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[To put on a lampshade on a light bulb in a dream..]

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dream book Freud

To put on a lampshade on a light bulb in a dream means that you are ashamed of your own sensuality, you suffer from shame in an intimate life, are clamped and are afraid to show your true passion for a partner, while he (she) perceives it as coldness. As a result, a quarrel with a partner can occur due to his / her dissatisfaction with the relationship.

Wipe the lampshade in a dream means that you are striving for a clear separation of duties in bed. This is a testimony of your desire not only to give, but to receive in return. Think, maybe your partner just does not know what to do for your satisfaction. Talk with him (with her) on this topic, perhaps you will be able to come to a decision that will satisfy both of you.

Breaking a lampshade in a dream is evidence that the relationship is not as cloudless as it seems at first glance. Perhaps in your pair lost mutual interest and neither you nor your partner can satisfy each other because of the lack of passion that was before. Try to diversify your intimate relationships with new poses and methods of stimulation.

Dust on the lampshade is a symbol of temporary cooling in a relationship. Most likely - one of the partners lost interest and something must be done to resuscitate your union.

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If you are sitting in a dream under a lampshade in a pleasant, domestic atmosphere, then, soon, there will be significant changes in your personal life. In the case when such a dream is dreaming of a young girl or woman, this may mean marriage. Also, if a girl or a young woman dreams that she herself is making a lampshade, this is evidence that she will be a caring hostess able to create a cozy home. To get a lamp shade as a gift is to receive favor from a person of the opposite sex.

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