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Calculation of Lilith - the Black Moon for the birthday

Lilith (the black moon)

Lilit Moon is an astrological term that means an imaginary planet. This planet characterizes all those unseemly, not ethical and immoral actions that we have committed in previous life incarnations. The totality of these actions is reflected in the depths of our subconscious. The Black Moon Lilith has a destructive power that can cripple the human soul with temptations. Every 9 years, a person is tested on the Black Moon Lilith.

During inspections and tests a person must with honor survive difficult situations that can manifest themselves particularly harshly. If the "subject" does not survive, then his karma will be aggravated. The destructive influence of the Moon Lilith can be reduced if a person has a highly developed level of morality and spirituality. In the event that the subject begins to harbor anger and resentment on life, then difficult situations will be repeated in the future, without leaving him alone.

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Lilith in the sign Gemini

In the sign of Gemini

Twins are a sign that perceives and transmits information. His qualities - contact and mutual exchange, mobility, ease, the desire to embrace everything and not miss any opportunity.

If the Black Moon strengthens the active component of the sign, the person becomes excessively contact, all of his time and energy absorbs communication, which gradually becomes an end in itself. There arises illegibility and a multiplicity of connections, scatteredness, superficiality. Such a person constantly calls someone, initiates meetings, contacts and acquaintances, weaves all sorts of intrigues. He is inclined to dissolve gossip, erect vain, blurt out other people's secrets or simply discuss the everyday details of other people's lives.

The action of the Black Moon on the active pole can suppress the ability to perceive and assimilate information. Then the person becomes talkative, words can not be kept in the language and spill out.

Gemini - a sign that symbolizes a specific, objective mind. Under the influence of the Black Moon, often there is a preponderance of concrete, rational thinking over the abstract. Man justifies everything with the help of logic, subordinates feelings to the intellect, almost losing the capacity for figurative perception. Such unevenness prevents the comprehensive and harmonious knowledge of the world.

Since the sign of Gemini symbolizes close ties, the Black Moon causes a person to be interested only in the "how hands reach out", to notice only what is nearby. The consequence of this is often myopia.

Too developed "concreteness" is often manifested in this way. In elementary school, a person learns well, but the closer the upper classes, the more noticeable is the interest in learning, the progress is declining. There is no desire to get higher education, or there are insurmountable obstacles on the way to the university. Travel to a dacha or fishing such a person prefers to all overseas seas, or circumstances interfere with overseas trips.

Under the influence of the Black Moon on the passive pole of the sign, the need for perception of information sharply increases. A person intensively absorbs it from the surrounding space, information "omnivorous" arises. There is a need to continuously communicate with someone, talk endlessly over the phone, watch TV, read, and all this is done almost indiscriminately, solely for the sake of obtaining any information. At the same time, the person attracts the lowest-grade literature, the "yellow" press, "soapy" serials and talk shows, abounding with "secular" gossip. In the apartment of such people, radio or television is constantly turned on, so that the so-called "presence effect" is created. In this case, a special form of vampirism develops, in which a person is fueled by the energy of other people's words and thoughts.

It should be noted that many owners of the passive Black Moon in Gemini sincerely consider themselves unsociable and even taciturn people. Nevertheless, they are constantly telephoned by numerous acquaintances, and they are forced to listen for hours to the details of their personal lives. This is due to the fact that the passive Black Moon provokes surrounding people not only to "pour out" their own soul to the owner of such a Black Moon, but also to gossip about others.

Sometimes the strengthening of the passive component of Gemini reduces the capacity for objective, logical thinking. Man difficultly concretizes ideas, thinks mostly images. This action of the Black Moon often creates problems with the transformation of information. Trying to express an idea in words, a person experiences huge difficulties, loses a large amount of energy. Under the influence of the Black Moon, a person becomes suggestible, perceives other people's thoughts and words as his own, and therefore easily becomes infected with various kinds of ideas.

Often the Black Moon in Gemini causes a person to misuse words, confuse their meaning. The owner of the passive Black Moon in Gemini not only listens to all the gossip about neighbors and acquaintances, but also becomes the object of gossip, slander and even slander.

The Black Moon in Gemini can contribute to the development of diseases of the nervous and respiratory systems, stuttering and other speech disorders.

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