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Calculation of Lilith - the Black Moon for the birthday

Lilith (the black moon)

Lilit Moon is an astrological term that means an imaginary planet. This planet characterizes all those unseemly, not ethical and immoral actions that we have committed in previous life incarnations. The totality of these actions is reflected in the depths of our subconscious. The Black Moon Lilith has a destructive power that can cripple the human soul with temptations. Every 9 years, a person is tested on the Black Moon Lilith.

During inspections and tests a person must with honor survive difficult situations that can manifest themselves particularly harshly. If the "subject" does not survive, then his karma will be aggravated. The destructive influence of the Moon Lilith can be reduced if a person has a highly developed level of morality and spirituality. In the event that the subject begins to harbor anger and resentment on life, then difficult situations will be repeated in the future, without leaving him alone.

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Lilith in the sign Aries

In the sign of Aries

Aries symbolizes the first manifestation, impulsiveness and action.

Aries' ability to impart thoughts, feelings and actions to a concentrated aspiration is transformed under the influence of the Black Moon into a destructive force - for others, if the active pole of the sign is strengthened, and for the person himself, if Aries qualities become passive.

If the Black Moon intensifies activity, then the inner impulse to action becomes so powerful that all Aries-specific manifestations are accompanied by an uncontrolled release of energy. Decisiveness turns into an uncontrollable pressure, sweeping everything in its path, impulsiveness - into an absolute unpredictability, and independence and independence - in an effort to impose their will and subjugate others. The struggle with obstacles and the suppression of someone else's resistance give an inexplicable pleasure to a person. Under the influence of the Black Moon, self-centeredness, aggressiveness, aspiration for leadership, self-permissiveness, vindictiveness, cruelty, hatred of others, inclination to assault and violence up to sadism are sharply increasing. Often there are attacks of violence and anger, which are beyond the control of consciousness. In a fit of rage, a person is in a state close to affect, and can commit a crime, even murder.

For the owner of the active Black Moon in Aries, the world becomes an object of conquest and conquest. The desire for excellence in everything comes to the point of absurdity. A person needs to prove his physical (or other) superiority at any cost. The active Black Moon in Aries often contributes to the development of excessive sexuality, sexual perversion, and sexual crimes.

In the world of desires Aries distortions are generated by animal passions. If the sign of Aries in a horoscope is connected with Mercury or its houses, the active Black Moon is capable of giving thoughts such strength that they can be transmitted to others. Such a person is able to "kill" a word. There may be a predilection for "non-normative" vocabulary.

In an effort to get as much energy as possible, the Black Moon in Aries stimulates a stormy external activity, the original meaning of which is lost. Activity turns into an end in itself, does not reach a practical result and is accompanied by huge energy costs.

The Black Moon in Aries suppresses the will to constructive, constructive actions. If a person has to perform some objectively necessary action, he is surrounded by a fit of insuperable laziness, he feels a physical decline in his strength. If we are talking about the fulfillment of the egoistic desire, the whole will of man concentrates on this, and he is ready to turn the mountains to get what he wants.

Since the natural manifestations of Aries are masculine, suppression of external activity and the predominance of passivity are already a distortion of the essence of the sign. Under the influence of the Black Moon on the passive component, all qualities of Aries turn into their opposite. Man becomes a convenient object for manipulation - controlled, inspired, weak-willed. Developed indecision, bordering on cowardice, lack of initiative, dependence, dependence on others' will, laziness, the desire to shift responsibility to others. At the same time, suppressed aggression accumulates, which has a devastating effect on human health and affects its emotional state. Sometimes this aggressiveness bursts outward with outbursts of rage. Such influence of the Black Moon can cause a decrease in sexuality, sexual dysfunction and infectious diseases, a tendency to masochism, suicide attempts, passive homosexuality and impotence in men, frigidity in women. Holders of the passive Black Moon in Aries can be raped. Representatives of both sexes tend to incubism and succubism.

People with passive distortions of Aries attract aggression from others, can suddenly be attacked, beaten. They unconsciously cause rudeness toward themselves, provoke scandals, fueled by this energy.

Diseases, the development of which can contribute to the Black Moon in Aries - headaches, hypertension, strokes, epilepsy, tumor and oncological diseases of the brain.

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