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Calculation of Selena - White Moon for the birthday

Selena (the white moon)

The White Moon shows light, truth, the path to a high harmony that gives a person grace, a definition of higher meaning and world harmony, that is, the very grace with which a person changing himself changes the world around him. And now this sensation of light, the feeling of higher leadership is connected with people who have a very strong Selena in their horoscope. The signs of the Zodiac, along which passes the White Moon, acquire the ability to give harmony and spiritual help. If there is a strong White Moon in your horoscope or in the cosmogram, then to you, strength comes, calmness and help in good deeds. It's like a protective covering of a person.

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Selena in the sign Aquarius

In the sign of Aquarius

All those who were born at this time are karmically related to true spiritual freedom, knowledge of the power of Time, the division of Good and Evil.

Anyone who shows the influence of the White Moon at the lowest level, has a good chance of success in new affairs, at least in his youth there are good friends. Often, children with such karma like to release the birds from the cells to the will, or try to otherwise give freedom to another being.

But the influence of accumulated white karma is felt as long as the amount of karmic services of a person exceeds the amount of awards received by him.

If these values ​​equalize, the effect of accumulated karma will disappear, since this level of manifestation of the white moon is just an exact retribution for the person according to his merit (measure for measure).

To strengthen ties with the world of light and increase light karma, you need to protect the freedom of other people in every way, actively help them to make free choice between Good and evil, to rescue wild animals from captivity.

Being manifested at an average level, White Moon gives a person the opportunity to successfully carry out sensible reforms and timely transformations. Such people do not feel tired when they work in the society of like-minded people and co-religionists. The more time and effort they spend on protecting the freedom of other people, the freer they become. They successfully focus their efforts on the development of new trends in art, science and technology.

The highest level of the manifestation of the White Moon is the ability to never make mistakes in distinguishing between Good and Evil, mastering the magic of time and the ability to correct other people's karma in accordance with the laws of the Cosmos.

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