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Phase waning crescent

Waning crescent

Overall forecast

All that you transferred, did not finish at the previous stage, you should continue further. You need to do this, otherwise you will interrupt the natural cosmic rhythm. This is the most important phase of the entire lunar cycle. The time of deep meditation (meditation) over problems, the laying of a new cycle: mental formulations and attitudes. Unwanted period for starting new cases, projects. It's like a "sleepy time", a nap, it's hard to concentrate, take the problem "into focus". Summarize the last month, make a review, but do not take the final judgment, the verdict.

At the end of this quarter, the hard days of the new moon are coming. But a little later in the sky we will see a thin young month that will give us strength and hope for new beginnings.

  • The phase waning crescent in 2023 year, Reykjavik:
  • 18 january 15:55
  • 17 february 02:33
  • 18 march 10:58
  • 16 april 18:07
  • 16 may 01:10
  • 14 june 09:12
  • 13 july 19:06
  • 12 august 07:27
  • 10 september 22:33
  • 10 october 16:16
  • 9 november 11:43
  • 9 december 07:16
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Haircut hair with a waning moon will strengthen the hair, but they will grow slower than with the growing moon.


People of the fourth quarter are more absorbed in themselves. the world around them is not as interesting as the inner world. In their actions and deeds, they are more oriented toward self-esteem, for them own opinion is more important than the opinions of others.

Tolstoy said: "No man can understand another." Born in the fourth quarter is more content oriented, and he understands that he can not fully express in words and convey to others what is happening inside. This was experienced by Tolstoy, born at the new moon. Such people often come to despair from the fact that another person can not understand them, that it is impossible to express oneself through external forms. Therefore, they are less interested in how they are evaluated than the people of the second and third quarters, but are ready (of course, depending on the position of the moon and Jupiter) to accept external praise.

Of such people, monks, hermits (in the fourth phase of life) are the most frequent. They are not very assertive, and even when forced to be socially active, they do not have enough effort and energy to break through what they want. We live in a world of extroverts, in a world that is result-oriented. In earlier cultures, such people would have a place in society, and now this social niche is almost closed. They are forced to master what they do not like, this is their main problem. Something they manage to achieve at the expense of their abilities, but somewhere in their heart they have a dream - to wait for the moment when everything can be dropped and engaged in what they are interested in.

Gardener - harvesting and storage

Fruits and vegetables to be stored or preserved. Harvest the fruits and herbs that are going to dry.

Collection of herbs

From the last quarter to the new moon, the ideal time for harvesting roots, when the underground part of the plant is active, will contain the maximum amount of biological active substances and microelements during this period.


With a waning moon, the body readily and willingly uses energy, while remaining alert and strong. At this time, we are more tolerant of pain, coping with infection more quickly and recovering more easily after illness and surgeries.
Rule: all surgical interventions (except urgent ones), all medical procedures associated with the burden on the body and requiring effort and energy, must be carried out only with the waning moon.

Dental treatment

With a waning moon, especially in the last quarter, the body easily and willingly uses energy, while remaining alert and strong. At this time, we are more tolerant of pain, coping with infection more quickly and recovering more easily after illness and surgeries.


Recommendations for the previous phase.

Hair coloring

With the waning moon, the paint sticks badly, falls unevenly and the color turns dull.

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