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♑ Capricorn - compatibility with other lunar signs

♑ Capricorn - compatibility of the lunar zodiacs

Our relationships with other people are largely determined by the Moon. It determines the emotional perception of each other, unconscious, unconscious attitude to another person, his acceptance or rejection, understanding or misunderstanding. The moon reflects the relationship of two people on the inner, hidden, intuitive level, which, however, is no less important and significant than rational, conscious relationships over the Sun or other active, Yang planets. And on what sign in the moment of birth was the Moon at your partner (husband, wife, friend, colleague, boss), depends on how harmonious or disharmonious your relations with him will be, whether you will be comfortable and well with each other, whether to hear and understand each other.

Select the lunar sign of the zodiac partner. If you do not know the lunar sign of the birth of a partner, calculate a lunar birthday. It is very important to remember that disharmonious interactions on the Moon have an extremely negative impact on the human psyche and can lead to emotional breakdowns, mood swings, outbreaks of aggression, etc.

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♑ Capricorn - characteristic of the sign of the zodiac

In the sign of Capricorn

Moon and love relationships
Love relationships have always been a very serious problem for Capricorns. They are not one of those who lightly approach the search for the ideal partner. If Capricorn has connected his life with someone, he will become a gentle, attentive and loyal partner. Everything will turn out fine if he allows himself to believe that others, and his chosen one in particular, are also capable of being faithful and loving.

For Capricorn intolerable thought that he can emotionally depend on a partner. No matter how happy he is with him, he will be pleased with the idea that the partner is subordinate, and not he.

Best of all, when people who love each other have equal relations, with mutual respect and trust, without a shadow of jealousy. When Capricorn does not hold back his emotions, it can seem ardent and romantic, but making him to be himself is very difficult.

He subconsciously fears that he will be rejected, that he is not worthy of something. Allow yourself to just love - the highest happiness, to which Capricorn must go a long way of self-improvement for the sake of gaining confidence. Love in the eyes of Capricorn requires a very thoughtful approach. When Capricorn sorts himself out and realizes that the person he meets is his ideal partner, he will completely trust the sensations.

Capricorn is one of the most ambitious signs, no emotion is able to block the path leading to the goal. He does not have time to flirt, no matter how sweet.

The idea that he is not worthy of love and happiness in his personal life can come from a simple conviction: he will gain all this by achieving success at other levels, for example, at work. Capricorn with pessimism looks at their ability to attract the opposite sex.

So, the person of this sign is a very complex person. He was so used to restrain his emotions, that the apparent insensitivity became his second nature. But once convinced that love not only does not damage his safety, but, on the contrary, strengthens her, he will open his heart to meet this feeling.

Moon and family relations
Lunar Capricorn is difficult to really enjoy a warm, trusting relationship with family and friends. In his soul, a conviction was formed that it is inadmissible to show someone what he really feels. So it's hard to know if it's upset or not. His mood does not affect the relatively stable and stable family climate.

Practical in everything, Capricorn is practical and in the senses. He really appreciates the family, considering it as the rear. People of this sign are sincerely attached to their loved ones and devoted to them. Capricorn likes to adhere to the traditions, allowing to gather all together. His view of life is somewhat conservative, so established family holidays for several years will be the same.

If Capricorn has children, then they will experience the full severity of their parent. But children feel his sincere love under the mask of rigor and exactingness. Usually they grow up to be the same pragmatists who do not harbor any special illusions about life, in which they find it easier to settle down than the children of Sagittarius.

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