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Weather on the Moon on january 2024 year

Weather forecast for Luna on january 2024 year Weather on the Moon on january 2024

The moon during its month (about 28 days) has 4 turning points, known to all as quarters (new moon, 1st quarter, full moon, last quarter). According to Biruni, these 4 quarters correspond to the 4 seasons of the year, and the weather changes according to them, depending, of course, on "external heat received from the Sun". The 1st week of the month (from new moon to the 1st quarter) is similar in nature to spring - hot and humid, 2nd week (from 1st quarter to full moon) - like summer - hot and dry, 3rd week (from full moon to the last quarter) - reminds of autumn - cold and dry, and the 4th week (from the last quarter to the new moon) - similar to the winter - cold and damp. Of course, that in winter and summer these characteristics (for example, cold and wet) will be slightly different, but the essence of weather changes will be this.

In addition to the fact that the moon "turns" the weather, changing phases, it can still help to predict what kind of weather awaits us. For this you need to observe her passage through the Zodiac Signs. The moon, passing through the signs of Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) often brings warm and dry weather, if on this day it rains, then with a thunderstorm. The days when the Moon is in the signs of Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are called days of Light, these days seem more sunny, but not very hot, since often there is a wind. The Moon in the signs of the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) often gives relatively cool weather. The Moon in the signs of Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) often brings rain or cloudy weather.

Let's look at some famous people's signs about the weather on the moon. Great importance in the old days was attached to the location of the young moon - horns upwards or horns down. It was believed that the recumbent moon (that is, the horns upwards) portends bad weather; if in the first quarter the crescent moon in a standing position approaching the vertical crescent, or in the oblique, it foreshadows the dry weather; a quiet month to rain; "In the young month of the horn at midnight (up) - to be cold in winter and summer to winds". Next are all the famous people's signs. City New Delhi.

  1. People's signs about the weather on the moon:
  2. When the young month stands on the horn, it is called "flowing" and foreshadows the rainy weather.
  3. The young month of the horn is at midnight (up), winter is cold, and in the summer - winds.
  4. A month on hooves - to the cold, on the back - to heat, rain or snow.
  5. Horns of the Moon are sharp and bright - to the bucket (clear). Cool - to the frost, the horn slopes - to rage.
  6. A cool month - to the cold.
  7. The clear curly-moon in the summer - to the bucket (clear), in winter - to the cold.
  8. The dull month - to phlegm. Clear - to dry. In the blue - to rain, in red - to the wind, with ears - to the frost.
  9. If a month in the dim haze, there will be a long bad weather.
  10. Clear, roundish moon - in winter to cold, in summer - to the bucket (clear).
  11. If the month seems large, reddish - it will rain, foggy - the weather will deteriorate, very white and shiny - it will be cold. The greenish month is for rain.
  12. The moon blushed - wait for the wind-shooting.
  13. A month in the dim haze to a prolonged rage.
  14. If in the winter the moon is paler than the ordinary and colored stripes are seen on it, then await a violent storm with a snowstorm.
  15. The ring around the moon - to the wind, cold and severe weather.
  16. If the circle around the moon is first big, and then gradually decreases, then rain or wind will be for sure; if the circle widens and then disappears, then wait for the good weather.
  17. The ring near the moon - to the wind; The moon in the circle is reddish - also to the wind; pale - to rain, to rage.
  18. The moon and the surroundings are to frost.
  19. A foggy circle for about a month (in winter) - to a blizzard.
  20. A bright circle near the moon in clear weather foreshadows the rain.
  21. The rainbow circle near the moon - to the winds and rage.
  22. If a ring appears near the moon and immediately disappears, the weather will deteriorate before the morning.
  23. If the Moon is in a big blue circle, then there will be a strong wind; If the moon is surrounded by a small red circle, then there will be frost.
  24. If the circle is formed close to the moon - the next day it rains; if far away - in one, two, three days in the winter will be blizzard.
  25. The garden for about a month - to variable weather.
  26. The red circle around the Moon, soon disappearing, to the bucket (clear); two circles or one dim - to frost.
  27. The moon, which has a clear circle around itself, is expanding or vanishing, promises clear weather, if the Moon has two or more such circles or one, but foggy and unclear, it is to the frost; if the circle is red - wait for the wind, and in winter - for snow.
  28. If the change of the Moon (the Moon is born) takes place in the morning - there will be warm weather, and if in the evening - cold.
  29. If the moon gets dark, approaching the horizon, expect rain.

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Weather on the Moon s 1 on 7 january 2024 years, city New Delhi
Time Events / weather forecast
1 mo from 00:00 In the sign of the Virgin Like yesterday, the ☽ Moon in the sign of ♍ Virgo 03°17'01"

The Cold Day reigns in the world. Although the thermometer shows a high temperature, the earth is cold, sometimes you have goosebumps from a tiny breeze blowing. The sky is covered with clouds. Pay special attention to your health, as these days the danger of colds increases.

current events (1)
Waning gibbous 1) The waning gibbous 🌖 phase continues
(from 01.01 00:00)
3 we from 06:16 In the sign of Libra ☽ Moon in the sign of ♎ Libra

Day of Light and Air reigns in the world. Earth and plants receive more light, for people these days are also very pleasant. Sometimes, even if the sky is covered with clouds, the driver wants to put on sunglasses. In days of Light and Air, everything very quickly burns out in the sun.

current events (1)
Waning gibbous 1) The waning gibbous 🌖 phase continues
(from 01.01 00:00)
4 th from 09:00 Last quarter The beginning of the last quarter 🌗 phase

1. If the moon hangs in the sky with its horns and upwards its back (the last quarter), then it will be cloudy and rainy for a long time.
2. What is the weather for the damage to the moon, this will be the same throughout the whole quarter.

current events (1)
In the sign of Libra 1) ☽ Moon in the sign of ♎ Libra
(from 03.01 06:16)
5 fr from 18:09 In the sign of Scorpio ☽ Moon in the sign of ♏ Scorpio

The Day of Water reigns in the world. On such days the land is rarely dry. Increases the likelihood of precipitation. If you are going to sit on the ground during a picnic, do not leave the house without a rug and do not forget to bring a raincoat or an umbrella. Pay attention to how much the windows are fogging up at this time.

current events (1)
Last quarter 1) The beginning of the last quarter 🌗 phase
(from 04.01 09:00)
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