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Calculation of Lilith - the Black Moon for the birthday

Lilith (the black moon)

Lilit Moon is an astrological term that means an imaginary planet. This planet characterizes all those unseemly, not ethical and immoral actions that we have committed in previous life incarnations. The totality of these actions is reflected in the depths of our subconscious. The Black Moon Lilith has a destructive power that can cripple the human soul with temptations. Every 9 years, a person is tested on the Black Moon Lilith.

During inspections and tests a person must with honor survive difficult situations that can manifest themselves particularly harshly. If the "subject" does not survive, then his karma will be aggravated. The destructive influence of the Moon Lilith can be reduced if a person has a highly developed level of morality and spirituality. In the event that the subject begins to harbor anger and resentment on life, then difficult situations will be repeated in the future, without leaving him alone.

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Lilith in the sign Taurus

In the sign of Taurus

Taurus is the embodiment of the fiery impulse of Aries in matter, giving it a tangible form.

Under the influence of the Black Moon, Taurus's ability to accumulate energy leads to disturbances in balanced energy exchange.

Being a female sign, Taurus accumulates more easily than gives. When the Black Moon in Taurus strengthens its natural, passive manifestation, accumulation becomes almost a mania. There is an irresistible craving for greed and greed, laziness, inertia, a huge appetite bordering on gluttony, dependence on food, addiction to money, material benefits, comfort, increased attention to the outside of things. The thirst for possession makes a person acquire the desired thing at any cost. Collecting and even kleptomania are manifestations of the Black Moon in Taurus. People with the passive Black Moon in Taurus tend to create reserves, they instantly "overgrown" with excesses of unnecessary things.

The desire to take the whole world around him creates morbid jealousy, a heightened sense of property, pathological affection and "fixation" on one's feelings. Thinking under the influence of the Black Moon in Taurus becomes inert, too concrete, perceiving the form, and not the idea enclosed in it. The Black Moon in Taurus is often associated with so-called vampirism, when people communicate with natural energy metabolism and the person "feeds" on someone else's energy.

Manifestation of the Black Moon by the active pole of the sign leads to unlimited, irrational energy expenditure - physical and mental forces are wasted or out of place. Unable to properly dispose of their funds, a person makes unnecessary purchases, throwing money away. Because of the inability to retain energy, he often becomes a victim of vampirism, since this energy can easily be used by others. Some people with an active Black Moon in Taurus can deliberately ignore issues that are somehow related to matter. They declare a disregard for money, food, clothing and amenities, which in fact is not true.

Often a man with an active "Taurus" Black Moon can not make a living and drags on a beggarly existence. Money seems to be running away from him. More often than not a person does not even suspect that, for some reason, he simply suppressed and superseded the strongest dependence on matter.

The Black Moon in Taurus often causes a person to suddenly lose the accumulated. It can be theft or loss of another kind.

The Black Moon in Taurus contributes to the development of diseases of the throat (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, etc.) and the thyroid gland, tumor formations in the neck and throat. Passive Black Moon can cause bulimia, obesity and constipation, active - dystrophy and anorexia.

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