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Physicists believe that the fifth force of nature can be found in the center of the Milky Way

Physicists believe that the fifth force of nature can be found in the center of the Milky Way

Experts in the field of space exploration argue that in the center of the Milky Way there is a fifth force of nature. If this is confirmed by scientists, then this discovery can become the most grandiose in human history. At present, physics has information only about the four forces of nature - electromagnetic and gravitational fields, as well as weak and strong nuclear forces. At the same time, the team of theoretical physicists argues that the formation of black holes indirectly confirms the presence of the fifth force of nature. This year, astronomers have found that some stars can completely disappear in black holes. This is one of the confirmations of Einstein's theory. In addition, scientists have made the assumption that black holes are not always singular. Between the black holes there can be a tunnel separating two spaces in the universe.


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