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  • Shade (2 value)
    To put on a lampshade on a light bulb in a dream means that you are ashamed of your..
  • String bag (1 value)
    Seeing yourself with a string bag in your hand is a sign that you are choosing not..
  • Self-portrait (1 value)
    To write your self-portrait in a dream is a symbol of that you consider yourself..
  • Stork (2 value)
    To see a stork in a dream is to procreate. If such a dream was a dream for a woman,..
  • Shark (3 value)
    To see a shark in a dream is a sign that among your enemies there are menacing..
  • Sheep to catch (1 value)
    To overcome obstacles.
  • Shoes (1 value)
    Saw shoes in a dream? Ahead awaits you a joyful road that will present a lot of
  • Shoes to see (1 value)
    To good; lose them - to purchase.
  • Squirrel (3 value)
    Saw a lot of squirrels in a dream? Wait for friends. In addition, sleep with..
  • See the shore (1 value)
    To calmness, cure and a good end to the business started.
  • Slaughterhouse (1 value)
    If you dream about animals that are going to die in the slaughterhouse, you will..
  • Swamp (4 value)
    Wandering in a dream over swampy terrain is dreaming about future problems, there..
  • Swamp seeing (1 value)
    To the forthcoming poverty and work.
  • Sick (2 value)
    To be healthy.
  • Sore (2 value)
    In the dream, the appearance of sores marks illness, as a result of which you can..
Prophetic dreams of the lunar calendar
whether today's dream will come true or was just a nightmare, this will help the lunar calendar of dreams →

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