality. The latter is rarely sublimely romantic and inactive. The energy of his passion is strong and assertive. It is important for him to struggle for the object of desire, he does not appreciate what came into his own hands, for which it was not worth fighting. But if the lunar Scorpion was struck by some kind of feeling - it is to be expected that this will be for him for a long time. His experiences are deep, emotions are very strong, both positive and negative. Under their influence, such a person makes a decision - often rashly, often in vain. For example, angered by a best friend, tears with him so that they can not be restored, and then regrets it. Having met a pretty face in the period of spleen, you can easily grab the "chosen one (tsu)" by the hand and run to the registry office, then to live in hell for months and share the property. And after all, the lunar Scorpion is capable of such things - and to quarrel with a friend, and to communicate with no one with whom. Vengeance is also present in the character of these people, they can wait very long, but then sting.

Aspirations . Lunar Scorpio does not recognize obstacles, it moves decisively and rudely to the goal, believes that all means are good, does not disdain to use other people. Therefore, so often he makes many enemies. Plus, Scorpio perfectly reads in the souls of other people. It's hard to deceive, although, if you try, you can circle your finger. Unlike some other signs, the lunar Scorpions have nothing against riddles and changes. They love adventures, they themselves look for and find.

People regard the lunar Scorpion as a secretive person, and they are very close to the truth. True, he often tries to surround himself with a haze of mystery. And all because he has a keen interest in everything unknown, incomprehensible, inexplicable: what could be more interesting than deciphering oneself? And, of course, the lunar Scorpions will not tell everyone about their plans. These are people who always keep some secret or weave an intrigue. What and why they do is their problems, they will not devote anybody to their motives. Riddles and secrets are interesting to them because they are a good ground for the manifestation of intuition. And in the lunar Scorpions it is very strong, especially with regard to the underlying causes of some events. They are born explorers. They always "see to the root", they do not have a surface, rather, on the contrary, they are able to tire their crookedness and meticulousness.

Gardener - watering plants

On this day the best qualities of water appear, it feeds the plant to the best of measure, but does not lead to its decay or death from waterlogging. In addition, the days of Water are the days when the Moon acts on a leaf. Hence, the moisture will go to the leaves, and only from there to the fruits and flowers. If the plant is leafy, the leaves will be juicy, strong, if it's flowers or a fruit plant - fruits and flowers will be moistened to the best of measure, not watery or drooping from excessive moisture.

Collection of herbs

Diseases of the genital and urinary organs. Scorpio is a good sign for collecting any herbs.

Planning a child's sex

The moon is in the female zodiacal sign.

Weather forecast

The Day of Water reigns in the world. On such days the land is rarely dry. Increases the likelihood of precipitation. If you are going to sit on the ground during a picnic, do not leave the house without a rug and do not forget to bring a raincoat or an umbrella. Pay attention to how much the windows are fogging up at this time.

Nutrition and weight loss

When the Moon passes the signs of the elements of Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), the body especially needs carbohydrates. Many carbohydrates are found in bakery products, in sweet and flour dishes. Naturally, here, too, you need to know the measure, especially if you are overweight. But to eat bread and sweets in excess of the norm these days is not a sin - the harm will be less than usual, and the benefits are greater. But give up foods containing large amounts of fat, protein and salt.


Well undergo procedures and operations in the upper respiratory tract, throat, removal of glands, adenoids, dental treatment. Recommended compresses around the neck.
Do not perform any procedures and operations on the genitals, rectum and pelvic region. Today, these bodies are particularly vulnerable.

Dental treatment

Favorable time for any procedures with teeth while passing the moon on the signs of Cancer, Libra and Scorpio. Wounds will heal better, and accordingly, it will be easier to undergo treatment and denture.


The moon in Scorpio, an unfavorable time for marriage.


It's a good time for purchases of recyclables, organic fertilizers. With the Moon in Scorpio sometimes strange things are bought, not like they always are. For example, non-standard equipment or certain "know-how". Well, if you are determined to declare a decisive battle to cockroaches and other insects of the "guards", traps, powders and aerosols should be bought against them in these two days. If you have long been going to throw old furniture out of the house or carry out a reshuffle, do it when the Moon is in Scorpio. Here, the Moon falls into the domain of the formidable Pluto. This period is generally unfavorable for purchases. The most terrible thing that can be done is to go for interior items, decoration materials for your apartment or, say, plumbing. With all these chances to miss the most. Refrain also from buying clothes and shoes - too high a likelihood of marriage, and things easily wear out and lose their original appearance.


The magic of revealing secrets and spiritual growth. You can conjure in order to find passion and love. Time is also ideal for the magic of success in business and winning in court. This position of the moon gives a very large force (especially the full moon). This astrological position is also associated with healing, especially with the healing of the mind and feelings. Contemplation at this time can give deep, though sometimes disturbing, results, so use it carefully. And in magic and in life, strive for gentleness, when the Moon passes this energetic sign.


At the Moon in Scorpio it is recommended to do massage of the whole body with the help of oils. It is necessary to reduce these days the number of water procedures, even washing is better replaced by rubbing the face with a lotion or milk for the face. It is undesirable to use hormonal cosmetics. This time is perfect for cosmetic procedures in the décolleté area, especially contrasting compresses.

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